Christmas List II Challenge

This year's Christmas challenge is to use the items listed below in your Christmas fic. As always at The Nursery Files, your fic should include a child between the ages of birth and nineteen and/or a pregnant woman (or man, this is the X-Files after all). This baby or child can be a canon character like William or Emily or Scully's nephews/nieces or Samantha or Luke Doggett, a pre-XF character, or your very own creation.

Challenge Requirements:

Please set at least part of your story on December 24th and/or 25th - of any year - and include the following things

  • An awkward greeting
  • A Christmas song someone hates
  • A crying toddler
  • A Christmas stocking
  • A hugged child
  • A FBI agent other than Mulder and Scully (OC or canon) coming to the door
  • A gift the wrong size
  • Someone saying "I swear, this happens every year."

Write a funny story. Or a sappy story. Or an angsty story. Or a romantic story. Or a terrifying story. Whatever pleases your holiday muse.

Please submit your fics, either as a whole story submitted as a document to this e-mail address or email a link to a completed story or WIP hosted elsewhere, by 12/24.

No word count min or max!

Challenge Fics:

Note: you can read fics from the first Christmas List Challenge here

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