Title: Boo
Author: Mike
Written: November 2002
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Rating: NC-17
Classification: Romance.
Keywords: MSR. RST. Cooking. Halloween.

Summary: Halloween at the Hoover.

In response to an October Challenge, late.

For T, who likes Cooking!Mulder. Author's note and links to recipes at bottom. For the Halloween challenge, but I didn't finish in time.

3:30 Friday

"Scully, you got anything going on tomorrow?"

"Why do you ask? Another report of crop circles in the Shenandoah Valley this weekend?"

"Nope, All the crops are in this late. I just want to pay you back for that wonderful pot roast a couple of weeks ago."

"You needn't do that, nobody can make a pot roast for one, and I enjoyed the company."

"I enjoyed it a lot too, that's why I'd like to reprise it with a different menu."

"Can I bring anything?"

"Just yourself, I've got everything covered. 6:00 PM tomorrow, casual."

Mulder's Apartment
5:58 Saturday

When Scully entered his apartment, all of her senses were assaulted. First was the absolutely wonderful aromas that emanated from the kitchen, then there was the touch of Mulder helping her out of jacket. The touch was wonderful, then she felt the heat of his body as he momentarily stood too close and shifted the ends of her hair with his breath.

When she whirled away, she saw him standing there in black jeans and turtle-neck as his smooth voice, several octaves lower than usual, bid her welcome.

Christ, burn dinner and take me NOW!

"Smells really good, Mulder." She looked him straight in the eye and gave him a blinding smile, teeth, eyes and a sighing heave of her chest showing her crinkled nipples and braless breasts underneath her thin cardigan. Her mid-calf skirt, buttoned up the side, was casual, but an open invitation to a bold man to throw it up over her head and ravish her.

His breath stopped short. Supper, Mulder, supper. She didn't come here to be sexually assaulted in my foyer, she came for supper.

"This way Scully, we'll be eating in the kitchen because some of this needs to be cooked as we go."

He pulled out a chair for her, then ladled rice and seafood Gumbo into her soup plate, set a loaf of French bread and butter on the table and poured each of them a glass of wine.

"Scully, I purposely made this a little bland, I wasn't sure of your tastes." He proffered a bottle of Tobasco, "This will brighten it up a little."

She tasted the Gumbo, then shook a few drops in and stirred it in. When she was finished, Mulder jumped up and got two West Indies Crab Salads out of the refrigerator, presented on thick slices of tomato. While he was up, he turned the burner under a heavy frying pan on.

"This is wonderful, Mulder. What is it?"

"It's called West Indies Salad. Basically lump crabmeat and onion in a lemon vinaigrette."

Mulder cleared the salad plates and said, "This is going to take a few minutes. Would you like another glass of wine while you wait?"

"Can I watch?"

"Sure." He opened a window and turned on the vent fan, then took fish filets out of the refrigerator and dipped them in the melted butter and dredged them through the spices, and flopped them into the frying pan. After pouring in the rest of the half pound of melted butter, he removed the baking pan of roasted new potatoes sprinkled with parsley from the oven.

Checking the fish to see if they were blackened, he flipped the fish, stuck a pan of bread pudding in the oven to warm and set a small saucepan of white sauce flavored with rum on the stove to warm.

He then spooned the roasted potatoes on the plates, flipped on the coffee maker and moved a filet to each plate, then drizzled some of the remaining spiced butter over the potatoes, set steamed asparagus spears along side and set the plates on the table. He turned off the vent hood and refilled the wine glasses, then sat down. "Eat up Scully, don't let it get cold."

"Think you used enough butter, Butch?"

"Hey, I know you don't like to much butter, so I only used half what the recipe called for."

"This is wonderful, Mulder, just wonderful. Where did you learn to cook like this? And how can you stay so skinny?"

"Cooking for one is no fun, so this more than I usually eat.

These recipes were from an old recipe book I found on Creole cooking, New Orleans style. It only has about 30 recipes, most of which start 'take a pound of butter and make a roux.'"

She slightly pushed her plate away from her, signifying she was done.

"Dessert in a few minutes. Would you like coffee here or in the front room? I've got to make a stab at cleaning up before the ants carry off everything."

"Here. We can talk a little."

He put the left over Gumbo, rice and potatoes into plastic containers, cleared the table and removed the tablecloth to expose a red and white checked oilcloth. He poured Scully a cup of the Dark Roast with chicory he had brewing, and sat it and a shot of Southern Comfort down for her. "Cafe Jeff Davis instead of Cafe Napoleon."

He then sat the frying pan in the sink with a stream of water rinsing it out, then scraped all the dishes into the disposal.

After putting them in the dishwasher, he washed the frying pan and cast iron soup pot by hand and set them to drain.

Wiping down the counters, he turned to Scully, "All that's left is dessert." He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat across from her.

"Mulder, what costume are you going to wear next Thursday?"

"If I could beg a little assistance, I thought I'd wear my dinner jacket with white makeup and wax fangs and go as a vampire."

Mulder in a tux! I'll have to take an extra couple of magazines to work on Friday to convince the support staff to leave him alone.

"A little assistance?"

"Your makeup is always so perfect. I'd hoped you could give me a pale and dangerous cast."

"Sure. Mulder, I'm going to match your tux and raise you a diaphanous muslin nightgown, but not at work."


"Aren't the victims of vampires always innocent virgins in their night clothes? I think I can play that part. And it would be a part, female cops in their thirties aren't innocents, by definition, not counting being a doctor."

Mulder flushed and said, "I think the bread pudding should be ready by now. You go in and sit on the couch, and I'll bring it and the coffee in."

Scully scraped the last little bit of sauce out of the bottom of her bowl and sighed.

Mulder took a sip of his coffee and asked, "Would you like some more?"

"God, no, Mulder. I'm going to have to spend a half hour in confession about one serving. That was a sinful end to a wonderful meal. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Let me clear these dishes and get you another cuppa."

While Mulder was being domestic, Scully unbuttoned two more buttons on her sweater, exposing the inner curves of her breasts, pinching her nipples to bring them erect. Then she unbuttoned the side of her skirt clear to the point of her hip and sat sideways on the couch so all of her left leg was visible. Dana, what are you doing! Then she steeled herself with a toast Mulder had taught her.

"She either fears her fate too much,
Or her desserts are small,
Who dares not put it to the touch,
To win or lose it all!"

When Mulder came back with an insulated coffee carafe and noticed her, he stumbled and nearly dropped it. He zeroed in on her erect nipples, and addressed them as he said, "Are you cold, Scully? I can turn up the heat or get you a blanket."

"Actually I'm a little warm." She flapped her skirt as if to get a breeze going on under it, also exposing a length of toned, curvaceous leg.

The penny dropped for Mulder, and he blurted out, "Scully, are you trying to seduce me?"

God, I hate being in love with someone that smart. Make the best of it, girl. With a blinding grin, she said, "Yep. How am I doing?"

"Given that I have an erection that's about to tear my zipper apart, not too shabby." He swept her up into his lap and kissed her.

At first his kiss was pure longing, soft, sweet and a hunger for love. When she intensified it, the hunger became more elemental and his hands began to wander.

His hands began gentle caresses up her calf and outside her thighs. As the hunger grew, the caresses became less gentle, more demanding and closer to his goal.

She pushed away, gasping. He had a momentary flash of despair until she grabbed the hem of his shirt to pull it off over his head.

"Mulder, I saw that flash of pain. Let me reassure you that I'm liking this. A lot. I just want more." She twined her arms around his neck and rubbed her engorged nipples against his crisp chest hair as she kissed him again.

She began squirming and humping herself against him as he continued kissing and dropped his hands to her breasts to tease and lightly pinch her nipples. He dropped his hands to her hips and said, "Whoa, Scully, slow down or this will be over before we get to the good part."

She kipped out of his lap and stood in front of him, sweater open and lips swollen. "Mulder, let's take this to the bedroom. We're both too old to wrestle on the couch like teenagers."

"Uh, Scully, the bed's not made."

"We'll just mess it up again."

"I mean really not made. I went to the Laundromat this morning, and didn't have time to make up the bed."

She threw another blinding grin at him, "Clean sheets. If I was a rich woman, I'd have a maid whose job was to change sheets every time I got out of bed. C'mon." She held out her hand and pulled him from the couch.

When she entered the bedroom, she saw his underwear, socks and running clothes folded and neatly stacked on the dresser, dress shirts hanging from a door knob and sheets and towels folded on the bed.

She picked up the towels and put them on the dresser, walked around to the other side of the bed and picked up the bottom sheet. She tossed one end across the bed to Mulder and began fitting it to the bed. Wal-Mart specials. 40 thread per inch. We're going to have to introduce him to high quality percale. When it was on, she motioned him to throw her a pillow as she threw him a pillow case. As they were tucking in the top sheet, she suddenly realized what she was doing. With fear in her voice she asked, "Mulder, this isn't a turnoff is it? Being this domestic?"

He chortled, then reached across the bed take her hands in his large, strong hands to pull her to him. "Scully, you can't imagine how exciting it is to me to make up a bed with the woman I'm about to crawl into it with. Plus, I love you. You could come out to breakfast scratching and farting with breath like a dragon, and I couldn't love you any less. You're beautiful. I love you. Of course, I'll give you a cup of coffee and leave you alone until it's in you." He dropped his head to continue his kissing and began removing her sweater.

Her fingers scrambled at his belt and zipper, releasing him to spring hard against his belly. As she did so, he smoothly unbuttoned the rest of her skirt, exposing the pretty little pink panties she was wearing. In a single move, he swept them off of her, leaving her totally exposed and reveling in his blazing eyes.

She ran her finger down his abdomen, then lower to his pubic hair. She grasped his manhood, and gasped at the size. Her eyes flew open and noticed that her hand cover less than half the length and could barely reach around it.

Omigod, that can't fit in.

As she felt him, his fingers drifted lower, fondling her. When she felt his thumb begin stroking her clitoris, she gave a shudder and spread her legs. Two of his long, strong fingers entered her and began polishing the front of her vaginal passage. With his kisses it was too much for her and she began an orgasm as her fingers clamped down on him.

"God, Scully, you're beautiful when you come. I love you."

"Come. Here." She pulled him on top of her, and tried to force him inside of her.

"Easy, love, let me get something."

"Check my purse. The ones in your medicine chest expired two years ago, and I bought some fresh this morning."

He rolled over to night stand and pulled out an unopened box of condoms. "These are fresh." He pulled off one and handed it to her.

Magnums? He thinks well of himself. She gave another squeeze. No, an honest assessment.

"Were you expecting to get lucky tonight?"

"No, but I was hoping to."

Scully took the foil envelope and opened it, then partially unrolled it and put the unrolled end in her mouth. She then carefully unrolled it with her mouth to cover him in his entirety. She checked to see that there was room for all that she expected, then pulled him over on top of her.

He placed himself at her entrance, then as she spread her legs and lifted herself against him, he slid in a little.

She moaned, then lifted her hips again, grabbing his ass and trying to force him in further. He backed off, then slipped a little deeper. She hissed, "Mulder, stop teasing and put it in."

He backed out a little, then buried himself. She began a small orgasm, then felt mini-tremors as he began sawing in and out. Her hips wrapped around his ass, kept him from taking full strokes, but she loved the feeling as each time he buried himself in her, she had another tremor, clamping down on him like a wet, silken vise.

"More, Mulder, more. I love you."

He buried himself in her and began to shudder.

She grasped him with her legs, dug her fingernails into his back and began screaming until she buried her face in his collarbone and bit hard.

When he returned to awareness, he rolled on his side, carrying her with him, cuddling her. "Are you alright, Scully?"

"I have never been more alright in my life Mulder. I'm just afraid."

"Afraid of what."

"You'll find out I'm not a real redhead."


"How do you know if you've sexually satisfied a woman?"


"A blonde will swallow her gum, a redhead will untie you and a brunette will start talking about china patterns. I have this sudden urge to talk about china and silver patterns."

"You're out of luck, Scully. Mom has twenty place settings of china and silver just like what Jackie bought in '61. It comes with a Chippendale breakfront. I get it as soon as I have room. That's one reason I'm in a small apartment. We can talk about Waterford crystal to go with it, if you like."

"You didn't even turn a hair when I started talking about china, did you."

"Nope." He placed a soft kiss on her forehead, then said, "Marrying you is the dream of my life. I had to control myself from groveling at your feet, begging you to accept my agreement. Now just cuddle, we have the rest of our lives to work this out."

She sighed, then crawled on him, using him as a warm and breathing body pillow.

Sunday Morning

Mulder's Apartment

Scully awoke with a start, then remembered that she was in Mulder's bed. The biggest reminder was the ache between her thighs. She reached over to the other side of the bed and panicked when she didn't find Mulder.

He must have woken up early. I remember what he said, and I'm not going out there with Dragon's breath, farting and scratching.

She took care of her morning ablutions, including brushing her teeth, and went in search of coffee. She looked for the fresh shirts Mulder had hanging on a doorknob last night, but they were gone. She looked on top of the dresser, and found a sleeveless undershirt. When she pulled it on, she found it wasn't really decent. It was very thin, and barely came below her pubis. Good enough for breakfast with my lover.

She found Mulder, in a pair of boxers, humming happily, ironing a shirt. "Just another few minutes, I've only got one more to do. The coffee's ready and your mug is sitting next to the machine."

She sat with her cup of coffee, fascinated at Mulder ironing.

"Why the ironing?"

"It costs $2.50 a shirt to get them washed and ironed, and the laundry doesn't do a good job. Doing it myself costs about $1.00 a week, plus a few minutes on Saturday night. I was busy this Saturday, so I'm doing it Sunday morning.

There, they're all done. What would you like for breakfast?"

He put away the ironing board and iron, and started towards the kitchen.

"Mulder!" Her voice snapped out as she set her coffee cup down. He halted as she continued, "Don't worry about breakfast. Give me my good morning kiss."

He turned with a huge grin on his face, then oofed as she vaulted into his arms. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck and her forehead was touching his as icy blue eyes drilled into his. "Keep way in the front of your mind that mundane things like breakfast come after my good morning kiss."

He cupped her bare buttocks and kissed her. He intended it as an acknowledgement of how much he loved her, but it quickly became a pyre of hunger on both their parts, driving them again to a blazing desire. This time they used one of Scully's, as her purse was closer.

As they were starting, Scully flipped them over, as they were in the foyer, with its bare floor. Riding him astride, she closed her eyes and arched her back at the sensation.

Mulder was distracted by the sight of her beautiful breasts bobbing with her motions, and the lack of stimulation from her position, as she was moving for maximum stimulation on her clitoris and G-Spot, while ignoring stimulating the underside of his head.

She was in continuos orgasm for forty-five minutes before he finally got off.

"Scully, we have to move in together. If I give you a good morning kiss in the office, we'd be out of a job in a week."


"No arguments, no conditions?"

"Mulder, I've just been in orgasm for nearly an hour. I'm not in an argumentative mood. Now, you said something about breakfast?"

7:58 AM



"Skinner. We have an emergency with occult overtones. You and Scully in my office in five minutes."

When they entered the office, the saw the AD's for AntiTerror and Counter-Intel with very worried looks directed at the Deputy Director for administration.

Skinner started. "Mulder, Scully. Someone has been sneaking in the building putting Halloween decorations around. There was even a Jack-O-Lantern on the front steps at dawn this morning. The actual acts themselves are misdemeanors, but the worry is that no sign of the perpetrators shows up on any of the security logs or tapes."

He glanced at the DD.

The DD said, "I've had some of my sworn agents review the available evidence and starting to interview the guards on duty last night, but nothing so far. If we've got a hole that big in our security, none of us are safe from any sneak attack through the same hole."

Mulder looked inquiringly at Skinner. Skinner said, "Your mission, and you don't get any choice about accepting it, is to determine in there are any occult influences involved. I'll be leading this investigation, but copy these gentlemen if anything worthwhile pops up. Halloween is Thursday."

"I need a look at the physical evidence."

"Of course. We have crime scene photos." He push a thick file towards them. "The physical stuff is in the crime lab.

We've already told them to call you with any lead at all."

"Scully, I'll let you talk to the geeks, they like you better.



When the entered the lab, they found scurrying around they'd never seen on their previous visits. Scully pulled the lab supervisor to one side. "Mulder and I have been assigned to this case. What have you got?" She leaned towards the techie, exposing a hint of dcolletage. Her body language emphasized her solidarity with the geeks.

"We've reached two conclusions. I don't think either will help you much. The first is about the decorations they found at the front door. The corn stalks were standard field corn, grown for silage and animal feed. Half of Maryland and Virginia are covered with the same crop. We're dusting for prints, but we don't expect find any."

"The Pumpkin is standard Cucurbita pepo, commercial JackO-Lantern pumpkin. It's a little better medium for prints, but we don't expect anything better than the farmer and the guys at the supermarket."

"The stick-on pictures are a little better. They are all professionally printed on release paper. No fingerprints so far, which indicates the perpetrator had gloves."

"May we have a sample of some of the stick-on pictures?"

"Sure. We've made up plastic sheets to show all the different stickers reported."

"C'mon Scully, I've got an idea."

They walked into a store specializing in Holiday decorations and novelties. Mulder approached the clerk and said, "Special Agent Mulder, this is my partner, Special Agent Scully. May we speak to the proprietor?"

"Sure, He's in the back." The clerk turned towards a door behind the counter and called, "Stan, two FBI agents here to see you."

As Mulder and Scully went in the back, Stan stepped back from decorating a Christmas Tree. It was absolutely glorious, twenty feet tall covered in Victorian decorations, with an angel on top.

"Isn't it gorgeous? Last of the forty I have on order to stores.

Now I can start on private home orders. Is that why you're here?"

"No, sir. We're investigating a case. Do you recognize any of these stickers?"

"They look like standard six to the sheet novelty stickers, available for a buck a sheet at any five-and-dime. They're real popular with kids this year, I sold out last week. When I called around, all the printers were out. One said he was out and wouldn't be shipping any more, although he did invite me to the after Christmas party. His print run was in the millions."

"Thank you, sir."

On the way out, Mulder pulled Scully over to the counter that had Halloween novelties and selected a set of wax vampire fangs. Sticking the bag in his pocket, he remarked, "I think we'll be busy this week, but can we have out own little Halloween party when this is over."

"Sure, I like you in a Tux, and I like you nibbling on my neck."

Scully's phone rang. "Scully"

"Skinner. Wrap it up and back to the barn. I've got some new information on the case You need to hear."

Skinner was alone in his office. He motioned them to chairs across from his desk.

"Mulder, Scully, I need to apologize. This was a false alarm.

The Director had hired a security breaking firm to break in and do non-destructive intrusion. They apparently did for the computer controlled cameras, after spending the weekend getting internal patrol schedules."

"The DD for Administration is taking early retirement, as he is responsible for building security and he didn't inform the Director by 10:00 AM. Tell me what you've done."

Scully related a quick summary of their actions of the morning. Mulder nodded agreement. Skinner took notes, the said, "Write it up as a standard interim investigative report, no conclusions. By the end of the day. No reflection on you, you did what you were instructed, reasonably quickly, but the file needs to be complete."

4:30 PM Monday
The Basement

Scully thought to herself. To hell with rules, I'm going to spend time nurturing this relationship. "Mulder, report's done and E-Mailed to Skinner, hardcopy's in Inter-Office mail. What now? Remember, I've volunteered to chaperone the Parish Halloween teen dance Friday evening."

"Do you need help?"

"It would be nice. Are you still wearing your costume Thursday?"

"Yes. You?"


9:00 PM Friday

Saint Mortimer's by the River Parish Hall Mulder, I could hate you. Rescue me from all these teenage boys drooling at my costume. Scully pushed her way through the crush of cute little girls in far to revealing costumes surrounding Mulder, and took his arm.

She glared at the girls, telling them by body language and expression, Mine. MINE, you little bitches. She smiled a sweet and insincere smile, suggesting, "Perhaps you girls might enjoy a nice dance with those boys clustered over by the punchbowl. Remember, the nuns and parents are watching."

"Thank you, Scully. Thank you for rescuing me again. Those little girls were scaring the shit out of me."

She looked him in the eye with the thoughts she had felt earlier.

He responded with what she wanted, a fully felt, without regrets, Only you. Only you Scully.

He swept her into his arms as a waltz began to play. The physical distance between them remained exactly as the nuns approved of, four inches, but the direct connections between their eyes was enough to suggest that they needed a Bishop right there, right now, to sanctify what was obvious on the dance floor.

As the dance ended, the chaperones set up a reverse receiving line. Scully allowed the boys to worship her from afar, with a chaste kiss on her hand, but the little girls were much bolder, claiming a kiss on their lips from Mulder.

Scully stood next to him, glaring at the cute little girls.

He glanced over at her, trying to be reassuring.

She felt the warm comfort of that unspoken adoration sink deep in her. When then reception line was over, she melted into his arms. Mother Superior was both mildly approving and mildly scolding. "Ms Scully, next year I expect you to be married or without Mr. Mulder as escort. I cannot expose these innocent children to the sort of unbridled lust you've demonstrated this evening."

Mulder replied, as Scully was aghast at the remonstration.

"Sister, how were we out of line? I did my best to behave."

"I know that Mr. Mulder. Ms. Scully was also on her best behavior. The heat of the non-verbal exchanges between you were enough to raise blisters on several of the nuns and a couple of the Protestant teachers we've dragooned to help us with chaperoning. The impression of the interaction between you was more than we wanted to expose the innocent children to. We approve of that kind of dedication, but we prefer it in the context of marriage."

Scully's Apartment
1:30 AM Saturday Morning

"Scully, I didn't want to embarrass you."

"Mulder, it's not real embarrassing to have a nun observe that you're the love of my life."

"How we do go about this to meet the requirements of Catholicism?"

"Let me go to the bathroom, then I'll tell you." She proceeded to the bathroom, stripped out of her half slip and panties, ripped of the lace flounces tacked to her bodice, and reappeared as a virginal Victorian victim of a vampire in her night dress. She walked out to Mulder and said, "What do you want first, role-playing or marriage instruction?"


1. Halloween decorations on and in the Hoover building.


2. Mulder ironing. Check.

3. Someone preparing a meal for another person. Check 4. Mulder and/or Scully at work in Halloween costumes.

5. A Christmas tree fully decorated. Check 6. Tabasco Sauce. Check

7. Cute Trick or Treaters. Check

Author's Note:

These recipes are a close match to my mom's little Creole cookbook, the one that says "take a pound of butter and make a roux" for every receipt. I've got a handwritten copy which I won't transcribe.

Seafood Gumbo

http://www.tomato.org/recipes/recipe36.html West Indies Salad

http://www.virtualcities.com/ons/la/n/lanc7015.htm (Add the zest of a lemon to the vinegar)

Blackened Redfish

http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/expltx/gulf/troop647/recipe.htm (Be Brave. Use the whole 3/4 pound of butter.) Bread Pudding

http://www.chefrick.com/html/nobreadpud.html (Add a big handful of chocolate chips and some chopped pecans. Use Rum instead of Bourbon for flavoring in the sauce.)

Cafe, Jeff Davis. You need the bitterness of Dark Roast coffee to offset the sweetness of a liquor like Southern Comfort. If you can't take Dark Roast, stick with brandy.

You can make the whole meal with only two pounds of butter. The meal will only be about 6000 calories a diner.

"Boo" by Mike

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