Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Author: Cassie C
Written: January 1998
DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully belong to 1013. How many times do I have to say it? After all of these stories that I have written, you'd think that 1013 would get the hint! THEY DON'T BELONG TO ME!!!

SUMMARY: Halloween goes terribly wrong for Mulder and Scully when an unknown force taunts and terrorizes them.

Author's note: I know, I know, there are a zillion Halloween stories, but I thought that I needed a break from writing all of these ‘serious' stories. I have written four in the last 24 hours! This is a scary story, so beware!!! BOO!

October 30, 1998
Basement, J. Edgar Hoover Bldg.

"Well Mulder, see you on Monday, I guess." Dana Scully prepared to leave for a Halloween full adorable little kids in the cutest of costumes. "We just have paperwork, right?"

"Wait Scully, aren't you coming to my Halloween party tonight? Everybody who is anybody is going to be there. Skinner said he might even make a cameo! You have to be there!" 

She rolled her eyes. "Mulder, my idea of a good time does *not* consist of parading around in front of a bunch of drooling idiots going through frightening mid-life crisis's. As a matter of fact, Ellen and I are going to our own party this evening."

"No you're not." She gaped.

"Mulder, since when do you check up on my schedule? How did you know that I was lying about Ellen and I? I'd appreciate it if you would keep out of my business next time." He smiled slyly.

"I had no idea, Scully. You just admitted that you aren't doing anything tonight. I believe that our enigmatic Dr. Scully fell for one of my little tricks." She glared at him.

"Meet me in front of your apartment at 10:00 tonight, Mulder. And be sure to bring your gun." He turned pale, as she left the office.

October 30, 1998
Dana Scully's apartment
9:28 p.m.

Scully looked in the mirror one last time before she left for Mulder's apartment. The costume she picked out was perfect, he would never recognize her. Her blonde wig went down to the back of her knees, her shiny pink miniskirt matched the jacket she was wearing. Her shirt was a white v-neck that showed a *lot* of cleavage. She looked like the perfect Barbie.

"One more thing," She said, putting in her cat-eye contacts and vampire teeth. She had gotten the contacts from a place that made costumes and make-up for the movies. They had cost her $300 but she thought Mulder's reaction would be well worth the cash.

She spun in front of the mirror, then left.

October 30, 1998
Outside Fox Mulder's apartment

Mulder adjusted his Richard Nixon mask so that he could see out of the eye holes as he watched for Scully. He expected her to show up in a vampire suit or as a witch or something like that. He saw her Taurus pull up next to the curb, and he went to open the door for her.

Upon seeing the figure in the driver's seat, he nearly passed out. That woman couldn't *possibly* be Scully. Especially when she stood up. The thigh-length white platform boots she was wearing made her about eight inches taller, and she was standing face to face with him.

"What's the matter Mulder, never seen a real-life Barbie before?" He tingled all over his body. "By the way, love the Nixon getup. *Very* original."

"Scully, let me see your teeth." She curled her lips back, revealing the all-too realistic fake teeth. "What did you do to yourself? My God Scully, you look, um... You look absolutely slutty."

She laughed. "I'm glad it earns your seal of approval, G-man. Now, let's go inside, I'm freezing!" She had to practically drag him up the stairs into his apartment because he was so shocked.

When Scully entered the apartment, the room went silent. She spotted the Gunmen, Frohike was a rebel, Byers was a mad scientist and Langly was a woman. Skinner was also there, dressed as a match. (He was wearing fire proof material, and the lab made him a chemical so that he could set his head on fire and nothing would burn.)

But, most shocking, was the fact that somebody had invited Ellen. She was in the corner entertaining four guys dressed as the Harlem Globetrotters. She had the Madonna outfit going, coned breasts and all.

"Hi, everybody!" Everybody came out of there trance, and greeted her happily. "Are you all having like, a totally awesome Halloween?" She fit her Barbie character quite well.

"Dana!" Ellen was calling her. "Come have a drink of punch!" She walked over to the punch table and poured herself a glass. "Isn't it good?" She didn't get to answer, because Ellen returned to being the Globetrotter's whore.

"It taste's a little odd." She said to herself. "Its almost as if..." She wasn't able to finish because she suddenly felt herself overcome by something. She wasn't Dana Scully anymore, she was vampire Barbie: Slutty and seductive.

"Oh match boy," She called to Skinner. He hopped over, because he thought he really was a match and he couldn't walk. She whispered into his ear. "Walter, I've had dreams about you." His eyes went wide.

"Barbie, you've dreamed about m-me?" She pulled him in close as if to kiss him, then pushed him onto the couch.

"Not on your life, baldy."

Next, she walked over to where the Gunmen were. Lifting Frohike by the lapels of his leather jacket, she had her first victim. "I love men in leather." He slicked his hair back, because of course, he thought he was a big tough Harley riding greaser. "Show me what I've dreamed about, Slick."

He took her hand and led her to a quiet corner. "I'll give you what you've dreamed about." She bent down to his neck, and bit him. He screeched, of course, as she drew his bitter metallic blood into her mouth.

"Thanks for the good time, Wannabe." Next, she eyed Mulder sitting in the corner. As she sauntered over to him temptingly, he eyed her nervously.

"Scully, what are you doing?" Sensing that he hadn't had any punch yet, she went to pour him a glass. "Oh, thanks. I heard it's..." He couldn't finish because he was suddenly overtaken by Richard Nixon.

"You should be punished, Richie. Come with me."

"I am not a crook! I am *not* a crook!" He yelled, as she drug him back to the bedroom. "Help me make this country a better place!" He yelled over his shoulder, before Scully shut the bedroom door.

"You've been a bad, bad boy, Richie. We're going to have to do something about that, hmm?" He raced around his room, finding a rope. He pulled up his desk chair, sat Scully down in it, and tied her arms back.

"I am not a crook, but I am perverted," he said, smiling. "And I know what you want. And I'm going to give it to you."

October 31, 1998
Fox Mulder's bedroom

Scully awoke, unaware of her surroundings. She had a piercing headache, and her mouth was extremely dry. Becoming less groggy, she discovered that she was tied up, half naked in Mulder's bedroom. She soon spotted him lying just feet away from her, sucking his thumb, also half naked.

"Mulder!" She screamed, the noise of her own voice feeling like a hammer against her brain. She heard groans from outside of the room. Mulder jumped up, turned green, then laid back down again.

"Scully? Is that you?" he said, quietly.

"M-mulder, what d-did we d-do last n-night?" she stammered, aware of her own terrified tone. "We n-need to get out an-nd help th-those other p-people out there, then f-find out wh-what we did." He nodded, got up slowly, and untied her.

"I have one of your bathrobeth in my bathroom," he said, his tongue suddenly feeling much too big for his mouth. He went in after her, and grabbed his.

When Scully opened the door to the living room, she was shocked by what she saw. The entire party was sprawled out all over the place, all of them looking quite dead. She checked every person, and only Ellen and Langly were still alive. "Th-they're dead, M-mulder."

"Daaanaaa, iiis thaaat yooou?" Ellen called, talking very slowly. "Iiit waaas theee puuunch, Daaanaaa. Iii'm sooorry."

Scully rushed over to help her, while Mulder went to Langly.

"Mulder, I really think that the punch did it because I knew it tasted funny and that's why I only had one glass and everybody else had two or three and we all thought we were the people we dressed like but those people all went into cardiac arrest and I need to run tests to see what was in the punch because it is having weird effects on us and we might have heart attacks too." Langly was talking a mile a minute, and Mulder could barely understand him.

"Thure thing, Langly. Do you want thome water? I'll get thome. Thtay here, don't move. Be right back."

Meanwhile, Ellen was telling Scully what happened much slower.

"Yooou aaand Muuulder weeent baaack iiintooo hiiis beedroooom aaand weee cooould heeere yoou knooow, ‘noooises' aaand weee deeeciiided tooo leeeave yooou alooone theeen peeeooople staaarteeed tooo haaave heaaart attaaacks aaand dyyying. Theeen I feeell asleeep aaand I dooon't reeemembeer aaanythiiing eeelse," Scully comforted her, then went to the phone.

"911, what is your emergency?" tThe operator asked calmly.

"I am-m at F-fox M-mulder's apartment and w-we have a l-lot of f-fatalities as a r-result of p-p-poison in th-the punch. Only f-four of u-us are s-still alive, b-but w-we need an ambulance b-before one of us d-dies." Luckily, the operator could trace the call to Mulder's address, because Scully hung up quickly.

Mulder came back with Langly's water. "Here you go, Langly. Don't spill on my carpet." Langly chuckled a bit.

When the ambulances arrived, they had no idea that they were going to find so many dead bodies. Seventeen dead, four alive. Mulder had to stay in intensive care for tests, because his tongue really *did* swell up. Scully, Ellen and Langly were in stable condition, but they had to be watched for brain damage.

Tests on the drug showed that it was Glocytrompacynalone, an extremely harmful hallucinogen that causes one to become so wrapped up in their fantasy that their heart stops. Luckily, Mulder, Scully, Ellen and Langly only had one glassful.

A criminal investigation proved that the drug was administered to the punch by one Marita Covarrubias, who died during the activity.

As for what Mulder and Scully did in the bedroom, well, that is to be left up to the imagination. ;)


So darling, was it as good for you as it was for me?

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