Bright White Light by lilacsigil
In 1993, the Winchesters go looking for a creature that has already killed at least five people in and around a small town in Wisconsin. Over the last year, ten-year-old Sam has started to learn about hunting and is now an active participant in at least the early stages of a hunt. While he greatly enjoys learning the trade and being useful, he is beginning to understand the fear and danger that also go along with hunting - that which comes from outside the family, and that which comes from within. As the hunt progresses, the Winchester boys meet up with Max Fenig, a UFO nut who may be seeking the same creature.

Doctor Scully and the Terror of the Brain Sucking Slime Beasts by AD Ives
Scully talks Mulder into helping her clear out the spare room. He soon discovers that she has kept the strange book that they last encountered in "Doctor Scully and the Mutant Mega-Mice from Mars". Scully picks the book up, and it changes once again - into another adventure for Doctor Scully, Guardian of the Cosmos.

Doctor Scully: Where Dragons go to Dream by AD Ives
The fifth Doctor Scully adventure sees a continuation of the experiment that began in: Doctor Scully and the File after "W". This story finds The Doctor on Time's End - a planet where a multi-trillion dollar industrial conglomerate is making people's dreams come true - at the expense of the last surviving Dragons in the entire Universe.

Dragons on The Water by Sheryl Martin
Reports of a sea monster in Lake Ontario send the trio on a fishing trip...

The End Is Near...and Purple by Neoxphile
An alternative ending to the X-files, in place of Jump The Shark through The Truth. Something stalks people involved with The X-Files

Ever After by Jill Selby
Past and present collide, unleashing a deadly threat only Scully can see.

Faulkton by Mulder2212
Mulder and Scully travel to a small town to investigate a few deaths associated with the sighting of a human/fish hybrid.

Fire Dweller by kawaiidragonfoe821
Mulder and Scully are off to Hawaii after hearing of a volcano-born creature, but are its intentions good or bad?

The Fluffy Mountain Horror by Pandora2
Something BIG is going down at Kalmath Falls tonight. Find out about it in this week's edition of: The Fluffy Mountain Horror

Genetic Appetite by Pattie
Who would have guessed THIS villain was capable of having progeny?

Genius by Melissa
Mulder and Scully must kill an ancient evil intent on destroying a small town . . . before it finds them first. (Was that sufficiently dramatic?)

Goblin Market by Alice In Wonderland
"Goblin Market" starring Lizzie Mulder and Laura Scully.

Happy Ending by SecretAgentSyd
The sheriff stares at you for a moment, as if he thinks you can't handle this. You'd like to tell him all the things you've seen before, all the things you've handled, all the monsters-human and mutant-you've encountered. This is undoubtedly something you can handle.

Greetings from Maine by aka "Jake"
Why is Mulder up to his elbows in author Stephen King's underwear? Why is Scully trying to get to Daytona Beach? Our favorite agents travel to Maine in pursuit of a mythical Banshee only to find their biggest problem may be of their own making.

A Hare-Raising Experience by Traveler
Returning from another case Mulder and Scully are attacked and end up trying to discover the truth behind one of Virginia's urban legends.

Here be Monsters by Humbuggie
It lay at my feet. I didn't know what it was at first; so shocked and surprised was I by the very sight of the monster we had been chasing through this damp, old building.

Hungry by SkepticalScully
Something is terrorizing the people of a small town. Scully and Mulder are called in to investigate strange occurances, and soon find out that the source lies witin in a cave in the woods.

The Hunt by Rhondda Lake
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of strange murders involving a pack of feral dogs in the Arkansas Ozarks. They have to untangle a web of local intrigue and Celtic legend to find a murderer who may not be completely human before Mulder ends up as the next victim.

I Am the Lizard King by INFORMANT
Spoof of Next Episode

Impulse by aka "Jake"
Mulder and Scully go undercover to find out who -- or what -- is killing the clients of Allegheny Mountain Adventure Tours, a West Virginia company offering an extraordinary vacation experience for the serious sensation seeker. "That's a lot more chills than thrills, Scully."

Jacob's Father by SciNut
This story takes place shortly after The X-Files' first season episode "Darkness Falls." (The glowing green bug episode.) And significantly after the demise of the series to which is the subject of the crossover. KF

Nocturne by MsBrooklyn
I wondered what would happen if somebody finally decided to investigate all of those bizarre Vincent-attacks in New York City. And wouldn't it be cool if that somebody turned out to be Mulder and Scully?

Legend of the Amazon by kawaiidragonfoe821
Reports of missing children, animals and half eaten corpses send Mulder and Scully deep into the Amazon in search of a creature whose existence has been denied for many years.

Lhaskhyi by Michele Tucker
Mulder and Scully are called out to investigate an X-File in Minnesota, involving a mythical creature who is terrorizing a family.

Little Green Monsters by yourstruly.nishaboo
There are little green monsters under her bed.

Madjahando by aka "Jake"
"The Adventure of a Lifetime" awaits Mulder and Scully when they travel to investigate a series of bizarre killings at MarMar North Country Camp, a remote hunting camp in northern Maine's timberland wilderness.

Man Eaters by MrsSpookyLiz
Mulder and Scully investigate a monster and get sent to work in London, England. Scully is excited... but her excitement doesn't last long when she gets into danger.

Maplewood Monster by Jodie
A weird-ass monster is freaking out the people in Milford, NH. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate.

Missing Link by E. Livingstone
Dealing with the past, facing the future and all the moments in between.

The Monster Under the Bed by Jenna Tooms
My Halloween offering. Who says the monster under the bed isn't real?

Monsters in the Closet by Jamalame
Mulder and Scully find out there are monsters in the closet and are sent to Omaha, Nebraska.

Monsters Vs Aliens by StrangeVisitor
Mulder believes a series of animal attacks are more than they appear to be. When he runs into an old friend, Bobby Singer, who's also investigating the murders, he knows he's right.

Prophecy by Humbuggie
Mulder and Scully get involved in one of their strangest cases ever. The sighting of a strange, man-shaped, winged figure causes Mulder to believe a lot of people are in grave danger on Martha's Vineyard. But does anybody really believe him?

Quanik by Sarah Stella
Mulder and Scully head north following a series of disappearances in the Maine woods. What they find there is an unusual woman named Smilla and quite possibly an ancient monster carved out of ice.

A Quarter Past Three by Bonnie Drew
Walter Skinner has faced countless dangers, alien and mutant. He's dealt with conspiracies of all kinds and human treachery. But is he a match for "The Blob"?

The Secret File: Giant Monster Attack! by Nils Jansen
Alternative title, U.S. release: "The G File." The Syndicate keeps many secrets. One of them is too big to remain that way. Parallel universe crossover with The X-Files.

She's a Diamond by Aris
Mulder and Scully are asked to investigate the continued disappearance of a scientist named Emilie Vaughnan, so off they go to New York.

Snowman by aka "Jake"
Mulder and Scully travel to the remote town of Caribou Corners, Maine, to investigate the chilling death of 10th-grader Danny Davis. The murder weapon? An icicle. The motive? Unknown. The killer? Depends on whom you ask. Some believe he's human. Some claim he's a legendary man of snow. The one thing everyone agrees on: he's going to kill again

Somewhere North of Fiji by discordia
�We�ve seen it! What? Why that Mermaid! The mischief you have! Where? What is it? It�s twin sister to the deucedest looking thing imaginable�half fish, half flesh; and �taken by and large,� the most odd of all oddities earth or sea has ever produced.�

Sticks and Stones by aka "Jake"
Just your average everyday mutant hunt? Don't bet on it. This murdering monster's MO includes carving Mulder's name onto his victim's backs. And Mulder's taking the killer's signature personally.

Teliko: Something Nasty In The Woodshed by Anonymous
The denouement of Teliko, naturally!

Walking In Memphis by Wijida
Alternate ending to the black-and-white. Mulder and Scully dance...the monster watches...and they all think.

The Zork Files by Halrloprillalar
Just some fluff

155 Words or the Shortest MOTW by RedThunder
If this were an actual ep, it would be written by John Shioban and would have a Spanish title. You might want to flee now...

Agua Mala, Sangre Mala by dee_ayy
What DOES happen to a Special Agent who has been attacked by a sea monster, anyway? And does he forgive his partner?

Alligator Moon by jordan and committee
big monster in swamp attacks FBI agents

Beyond the Sea-Monster by Gail Celio
With a little non-existent extra time on my hands, I've finally fleshed out a twisted idea that falls under the heading "Crossovers from Hell". I give you the rough draft of a short story that answers that age-old question: "What would happen if Agents Mulder and Scully met up with Scooby Doo and his friends?"

Champy by Olivia
People are disappearing in Lake Champlain, Mulder thinks a legendary lake monster is to blame.

Crystal by Mystic
A Lochness Monster type of story.

Malikudda by Alien Girl
Scully almost becomes lunch for a sea monster during an investigation in Malibu...and almost drives Mulder nuts...

Sea of Desire by Sheryl Clay
At the request of a friend, and former professor, of Mulder's, Scully and Mulder travel to an island community off the coast of Maine to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several infant boys.

The Water by kawaiidragonfoe821
Mulder and Scully get called out to Mexico to investigate a case that seems oddly familiar, but could it really be the same creature?

Amenti by Mrs. Fish
Alex is given a second chance at life.

House of Life by Xenith
Mulder and Scully investigate a mummy which got up, unwrapped itself then took a bus from its museum, despite a dream Skinner has which predicts disaster if they pursue it.

Hamunaptra by dkscully
An investigation into the deaths of archaeologists leads Mulder and Scully into an adventure that spans centuries...

The Mummy by Czara and Megaera
An AU story based on our yen for an Egyptian story.

The Mummy's Curse by BeshterAngelus
Scully tries to hold on to reason and science as Mulder decides to call her to act as his ancient forensics expert. Response to an LJ Scifi muses prompt regarding a picture of the bust of Nefertiti looking through an X-ray lens.

Red Flames by Mystic
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bizarre ritual murders. The killer is on the clock and time is running out. Will Mulder find Scully before it's too late?

Stones and Bones by Sophia Jirafe
An autumn tale

Cthulhu Adventures 01 - Strange Aeons by Vasaris
Gruesome deaths haunt Washington, DC. Mulder and Scully are called in to assist a strange young woman from the Behavioral Science Unit track down the killers. Does she want more than she is saying?

The Great Ancient by Olivia Severini
A Scully's old friend re emerges from the past, bringing with him a lot of mess. It also deals with Cthulhu's myth.

Vacation by Livengoo
Cthulhu meets Fox Mulder, with guest appearances by the Miskatonic Beach Volleyball team. A saga of terror and power spikes.

Banshee by Martin Ross
Mulder recalls his college days, and a case that screamed to be solved.

Banshee Tears by Denise A. Agnew
Mulder and Scully investigate a murder at a museum in Washington DC where they find an evil more prolific than anything they've encountered.

CastleRock by Sabalore
Deaths of Irish immigrants with no apparent cause send Mulder and Scully overseas.

[External Link] La Llorona by Bohoartist
Mulder and Scully investigate the tale of the ghostly La Llorona.

La Llorona by phantagrae
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of deaths in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

More Full of Weeping by Brighid
Sculy's volunteer work pulls her into a strange place.

Over the River and Through the Woods by Faerax

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