Title: Walking In Memphis
Author: Wijida
Author's page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/67423/
Written: 06/21/2001
Category: X-Files
Genre: Sci-Fi
Disclaimer: So, Fox owns The X files, and Chris Carter is the creator. I have no ulterior motive, other than my own personal entertainment.
Words: 525
Rating: G

Summary: Alternate ending to the black-and-white. Mulder and Scully dance...the monster watches...and they all think.

Note: This follows the black and white episode, the title of which I do not know,and changes p.o.v every ~.


She gave him that look- that look that said she felt as did he, that she indeed felt for that man, that boy who knew so little about the world, save for what he had learned from books and media.

And they danced to the sounds of Cher, to the voice that had captured the 'monster's' heart and love as easily as a net catches a butterfly unawares. Mulder glanced down at her, captivated by Scully's smile and expression of full ecstacy. He'd believed in lies, and in truths, and in her...she'd believed in her science, her faith, and in him.

They danced together. As many had danced before them, to music very similar, and to a beat of a moment to never be duplicated.


She glanced up at him, her smile wide and expression unfettered by stress or deep thought. He, too, was smiling broadly, as she'd often seen him do when he was enjoying himself enough to let go of the day's work. And this work was well worth it in every way--the man who gets to witness his dream come true, and the man who danced with her...who discovered not a monster, but a man who, in many ways, was very much like himself. Closed in a room, alone, for many a day, and scorned by the outside world. The difference existing was only that this man, the one who held her now, was able to leave and chose not to-while the other yearned to leave, but was unable.


He glanced upward at the stage, the woman who sang dancing hand in hand with the fabled monster--who looked as if he were having the best moment of his lifetime. Which, Mulder well knew-he was.

And so was the agent. His partner twirled in his arms, smiling as broadly as he'd ever seen, the surprise that had appeared at his dance request fading into the pleased expression. She was having fun, as was he, and for the most part they could forget all, for the sake of enjoying themselves on a night likely to never happen again.


He watched them both, working eyes able to see the two agents who had accosted him, and mouth twisting up in what he knew to be a grotesque smile. They were nice people- decent- and he knew as well as he could that they would allow him this moment, as they were allowing themselves a moment that clearly had never approached them before. The ease, the grace with which the female agent danced with her partner- it reminded him of what he had seen on television before--happiness.

~The End~

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