Companionable Halloween Nights

And then they didn't have sex

Air of Fall by KatyBlue
Mulder walked ahead on the road, kicking at the piles of leaves in his path...

All Hallow's Eve by Donna
Getting to know each other

[External Link] All Hallow's Eve by Skuls

All Saints' Day by MJ
A little Halloween offering.

All Things by Kathryn (Kate)

All Kinds of Masks by Meghan O.
How can Rachel get close to Frohike without his being aware of who wants him? Happy Halloween!

Best-Costume Award by Shoshana
Mulder and Scully receive a letter at Halloween.

Boo by Mike
Halloween at the Hoover.

Break Time 5: Payback by Te
A party, a whoopsie, etc.

Bump In The Night by shannono
She felt as if she'd stumbled into an old horror movie...

Candy Apples by MSDR89
Just a plotless little one-shot about a happy Halloween with the happy little Mulder Family : )

[External Link] Cat People by spensierata

Come As You Aren't by Sandrew
A Halloween scene in search of a story...

Day In Hell by Todd China
This story is a darkly humorous exploration of Mulder's worst fears.

Dead Man's Curve by tabulaxrasa
Halloween. Snickers. Ghost stories. Dead Man's Curve.

Elvis and the Aliens by Olivia Williams
One of those 'closing down the X-Files' scenes. Here's my take on the final conversation in the basement...

Entertaining Angels Unaware by Traci
Monica and John find something a bit more magical about Halloween thanks to her neighbor.

Firelight 02 - Tricks and Treats by Ewa
All Hallows Eve

For the Season by Te
A few Halloween vignettes.

Four Letters by Mandy Q
A Halloween challenge story.

Fox's Bad Weekend by mysticdreamer32

Fright Night by Nynaeve
Trick-or Treat! Halloween candy of the reading variety for shippers.

Fun With Grammar 2: Happy Halloween by Barenaked Bostonian and Bonkers Bostonian
Fun with grammar is fun, and fun. It is quite fun to have fun with grammar...funness!

Hallowe'en's For The Weak by Nicole van
Thornton visits Scully and tells her her true feelings about the year's 'scariest' day...

Halloween by doggettandscully
It's Halloween at the FBI.

Halloween by Kuirdot
Mulder plans a Halloween to remember for Scully and himeself, but what happens when Scully gets a date, and when that date isn't all he's cracked up to be.

Halloween by tj thwaites
Scully and Mulder join the Lone Gunmen for a night out on Halloween.

The Halloween Candy Conspiracy by Charliebunny07

Halloween Eve by Girlie_girl7
Mulder's paranoia takes over on Halloween.

Halloween Evening by Erin Blair
After handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, Mulder and Scully have a conversation on the couch.

Halloween Fairy Tale by little Alex
Imagine Mulder, Scully, and Alex as about three feet tall, stuffed-toy looking, wearing children-sized clothes. Slash undertones.

Halloween Mayhem by piper maru duchovny
Scully wants Candy.

Halloween Memories by Waddles52
Scully and Mulder hand out treats and share Halloween memories.

Halloween Party (An ATF Untold Story) by Donna
An untold ATF story

A Halloween Scare by Stonewar
Halloween Obligala.

Halloween Stories by Donna
In response to the BTT Halloween challenge

Halloween Treat by banlu
Handing out treats.

Homecoming by Frey
It is Halloween, and raining. October 31, 1999

In Darkness by Shaye B
A Halloween challenge story. Scully experiences a strange nightmare and Mulder reaches out to her when they are reunited.

A Little Bit of Halloween Cheer by Agent Leki
Mulder and Scully in a Halloween costume store, Whipped Cream, and Star Wars. What could possibly happen?

Lucky by Helen Wills
Mulder repents past misdeeds at Hallowe'en

Monster Marathon by Angel-Wings Gaskins
A USA marathon, Chinese chicken, and vampires. Small talk can lead to some >interesting< scenes... Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

The Morning After (a.k.a. Masks) by The Dragon Lady
At a bar another agent tells Mulder about a case involving Canadian mounties and masks.

Nightmare on Helm Street by Waddles52
An evening of Halloween fun doesn't go as planned.

Numbing of Nightmares by EPurSeMouve
A simple conversation.

October Moon by ML

Other Night by Punk Maneuverability
It's Halloween. Mulder and Scully decide to dress up.

[External Link] Pumpkin by muldersboyishenthousiasm
Spooky Mulder and Doctor Scully indeed harbour a weird relationship.

[External Link] Pumpkin Carving by greekowl87
Written real quick for the Tumblr prompt 'Step aside and watch a pro.'

Rest in Peace by Anna Chait
Mulder's remaining parent dies and he must return to his past to claim his future...with some help from his best friend.

Rest in Peace by Justine D.
Scully and Mulder reflect upon gravestones.

Samhain Night by Leia Wolfe
Mulder and Scully spend Hallowe'en watching a horror movie marathon.

Scream by Lasairfhiona
Mulder drops by with a movie and some tricks up his sleeve.

Soap and Eggs by EPurSeMouve
A possible future. A might-have-been. A what-if. Or a "There but for the grace of God...."

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Cassie C
Halloween goes terribly wrong for Mulder and Scully when an unknown force taunts and terrorizes them.

Spooky Halloween by Donna
Getting to know each other.

Spooky Mulder by Forensic Sushi
Mulder and Scully go Trick or Treating! Lotsa candy and laughs!

Things That Go Bump by ML
A stakeout of sorts.

Three times Mulder went trick or treating and one time he didn't by memories_child
This was written for the 2011 spookyhalloween

Trick Or Treat by Star Tracer
Mulder, Scully, Xena and Hercules costumes...oh yeah, and some killer bear-shaped lollipops...

Trick Or Truth by Lizxphile
Mulder and Scully have a little Halloween adventure at Mulder's place.

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