Title: A Little Bit of Halloween Cheer
Author: Agent Leki
Rating: PG
Spoilers: "Hollywood A.D."
Category: Scully POV, UST, Humor
Finished on: Sunday, October 8, 2000
Archive: Anywhere, just let me know and keep my name attached.
Disclaimer: Mulder+Scully=Chris Carter. I only stole them to write this story. No harm intended dear Surfer Dude! *bows to CC*

Summary: Mulder and Scully in a Halloween costume store, Whipped Cream, and Star Wars. What could possibly happen?

Author's Note: This takes place here in the year 2000, but the events in "Requiem" never happened.

I sit on my bed in my lonely hotel room as the day draws to an end. It is currently 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night, which just happens to be Halloween. About a week ago one of my old friends from the academy invited me to her Halloween party, but I can't go because I'm stuck in nowhere Utah on a case with my oh-so- insane partner. Mantua has got to be one of the smallest towns I've ever seen in my entire life. The only signs of life are a few cars on the highway every so often, and the one or two gas stations around. Other than that this place looks as if it could be a ghost town.

I don't see why the hell Mulder had to drag me out here to this nothingness to investigate disappearing crops. I roll my eyes. What is the big deal anyway? It's October 31st... and it's freezing outside, so it's not like the corn stalks are going to be producing anymore corn until next year. Even so, can't they be replanted?

I am knocked out of my reverie when I hear a knock on my door. I slowly rise from the bed and cross over to the door and unlock it. As I open the door I'm greeted with a gust of cold air. After recovering over the initial shock from the cold blast of air I see Mulder grinning at me. That grin that always gets us into trouble.

"Hi, Scully..... whatcha doing?" he says with that grin never leaving his face.

"I was, um, reading over our notes... why?" I run a hand through my hair.

"I was just wondering if you want to take a ride with me and we can possibly go have a little Halloween fun tonight." he grins even wider.

"Mulder, we're in the middle of nowhere... there aren't even any bars around here!"

"Maybe not here, but there's a city a hell of a lot bigger than this one about 25 miles from here. Are you up to it?"

I sigh and slowly nod, not knowing what I'm getting myself into. "Fine. It's got to be better than sitting here doing nothing."

"Grab yer coat, Scully, we're off to have a great time!" the grin he has now is the one that always makes my knees tremble and want to just grab him and kiss him, but I refrain myself.

An hour later I find Mulder pulling into a parking lot behind a mall called 'Newgate.'

"Mulder, what are you up to?" I say in my warning tone.

"I told you... to have some fun." He grins at me again and cuts the engine. Without another word he's out of the car and over opening my door before I can even utter a protest.

I unhook my seat belt and get out of the car.

Mulder practically drags me inside the mall.

We look around at some of the stores. Then Mulder spots it. Before I can even say "no way, Mulder" I'm practically swept off my feet as Mulder pulls me in the store.

My eyes widen at all the ugly, gory masks. We're in a Halloween store. There are weird gadgets everywhere.

I'm looking at a dead version of those singing Mr. Bass things... but this one is just bones. Just as the fish goes back to it's natural position I feel something on my head and turn around to see Mulder putting a hot pink wig on me. "Mulder!"

"Just wait, Scully." He finishes putting the wig on me then directs me to a mirror and tells me to look at myself.

I almost burst out laughing when I see myself in the waist length pink wig. Then I feel Mulder's arms around me and I look down to see Mulder putting a waitress apron on me. I smirk at him in the mirror.

"That is so you, Scully." He smirks.

"Yeah? Well, this..." I say, grabbing an ugly mask that looks like a cross between a pig and an old geezer with one glasses lens over one eye and I put the mask on him. Then I grab a fake wind around snake and put it around his neck and I step back and look at my handiwork. "is you..." I grin at him.

Mulder looks in the mirror then suddenly turns to me and lunges at me. I squeal and jump away from him, laughing. He crashes to the floor and I take the wig and apron off and put them on their shelves as I run to the back of the store. I grab a grim reaper suit and put it on and grab the weapon you usually see the grim reaper with. I stand still next to the back door of the store as I see Mulder looking around for me. I remain perfectly still so he won't see me. I so desperately want to laugh at our situation, but if I do I'll get the Halloween wrath of Mulder.

Mulder passes by me without even a second glance, and that just makes me burst out laughing. I double over and land on my hands and knees, just laughing my ass off.

Next thing I know Mulder's pulling the grim reaper suit off me and putting it away. He pulls me up to my feet as he pulls something else over my head and puts my arms through the arm holes. I look in the mirror and suddenly stop laughing. Oh my God, I cannot believe this man!

My reflection is just utterly hilarious! I burst out laughing again at the sight of me dressed up as Jar Jar from "Star Wars Phantom Menace."

I look at Mulder then say in a voice as much like Jar Jar as I can manage and say, "Me-sa say you-sa in big pile of doo-doo."

Now it's Mulder's turn to burst out laughing. I grab the nearest costume and pull it over Mulder's head and point to the mirror. I'm laughing so hard I'm having troubles breathing.

Mulder looks into the mirror and pulls on the red bob wig that goes with it and then looks at me and says in a girly voice, "I have something to tell you.... I'm in love with Assistant Director Walter Skinner."

I laugh even harder. Mulder is dressed in a skirt suit and top that are sewed together and are made out of nylon. And he's wearing a red wig. When they made that movie about us in Hollywood... "The Lazarus Bowl" they made a mistake in making Mulder and Scully costumes.

Mulder then pulls the Jar Jar costume off of me and puts it back on the shelf, then he grabs an alien mask and puts it on my face. "Didn't I tell you that aliens exist, Scully?" he points to the mirror. "Scully, you're an alien!" he pretends to gasp.

I look in the mirror and laugh and I look down to see something hanging from the mask, it looks like a heart. I pick it up and squeeze it and I look in the mirror as fake, green alien blood glides down the mask. I laugh.

Suddenly we both jump nearly out of our skin as the store manager comes up behind us and says, "OUT! BOTH OF YOU!" I look at Mulder and start laughing again as I take off the mask.

Mulder is laughing too as he takes off the Scully costume.

After being kicked out of the Halloween store for making a mess of the place, Mulder took me down and bought me one of those big pretzels. Now we're sitting at a table sipping on hot chocolate and eating our pretzels.

"You gotta admit, Scully... we *were* having fun back there..."

I smile and say softly, "Yes, it was fun... and you-sa gonna be in big pile of doo-doo!" I say as I get up and walk over to him and pour water over his head.

Mulder grabs my wrist and pulls me on his lap. "So are you-sa." He had also bought us some pie and the next thing I know, Mulder is smearing whipped cream all over my face.

"Mulder!" I laugh and squirm on his lap, but he holds me tight. Finally I give up and quit trying to fight him.

Mulder touches the tip of my nose. "Much better..." Then the next thing I know Mulder has a piece of the pie on his fork and has it to my mouth. I look at him suspiciously as I open my mouth and he puts the fork in. I close my lips around the fork and he pulls it out.

"Mmmm, this is good cake." I say after chewing and swallowing the bite. I watch as Mulder takes a bite and nods his head.

"It is good..."



"What do you say we go grab ourselves some bags and go out trick-or-treating as Mulder and Scully? Who will know the difference since they came out with a movie about us?"

Mulder grins. "Sounds like fun to me! Let's go!"


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