I’ll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams) Challenge

I'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams) Challenge

This year your challenge is of a somewhat different flavor than in the past, as you will have the option to not include a child character. See notes

Your challenge is to write a story about Scully or Doggett spending time at Christmas with someone who still holds a special place in their hearts: Emily or Luke.

Option A. I'll Be Home for Christmas

If you choose this option, you'll be writing about Emily or Luke alive, visiting their parent on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. They can be children (in the past, or now) or they can be adults. How they've survived their canon expiration dates is entirely up to you.

Option B. If Only in My Dreams

If you choose this option, you'll be writing about Emily or Luke...but as a spirit, dream, or a vision, "visiting" their parent on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


If you'd like to write about both Emily and Luke, feel free.

Any other canon character, like Mulder, can of course also appear in the story.

For either option other children, including younger offspring of Scully or Doggett (or of Emily or Luke themselves), are welcome to be included but not required even if your Emily or Luke is an adult. Since Emily and Luke are Scully and Doggett's children regardless of their ages, that fulfills the "child" part of this year's challenge.

Please submit your fics, either as a whole story submitted as a document to this e-mail address nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com or email a link to a completed story or WIP hosted elsewhere, by 12/24/2018. You are welcome to post your story to A03, FFnet, and/or tumblr too, but you need to submit it here as well (and please mention in your notes that it was written for this challenge)

New! Submit your fic to The Nursery Files' Submission Tumblr

No word count min or max!

Challenge Fics:

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