The Nursery Files Choose Your Own Christmas and/or Hanukkah fic Challenge

This will probably be the last challenge of 2004, since New Years isnít too kid-friendly an idea for fics. Since it's plausable that the Mulders celebrated Hanukkah, that's an alternative to Christmas in this challenge.

For fun, letís make this challenge a little more open-ended than usual. Itíll be up to you to pick one of the following from each lettered category and base a fic around it Ė sort of like those "chose your own adventure" books when we were young.

A Ė Holiday (pick one)

1 Christmas
2 Hanukkah
3 Both

B- Timeline (pick one)

1 A Christmas between 1960 and 1984 (pre-series characters' childhood(s)
2 A Christmas between 1992 and 2002 (series AU or missing scene)
3 A Christmas between 2002 and 2012 (post-series)

C Ė Premise (pick one or more)

1 Someone looks for or meets Santa
2A letter from one character to another
3 A reunion(at any time)or thus unrevealed pre-series meeting
4 A miracle, by a characterís definition, occurs on the 24th or 25th/during Hanukkah
5 Someone unexpected spends the holidays
6 Holiday shopping isnít easy
7 William, who isnít an only child, has an interesting day
8 A strange child teaches a character something about the meaning of the holiday
9 A holiday haunting/ MOTW
10 It *wasnít* a dream [author defines "it"

D Ė Required elements (use all)

1 A juvenile character (one or more)
2 A Christmas stocking or menorah must be mentioned
3 Snow, or the dismay that there isnít any
4 A holiday treat or tradition

E Ė Allowable characters (use any)

1 Mulders: Fox Mulder, Samantha, Bill and Teena
2 Scullys: Dana Scully, Maggie, Bill, Bill Jr, Missy, Charlie and any siblingsí offspring
3 Doggetts: John Doggett, Barbara and Luke
4 Reyes: Monica Reyes, any family you wish to invent for her
5 The Spenders: CSM, Cassandra, Jeffery
6 Others: Skinner, Krycek, Maritia, Gibson Praise, Emily Sims, William, any minor character who appeared in an episode
7 Original characters of your invention

There you have it. Pick one from A, one from B, as many as you want from C and E, and use all of D.

Rating (even NC-17 for this challenge), Genre, length, spoilers etc up to the author.

Challenge fics:
Lost Spirits by Pattie
status: complete
The Case of The Jolly Fatmen by NeoX
status: finally complete!
New! Holiday Party or "Isnít we supposed to be having a fiesta?!" by Sita
status: complete

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