Title: Fun With Grammar 2: Happy Halloween
Authors: Barenaked Bostonian and Bonkers Bostonian
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Rating: G
Date written: Jun2 25, 2001
Disclaimer: I don't own then, and neither does my english teacher!
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Spoilers: Ever seen, 'Hocus Pocus'?

Summary: Fun with grammar is fun, and fun. It is quite fun to have fun with grammar...funness!

It was a breezy night, it was Halloween. The breeze ruffled the curtains in Scully's breezy Salem hotel room. Scully strode breezily into the room and put on her Halloween costume, which was breezily light.

There was a harsh knock at her door. She flung it open harshly. The light from the hallway greeted her harshly as Mulder's silhouette loomed in front of her.

"Happy Halloween Scully," he said creepily.

"Stop being so creepy," she said. She walked creepily backward, until she bumped into a creepy ghost painted in creepy orange and black.

"It's all creepy good," he said, as he chuckled. "Scully, we're going out for scrod."

"Scrod, what's scrod?" she asked scrodily.

Scrodily, what the hells scrodily? Well, on with the grammar...

"Nah, let's go out to the Crypt Cafe, it's really hauntingly beautiful," he said. "Like you, you're hauntingly beautiful."

"Mulder, that place isn't haunted, is it?"

"No Scully, but this might be a haunt of a time."

They drove to the restaurant in silence.

It was very silent.

They sat down at a table after ordering their food. Scully broke the silence.

"Why so silent, Mulder?" she asked, as he was stirred out of his silent reverie.

"I don't know, I thought I heard a crash."

"What kind of a crash, Mulder?"

"I dunno, it was a crashy crash."

"Well, I don't want to crash your fun, but I think it was in the kitchen.

Scully sneezed after the food had arrived. Her sneeze was quite sneezy.

"God bless you," he told her after she had sneezed.

"I hate sneezing!" she said and sneezed again.

"I think we'd better fly," Mulder said after they had finished eating.

"Fly where?" she asked.

"No, fly as in to leave, silly."

"I'm super fly!" she said and made a sweeping motion with her hands, they flew through the air.

"On what, did they fly?" she asked weirdly.

"Scully, you're acting weird...."

"Leave me and my weirdness alone!" she yelled weirdly.

"Scully," Mulder said in a hushed tone. "Don't scream!"

"I didn't scream, Mulder. I would never scream."

"Scully, I distinctly heard you scream."

"Well, how about I take you back to the hotel and make you scream?"


Fluff and grammar, can it get any better?

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