Title: Halloween Treat
Author: banlu
Date written: August 5, 2002
Rating: G
Category: S
Spoilers: None.
Timeline: Season 10 as it should be. *g*
Keywords: Mulder/Scully
Archive: Ephemeral and Gossamer. Anyone else, please ask.
Comments: Written for the IMTP vs10 Halloween Challenge. Only 148 words!
Disclaimer: No matter how hard I wish, they aren't mine.
Thanks: To mimic, as usual
Author's notes: At end.

Summary: Handing out treats


Scully decided to give out candy this year. Mulder agreed to help.

Act I

"Scully, you should buy the candy you like so you can eat the left-overs."

"That's why I don't do that."

Act II

There was one Mounds left in the bowl.

Mulder reached for it.

Scully stopped him.


They stood over the bowl, Scully's hand on Mulder's, his poised over the Mounds.

"I thought you didn't eat left-overs, Scully."

"And you won't either."

"Why not?"

"Because I said so."

Act IV

"You're not my mother!"

"No, but I don't want you kissing me with Mounds breath."

"What's wrong with Mounds breath?"


Mulder moved his hand toward the candy bar.


Scully tugged.

"You'd rather eat a Mounds bar than kiss me?

Mulder tugged back. "I can kiss you anytime."

Scully tugged again. "No you can't"

"Yes I can."

Mulder tugged hard enough to pull her to him.

And proved it.

the end

Author's notes: Wrote this when they were looking for only 150 words fics. This has 148. I know it didn't need to be broken into acts, but I thought it'd be fun!

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