Title: 155 Words or the Shortest MOTW
Author: RedThunder
Disclaimers: When CC finally manages to keep M and S in character, he can have them back. Until then, I'm holding them hostage, over an underwater volcano.

Summary: If this were an actual ep, it would be written by John Shioban and would have a Spanish title. You might want to flee now...

Mulder and Scully were called in to investigate a strange, deep sea creature that only existed in underwater volcanoes. Due to a freak tornado followed by a tsunami, the creatures were spit upon the shore, where they instantaneously adapted to an aerobic environment.

On the first day, Mulder was attacked by this creature, and Scully saved him with a complicated surgical procedure that she pulled off with a pair of scissors, a washcloth, and a bobby pin. Due to her tremendous medical skill, Mulder recovered immediately, so he could report his findings to the local authorities, who didn't believe him, so Mulder went out alone to find the creature. In the process, the monster was shot and Mulder lost his gun, cell phone, and one shoe.

Then, the entire city was burned by the Blue Beret UFO Retrieval Team, and when Mulder got home, he gave the file a Spanish name for no good reason.

The End

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