William's Favorite Ornament Challenge



Each of the ornaments on this page belongs to Scully and Mulder's son, William. He got each one a different year. Some were given to him. Some were made by him. One of them is his favorite.


Note: these ornaments are not in an order that is meant to suggest William's age when he got each – they're more by size than anything else. You can assign any age to any of the ornaments.

















Your challenge:

Decide which ornament is his favorite, and write a short fic set the Christmas it became his. William is the main character of your story. You do not need to mention the ornament at all in your story (though you are more than welcome to) but let it inspire you in some way, be it something that influences the storyline, the setting, perhaps include a real-world version of whatever it represents, or even just the mere fact that it is Christmas.

Please submit your fics (either as a whole story submitted as a document to this e-mail address nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com (or email a link to a completed story or WIP hosted elsewhere) by 12/24.

* if you would be so kind, please note the letter of the ornament you use in your submission


Challenge Fics:

I Love My Mighty Machine by Pattie

Us by Neoxphile

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