First Christmas With You Challenge

This year's challenge is to write a fic about an X-Files character sharing a first Christmas with their child. Although we typically think of a "first Christmas" as the first one a child is alive, the important element here is that it's the first Christmas the character is sharing with this child no matter how many the child has already lived through.

Therefore there are multiple possibilities for how a "first" Christmas might come about, such as:

- Scully's first Christmas with William
- Scully and/or Mulder's first Christmas with a non-canon baby
- Any character's first Christmas with their baby
- Any character's first Christmas with their newly adopted child
- Any character's first Christmas with their newly discovered child
- Scully and/or Mulder's first (AU) Christmas with Emily when she's four if she lived, or at any age when was later discovered to be alive in your story
- Mulder's first Christmas with William in your AU story where William was never given up
- Mulder's first Christmas with William after being reunited
- Any character's first Christmas with their child who was physically separated from them for their previous Christmas(es)
- William's first Christmas with his adopted parents
- William's first Christmas with a newly born or adopted sibling
- it's permissible for this "first" Christmas to be a few months before the child's birth if their mother's pregnancy is far enough along for the unborn child's presence to be felt
- Any character's first Christmas with a grandchild

These suggestions are not all-inclusive, so if you come up with another way a character would be spending the first Christmas with the baby or child, you're welcome to strike out on your own =)

Very Optional:

* Combine this challenge with the elements of any other challenge on this site for entry in the Take Two Challenge

* You can write about more than one child's first Christmas, so if you'd like to write about a six months' pregnant Scully celebrating her 11-month-old's first Christmas with Mulder after discovering Emily's alive, being reunited with William and adopting the Van De Kamp's other child after their untimely deaths... well, we'd be really impressed ::grins::

* 500 words or more would be awesome, but not required since we don't believe in min/max word count requirements here.

Please submit your story or the link to it by December 24th.

Challenge fics:

Nativitatis by 6hoursgirl

Choices at Christmas Time by trycee

Another Man's Child - A Christmas Tale by AmorFati32

Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile

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