Title: A Halloween Scare
Author: Stonewar
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Written: 07/25/2003
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Halloween Obligala.*complete* a rarity for my XF fic
Note : A Halloween story, written for the purely selfish reason as vehicle for my avatar (One that took two years to shape into character that wasn't so embarrassingly Mary Sueish) Then a year later I transformed it into chapter 2 of my Anne trilogy.

2630 Hegal Place, Apt 52
Alexandria, VA
October 31, 1998
7:09 p.m.

Anne Wingard answered her door with a bowl of candy in hand and was
greeted by the expected 'trick or treat' but not in the usual octave.

"No costume, no candy, Mulder," She smirked as she stepped a side to
let him in.

"Actually, that's why I'm here," he said with a meek smile and handed
her a Halloween make-up kit. "Love your costume, by the way."

She rolled her eyes as she closed her door. A Superman T-shirt is not a costume.
After scanning the instructions on the back of the box she said, "I can give it a shot.
Come in the bathroom. The light is better."

"Because you are being so nice, I will refrain from making the comment I
intended," He said with a grin as he followed her in to the bathroom.

"I'll note that on your report card," she returned, flipping on the light
switch. "hop up" she said patting the counter next to the sink. She emptied
the contents of the box into the sink as he jumped onto the counter.

"Is this for a party or your own personal amusement?" she asked as she began
to clean his face with an alcohol swab like the instructions said.

"Office shindig"

"Oh? What's Dana going as?" Mulder just shrugged.

"Oh Dana, you look so sweet. I could just gobble you right up," Cackled the
Wicked Witch of the West.

"Wrong witch, Sheila. That's Hansel and Gretel. Don't let the costume go to
your head." Scully scolded as she stepped into her red sequin pumps. "Is my
wig on straight?"

"Seems to be. Brunette is an interesting look for you."

"I'm probably white as a sheet."

"Well.....you could use a little more blush."

"So, what's with the cheapo make-up kit. I thought you were Mr. Halloween....hold
this please." He lifted his hand to hold the silver plastic to his face as she
applied the spirit gum.

"We've been continuously out of town until this morning." He explained.
"So I never got a chance to rent anything and the stores were out of almost
everything. Its popular to blame occults for every little that goes wrong at
this time of year and of course they have to call in good ole Spooky." He groused bitterly.

"Poor baby. Next year maybe I make one for you."

"You sew?"

"If properly motivated." She frowned at his leer "I mean money"

"Of course you do." he answered with a smile as if he didn't believe her.
She rolled her eyes and changed the subject

"Got a battery?"

He fished into his back pocket and pulled a double A battery. She took it from
his hand, snapped it into the plastic casing connected to Mulder's face by a
thin wire she had tucked behind his ear and slipped it into the breast pocket of his
black T-shirt.

"OK, you can look now."

He jumped off the counter and turned to look in the mirror behind him. A Terminator
with his endoskeleton exposed revealing one glowing red eye looked back at him.

"Cool, it worked!"

"Yeah, not bad at all considering Arnold's make-up cost several thousand dollars and
yours cost.." she paused to read the price tag on the box, "3 dollars marked down from 6."

"Thanks for helping me....What?" he asked when he noticed a frown forming on her face.

"Do you have a date?"

"Nope, going stag."

"Not even Scully?"

"No, she's going with a friend from work. What's this all about?"

"Look. Your vision is obstructed. You can't drive."

He looked to the extreme left and right. "hmmm...You're right. I guess I'll just
have to take you with me."

She looked up shocked "Seriously? I was just going to suggest you take a cab."

"Sure. Unless you had more than Trick-or-Treat duty planned."

"OK, I'll meet you downstairs in a few minutes." she agreed as she led him to the door.

"I am having serious doubts about this, Sheila."

"C'mon, Dana, You're too young to be an old fuddy duddy," Sheila grumbled getting frustrated
with her conservative friend.

"I look about 12" Dana complained tugging at the bodice of her blue gingham dress.

"Dorothy was 12. If you want to look sexy I have another costume you can use."

"Which one? No. Never mind. I'll be Dorothy."

"Good" She handed Dana her coat. "Let's go."

"I swear If I get any munchkin jokes..."

"Stop Being so negative. You've been working too long. Its Saturday night. Its
Halloween. Have some fun," she said forcefully.

2530 Hegal Place Apt 42
Alexandria, VA

Mulder answered the door and waved Anne into the apartment. She was wearing a
tightly belted overcoat that revealed no clue about what she was wearing underneath.

"Let me grab my Jacket."

"How's your face holding up?" she asked as she wandered around the main room.

"It Itches a little but I'll live."

He froze as she stooped to pick up a video tape off the floor, glanced at the title
and placed it on top of his TV. He waited expectantly for a joke or put down he
usually got when someone comes across his collection. She looked up and grinned.

"Please! I've been to movie nite....once."

"You're braver than me." They turned toward the door but stopped again when he
heard a strange noise.

"Did your coat just clank?"

"Maybe" She replied brushing past him out the door flipping her long brown hair
over her shoulder. He took note of her knee high boots and racked his brain to
guess what was under her coat since she obvious was spilling nothing until they
reached the hotel.

"We represent the lollipop guild, the lollip--oof!" The singer received a backhand
to the gut from the enigmatic Dr. Scully.

"I'll have you know I'm a full inch taller than Judy Garland was when she played
this role. So any more munchkin comments from either you or your cronies will meet
with violent ends. Am I understood." The all nodded. She turned on her heel and
stalked away with Sheila trailing behind her.

"Wow, is that true.?"

"I have no idea."

"Ooo feisty! Let's get some alcohol in you. We need to calm you down."

"That's where I'm headed."

"You can plug in your battery now," reminded Anne at the coat check station.
As she unbuttoned her coat, he fiddled with the battery pack until the prosthetic
eye glowed to life again.

"What?" she asked when she noticed him staring.

"Just watching you strip."

She raised an eyebrow at him and started to hum 'The Stripper' as she undid the
last few buttons slowly then let the coat pool at her feet. She struck a comically
provocative pose and asked "Whadda ya think?"

He stooped to pick up the coat and took the opportunity scope her legs. *nice, no nylons*
"You wear leather well. And the clanking coat mystery is solved."

"I could have worn something more conservative, but I felt you could benefit from a
trophy date tonight." She answered with a grin smoothing her fingers along the
breastplate she had purchased a convention the year before."

"It couldn't hurt. Shall we, Xena?" he asked offering his arm.. She took it and they
entered the ballroom.

Mulder and Anne paused at the entryway to register for the door prizes. She gave
him a nudge and nodded toward a couple heading their way, a calvary officer and
a dance hall girl.

"I see them," he replied without looking up. "So which do you want the pots and
pans or the dinner at Julio's.

"What do you think?" *dumb question. neither of us cooks.*


"Why are you even bothering with these drawings? I thought you had the worst luck."

"I'm an optimist. I'm hoping you're good luck."

"ooo very flattering. Keep it up."

"Maybe later. We have company."

A gruff voice behind them made them turn. "Good evening, Agent Mulder."

"Happy Halloween, Sir."

"This is Irene. She wanted to meet you." Irene, the lovely dance hall girl
they had observed before, shook Mulder's hand a little embarrassed by the
abrupt way she was introduced.

"Looks like your the subject of punchbowl speculation again." Anne quipped.

Since she had drawn attention to herself Mulder was forced to reciprocate the
introduction and unfortunately lengthen this encounter with A.D. Skinner. "This is Anne

"We've met." She interrupted with a smile extending her hand.

"I apologize. I don't seem to recall...." Skinner hedged taking her hand

"It was at the '92 Recognition Banquet. I'm not offended. I'm sure you met a
lot of spouses that evening. You can't remember everyone."

"Oh that's right," Mulder nodded, recalling the evening.

"Well *ahem* then its good to see you again."

"Likewise, Sir." She dimpled charmingly.

Skinner eyes flicked between two people in front of him. *Maybe I started drinking
a little early tonight, I couldn't have heard what I thought I just heard.*

"Well, Enjoy your Evening," he said as he grasped Irene's elbow and lead her away.
Mulder did the same and steered Anne toward the bar.

"What are you drinking?"

"I'm driving. Coke"

He turned away and spoke to the bartender. When the bartender went to fetch their
drinks Mulder leaned against the bar and looked over his shoulder at Anne.

"You are aware you just implied we were married."

"Did I?" she asked with an innocent look as he handed her her drink. He did not
break eye contact waiting for her to waffle like she always did. His eyes bore into
hers making her squirm just a little in guilt.

"If he's sober he'll know what I meant. If not We'll have a little fun." She finally
admitted with a timid grin and slight twinkle in her eye.

"You are a truly evil woman." He remarked saluting her with his beer bottle.

"Thank you. I try." She returned the gesture with her soda. She turned to scan the
room biting her lip in nervousness noting how crowded the room was. "Mulder, I'm at
a bit of a loss what to do here. This is not a banquet like the last couple of times."


"That's easy for you to say. These are your people and you're an extrovert."

He gave her a reassuring smile and steered her toward the crowd with a hand at
the base of her neck. "C'mon, you're as wild and crazy as the next person."

"Only around you and the guys," She protested digging in her heels. "This is more
than smiling politely during the meet-n-greet then eating overcooked chicken while
making polite conversation with the guy to my left."

"Aw Annie, you were more animated than that." He paused to recalled the two other
occasions she had accompanied him to FBI Functions "...At least when you have a scam
to milk. Remember when you pretended to be a call girl I hired for the night."

Anne grinned at the memory. "Yeah. My favorite was when we had convinced our entire
table we were twins."

Mulder chuckled. "That one's up there on my list too. You must have been mocking me
for years to copy my mannerisms so convincingly."

"Oh, you aren't that hard to imitate. All of us who know and love you can
do it," she said patting him on the back. Anne tugged on the hair at the base of
his neck in warning "And don't call me Annie, *Fox*."

"Yes, dear."

After milling through the crowd for a while making fun of some of the more unoriginal
costumes, they finally drifted apart. Mulder nursed his drink as he continued the
commentary in his head. 'Ah yes, and for a repeat appearance this year...4 Princess
Leias, 3 Luke Skywalkers, 2 Imperial Stormtroopers and 5 Darth Vaders. What? No encore
of two man Jabba the Hutt costume? Darn, No free entertainment this time, I guess.'


"Dana! Come here!" Sheila called from the edge of the dance floor. Dana said good-bye to
her dance partner, a sweet newbie agent, who was so boring she was already struggling to
recall his name because she was sure Sheila was going to grill her about him.

The expected interrogation did not come. Instead Sheila introduced her to a handsome man
wearing a green blazer. She understood immediately what was going on. She was going to be
ditched! 'Oh Sheila' she admonished in her mind, 'In a room full of FBI agents you pick
up a hotel employee.' Then mentally chastised herself for her snobbishness.

"Then you don't mind?" Sheila asked, waking Dana out of her reverie.

"Not at all, I can find another way home. Have fun."

"Thank you Thank you Thank you. I owe you, big time." Sheila exclaimed with and
exuberant hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Forget about it." Scully responded with a indulgent smile. "Go."

Scully watched Sheila and....(um did she say his name was Carl?) walk away together.
Making her way through the crowd, she began to limp a little. The shoes of her borrowed
costumed were starting to hurt. 'You can rest as soon as I find a ride.' she promised her
aching feet. 'I think I saw the back of Mulder's head earlier.' She wove through the
costumed revelers until she spotted a familiar leather jacket clad frame examining the
meager buffet.

He turned when she tapped him on the shoulder and she yelped in surprise at the
glowing red eye staring back at her. She reddened in embarrassment at the attention
she drew to herself.

"The reaction to this thing just gets better and better." Mulder chuckled.

"From across the room it looked like you didn't have a costume." She recovered and
reached out to touch the silver plastic. "Where did you get this?"

"Walgreens. Easy." Flinching away from her questing fingers. "So....Buy you a drink,
jail bait?" He smirked giving a playful tug on one of her braids.

"Its an open bar, Mulder. What I need is a ride home." she explained as she checked to make
sure her wig wasn't askew.

"What happened to Sheila? She get lucky?" He laughed at her stony expression. "I see. No
Problem. You can ride with us."

"Us?" she asked knowing that this afternoon before they parted he did not have a date,
confused she looked around to see who he was with him. Then she spotted Anne, cornered
not 20 feet away casting about desperately for an opportunity to escape from her current
situation. "Anne, right?"

He was surprised she guessed so quickly until she pointed her out. "Should I play hero?"

"It would cruel not to. Look who she's with."


"Then we came around the back and the floor was covered with tomato sauce."
The man dressed as Han Solo laughed.

Anne laughed politely at the story while she casually glanced around for a means of
escape. " I certainly don't have any stories like that with my job, Agent Col-"

"Tom" he interrupted.

"Tom, but we just started gearing up for the 2000 census. Everything comes out of
the woodwork then."

"I'll bet. The freaks you could meet going door to door."

"Well I don't actually do that myself--"

"Speak of the devil" he murmured focusing on a sight over his shoulder. She followed
his gaze and spotted Mulder walking purposely toward them. Thier eyes connected and
she mouthed, "My hero."

"You know, your tomato sauce story reminds me of the time Fox Jr. decided to make
dinner for us. That child was head to toe spaghetti sauce," She chuckled not at the fake
memory she was recalling but at Agent Colton's face which had transformed from jovial
cockiness to an expression of shock. "Would you like to see pictures?" She inquired
pulling her wallet from her belt where she had tucked it behind the plastic shakrum.

"Put the pictures away, Annie" Mulder scolded as he approached. "Remember our deal.
No kids tonight." he continued as he draped an arm around her shoulders and reached
out and took the wallet from her hand. She leaned into him and wrapped her left arm
around his waist.

"You're right. Just You, me and no kids tonight. I'm sorry, Fox." Anne said sweetly looking
deep into Mulder's eyes. Only she, Mulder and Scully watching from their table knew she had
punctuated the word 'Fox' by grasping the back belt loop of his jeans and jerking upward.

Mulder's smile tightened and he glared at Anne. "Scully's saving us a table," he informed her
nodding toward Scully who waved in response.

"Oh! Dana. I haven't spoken to her in ages."

"Colton," Mulder nodded in greeting.

"Mulder," Colton ground out before beating a hasty retreat.

"You have no shame, do you?" he asked while he watched Colton disappear into the crowd.

"None," She responded as they dropped their arms to their sides.

"And this?" He admonished, holding up her wallet. "What if he had wanted to see the pictures?"

"I have pictures," She informed him, snatching her wallet back as she headed toward the
table Scully was saving for them. Scully had her feet propped up on the chair next to her
and her red sequined shoes were on the floor under her seat.


"Don't say it. I have been regretting this costume all night. From the munchkin jokes to
the too tight shoes... If another person says I look cute.." Scully trailed off.

"Scully, you look like a hag."

"Thank you, Mulder. I knew I could count on you."

"What are partners for." He shrugged good naturedly as he lifted her feet to sit in the chair
next to her then replaced them on his lap.

"You two," Scully shook her head. "You remind me of the drama majors that lived across the
hall from me in college."

"Brilliantly creative?" Anne guessed.

"Totally insane," She corrected.

"Lets see those pictures," Mulder demanded.

Anne coyly looked up from her wallet as she pulled out a photograph then slapped it loudly on
the table between the partners. "Viola, Fox Jr. and Samantha."

Mulder and Scully leaned forward to look at the picture on the surface between them. It had a
skinny blonde girl of about eight with skinned knees and short cropped hair standing next to a
boy, 5 years old with brown hair standing up in porcupine spikes, pouting and covered in mud.

"I could believe that was your child," Scully chuckled.

"*That* you can believe," He muttered which only made her giggle more.

"How much has she had to drink?" Anne whispered.

"A lot apparently..... Oh she lost her ride. Do you mind?"

"Of course not."

"Anne?" Scully asked when she had calmed herself. "This is your brother Harry, right?.... the school teacher?" Anne nodded. "This isn't you, is it?"

"No. I took the picture. That's my sister Scarlett."

"I didn't know you had a sister," Mulder admitted.

Anne smiled sadly. " She died the summer this was taken. that's why I carry it."

"I'm sorry."

"It's alright. It's been 25 years and we knew our time with her was limited."

"Some of us didn't have that luxury," He whispered.

"What did she have?" Scully asked.


To answer Mulder's confused look, Scully elaborated, "The little girl from The Poltergeist died of complications from Krohn's disease."

Anne put the photograph away and asked, "Since I'm up can I get you two anything."

"Another one of those blue things."

"A 'blue thing' for the doctor. Mulder?"

"Just a beer. Thanks." Anne nodded and headed toward the bar.

Mulder rested chin on his palm and leaned his elbow on the table while he watched Scully itch
under her wig.

"How many blue things have you had tonight?"


"Lightweight," He mocked.

"I had a tequila sunrise earlier and a couple glasses a wine when I first got here."

"Well, at least you're pacing yourself. What's wrong, Scully, aren't you having any fun?"

"No, I've got a dumb costume, my feet hurt, my ride ditched me and --" She stopped
there and pulled the wig off her head and scrubbed her fingers along her scalp rigorously making her hair stand up in all directions. She sighed heavily. "If I knew Anne was coming as Xena I could have scrapped together a passable Gabrielle outfit. Xena can walk alone, Gabrielle without Xena is a joke," she pouted uncharacteristically.

Mulder smiled indulgently, "We can leave after we finish this round if you want to."

"I don't want to cut your night short, Mulder."

"I only came to prove to myself that I could do something other that work or watch TV on
a Saturday night."

"Sounds familiar."

Anne returned with their drinks. Mulder took his beer bottle from her hand and informed her,
"We're thinking of leaving in a minutes. Do you mind?"

"I was just going to suggest that myself, I'm not feeling very well."

"Are you Okay?" Scully asked concerned, sobering slightly.

"I'll live," Anne murmured lowering herself into a chair, looking completely drained.

They all just sat there for a few minutes in easy silence. Mulder started to pick at the putty
and gum that held his face plate in boredom. Anne reached out and tore the plastic off of his
face. "OW!" he hollered.

"Mulder, go wash your face. You look like your molting." Scully mumbled as she laid her head
down on her folded arms.

Just when he started to feel good about himself because he had two 'dates' for the evening.
They abuse him and send him away. Not that they were that great of catches tonight, one
was on the verge of passing out and the other was ill. He mused as he made his way to the
alcove where the rest rooms were located.

Mulder looked into the mirror as he patted dry his face with paper towel. The night had been
light on the spooky jokes this year. Probably because there weren't many representatives
from VCS in attendance. When he had made that observation to Anne when they met for
a dance earlier in the evening she had offered to call him Spooky for the night if he missed
the abuse so much. He, of course, refused but couldn't help but wonder how Scully would
have responded.

If he had known the little brunette in the blue gingham dress was his Scully he may have
hooked up with her earlier and maybe she wouldn't be three sheets to the wind right now
and more interesting to talk to at this point in the evening. "I guess its time to gather my
women and go home," he thought to himself and returned to the ballroom.

As he walked back to the table he spotted A.D. Kersh dressed as Clint Eastwood. "What?
Did all the Assistant Directors get together and decide to dress as cowboys?" He found
Scully was still resting her head on the table snoring softly. He laid hand on her hair and
stroked it gently while she slept. He looked over at Anne who was upright but her eyes
were closed.

"Anne," he whispered. In response her snapped open. "Are you up to one more performance?
Kersh is here and I just can't resist."

A smile bloomed on her face. "Which one is he?" she asked as she held out her hand to be
helped out of her chair. Mulder grasped her had and tugged her to her feet.

"Let's make our way over to where he is, have you bump into him and take it from there."
He planned as he led her to where he had seen the A.D. a few moments before.

"Why can you bump into him?"

"He may think I did it on purpose."

"Oh, no. We can't have that. After all we *are* doing it on purpose," She said sarcastically.

"Ready?" he asked as they approached the buffet where Kersh was just departing with
a plate full of food.

"Affirmative," She answered and moved forward brushing Kersh's shoulder, jostling his
plate, causing him to stumble slightly.

"Anne!" Mulder exclaimed in a very convincing startled voice as he rushed forward to
help steady the A.D. "Sorry, Sir." he apologized backing away from the resulting glare.

"Agent Mulder." Kersh growled.

The scent form the food hit Anne's nose and all the color drained from her face.
"Omigod!" She gasped and clasped a hand over her mouth and made a dash for the rest room.

"Morning sickness is such a misnomer," He ad libbed. "Excuse us." and proceeded to chase after her.

Mulder waited outside the the ladies room until Anne finally emerged looking pale and
holding a cool towel to the back of her neck.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think--" She held up a hand to halt his apology.

"Its OK. God! The term 'Morning sickness' is so misleading."

Mulder's jaw dropped as she parroted his earlier statement. "You're Pregnant?"

"Twelve weeks." She admitted timidly. " This will probably be the last time I'll wear an
outfit like this." looking down at the tight leather costume. "I'm 37, my figure won't bounce back easily."


"Or early May."

"The Father?"

"Blissfully unaware and going to remain that way," she said sternly. "There was a reason
I broke up with him." she explained running her knuckles against her cheek to remind him
of the bruise that once lived there.

"That Asshole from DCPD?"

"At least he had good features," She continued as she heading back to their table to
retrieve Scully, "But hit me once its a mistake, hit me twice its a habit and you're out the door."

"You're happy though?"

"Very.....Um now that I'm out of the closet, so to speak, how do I tell her? Knowing
what I know about her."

"Hmm," He considered looking down at his partner, still sleeping at the table. "I think a
delicate balance of walking on eggshells and letting her live vicariously through you."

"Really? I've been looking for an opportunity deepen our acquaintance." She smiled.

He kneeled next to Scully's chair and whispered her name for her to wake up. She swatted
him away like he was a fly buzzing in her ear. "Do you think I could carry her out of here
without attracting much attention.?"

"Not a chance, fibbie" She answered and poked Scully in the ribs just under her arm. Scully
bolted up right in response and glared at Mulder.

He raised his arms in surrender. "What did you do? Press the sober button?"

"Something like that. It's time to go home, Dorothy," Anne said to her using her best
imitation of Glenda the Good Witch. She handed Mulder Scully's shoes and she picked up
the wig from the table. They each took an arm and walked out of the ballroom.

The End

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