Christmas 2005 - The Merry Multiples Challenge

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's time to think of Christmas. Our challenge is set on, or immediately before the big day.

In this challenge you're writing about multiples. Multiples is the catch-all term for babies born at the same time from the same parents, ftr. Pick twins, pick triplets, heck pick dectuplets if you want! Just as long as it's a set of babies or kids, the number you chose is up to you.

The directions are a bit verbose since I want to anticipate and address likely questions now, so I've bolded the important parts of the Challenge Elements:

  • Give at least one of the following people multiples: Scully, Reyes, Mulder, Doggett, one of the Gunmen, Marita, Fowley, Krycek, CSM, Spender or Skinner. Pair them up (het or slash) or make someone a single parent.
  • These kids can be naturally occurring offspring resulting from a regular pregnancy, an irregular pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, or even evil lab created and/or clones. Briefly allude to how they came about, and be sure to settle on a definite number of kids we need to know if we're dealing with twins, triplets, quads etc by the end of the fic. The multiples can have other siblings too if you like.
  • How old these kids are babies to teens - is up to you, and you can make it as AU as you like. (some examples you don't have to pick any of them, though!: Was William one of a set of quintuplets? Did Scully quit the FBI after having triplets after the movie? Did Doggett and Reyes start a family post-series? Did Krycek escape certain death in Existence only to be returned by aliens pregnant with septuplets? Etc etc) In other words, there's no requirement to stick to canon, but you are more than welcome to do so.
  • All does not go smoothly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and it's one or more child's or baby's fault. What happened?

Your story can be any genre, from family fluff to angst, and set from pre-series to post-IWTB.

**If you prefer to write about an alternative December holiday, like Hanukah or Winter Solstice, instead, feel free and mentally replace the "Christmas" references above with your choice, but please also very briefly explain why the characters are celebrating it instead (simply that Mulder's Jewish and is devout for the first time etc).

Happy Holidays everyone!

Challenge fics:

Special Delivery by Scifinerdgrl
status: unfinished
Miracle Season by Neoxphile
status: complete
We'll Be Okay by MFLuder
status: unfinished

Can you believe the "babies" in the graphic are dolls?!

Please send your complete story to:

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