Title: Red Flames
Author: Mystic
Written: May 1996
Disclaimer: The X-Files and its characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013, and FOX. And whoever else. Enjoy

Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bizarre ritual murders. The killer is on the clock and time is running out. Will Mulder find Scully before it's too late?

Author's Note: Hey people, this is another one from me. This ain't romantic, but don't let that disturb you, it's still a cool story. (There's a nice little joke for the people who watch Melrose Place, if you can find it.)

Jane Innicam stepped out of her car after arriving home on a Monday afternoon. She opened the front door to her apartment and froze as she heard a noise behind her. She turned and glanced down the street. Emptiness. She shrugged and walked inside. Her cat, Frisky, jumped up at her. She backed into the door, closing it.

"Silly cat," Jane grunted. She twirled around and put the chain on the door. She turned and threw her purse and coat on the living room couch. Jane grabbed a remote control off the coffee table and turned on the TV. The news reporter began talking about the recent acts of violence in Maryland. She picked up her red hair in a ponytail and stuffed a carton of Chinese food in the microwave. She set the timer for one minute. Frisky came up and rubbed against Jane's leg, purring.

"Hungry?" Jane asked the fat white cat. She walked over to a cabinet and grabbed a can of cat food. She emptied its contents into a small blue bowl on the floor marked 'FRISKY'.

Fifty seconds to go.

The cat separated from Janes leg and happily began to eat. Jane looked at the screen. A woman with dark, long hair and blue eyes began to tell her report.

"Early this morning the infamous Red Mummy was stolen from the Maryland Academy of Sciences Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. No one witnessed the crime, but officials say..." Jane pressed mute as she heard a loud bang.

Thirty seconds.

She stood and turned to the door. The door was two inches open and someone was slamming against it. Jane ran to the kitchen and grabbed her gun from a drawer she kept for protection.

Twenty seconds.

She pointed the gun to the door as the intruder entered. He slowly made his way to the kitchen entrance.

Ten seconds.

Janes' eye's widened with fear when she saw him. Wrapped from head to toe with bandages. Slightly reddish bandages. She pulled the trigger and nothing happened. She looked back in the drawer and saw what was wrong, the clip was still resting inside the case. The mummy charged at her. It killed her in an instant, grabbing her head a cracking it.

As the mummy began its ritual the microwave finished cooking. It beeped several times, the word 'END' blinking on the screen.

The lights clicked off in Fox Mulder's office. He walked over to the small remote and grabbed it. He clicked to the first slide. The picture was of an archeological dig. Two men standing before a mummy's tomb. The tomb painted red.

"In 1962 these two men there, Dr. Micheal Cavanaugh and Dr. Willis Foreing, began a dig in Akhmim, Egypt. They dug with fifty other men for four years and found nothing. Nothing, that is, until..." He clicked to the next. The mummy's case was opened, revealing the red tainted mummy inside. "In 1966 they found this. Because of the red coloring it came to be known as the red mummy. It was transferred to the Maryland Academy of Sciences Museum later that same year. It has been there since that time until yesterday when it was stolen."

"What does this have to do with anything, Mulder?" Dana Scully asked sitting at his desk watching the screen.

"There was a scroll and candles found with the mummy. The candles are now in an unknown location. Rumor has it Dr. Micheal Cavanaugh kept them. The scroll had an interesting inscription." He clicked to a photo of the scroll. "It read something like, On April 30 1995 the Red Mummy shall awaken to claim the five female victims and live forever."

"Cute, what is our interest in this? This doesn't have anything to do with an X-File?"

"Well it is X-File number 9963026 but that's only about the information I have given you, and a few detailed interviews and myths. The five victims is the interesting part. According to the scroll they all have to have red hair. The first four are to have their hearts taken out and supposedly eaten or kept by the mummy. The hearts are to be removed by the mummy cutting a cross on the victim's chest."

"You said the first four victims, what about the fifth?"

"The fifth is to be kidnapped, by the mummy, and taken to an abandoned area, a condemned warehouse perhaps. This mummy is to recite a passage and then kiss the last victim before the clock strikes twelve mid-night on May 5 1995. With this kiss, the last victim's soul is to die and the mummy's soul enters her body."

"Mulder, the mummy couldn't have been dug up in Akhmim, that's on the east of the Nile."

"You're slow today Scully. Ok, Egyptian pyramids were all constructed to the west of the Nile. Historians believe it is because the sun setting on the west represents death. The Red Mummy's pyramid was on the east of the Nile, myth has it, for the representation of the awakening."

"Thanks for the history lesson, Mulder. But, again I ask, what does this have to do with anything?"

"Sunday, April 30, 1995, the mummy was 'stolen' from the museum. May 1 1995." Mulder switched the projector off and turned on the lights. He handed Scully a folder. "A woman, Jane Innicam, was found dead in her living room. A large cross hastily carved on her chest. Her heart extracted." Scully looked down at the photo in the folder and wrinkled her nose.

"Where was this?" she asked.

"Baltimore, Maryland. Four miles away from the museum." She looked up from the folder at him, bewildered.

As they arrived on the crime scene they were asked to show identification. They showed their badges. They were given gloves and were directed to an officer Harvey Delgado. He was a tall man, 6'2" with very short brown hair and large brown eyes. Mulder and Scully approached the man.

"Officer Delgado?" Mulder asked. The man nodded. "I'm agent Mulder, this is agent Scully. We're with the FBI."

"Agent Mulder, I've heard about you. I don't see why you're investigating this, no aliens or mutants involved." Delgado told them shaking their hands. Scully already didn't like the guy because of his last comment. She didn't like anyone who made fun of Mulder.

"You can't be too sure of that, sir," she said walking past the both of them. Mulder had to look down to hold back a laugh.

"Well other than the heart being ripped out, there's nothing else unusual about the case." Delgado told Mulder.

"I'll just have to see about that." Mulder walked past him to Scully who was examining the body. "What do you think?"

"She died. Not from blood loss, although she did loose most of her blood. Her neck was broken."

Mulder looked at the cross cut into the woman's chest. He looked at the dark red blood covering her body, caked onto her red hair. Then he saw something inside the cross. He grabbed a forceps from a nearby box and picked something out of the cut.

"Mulder, what are you doing?" Scully asked.

"Evidence." He pulled the small strip of gauze-like material from the woman's chest and held it in front of his face. He could see Scully's face twist in confusion. The material hung limp and old, like that of a mummy.

Later that day they went to the Maryland Academy of Sciences museum. They had a four pm appointment with Dr. Fredrick Socket. They walked through the museum looking at all the artifacts the museum had collected. They came to a back office. An old man was wearing an apron and goggles.

"Dr. Socket?" Scully asked.

"Yes, yes. You must be agents Scully and Mulder. Come in." They followed him into the back room. He was reconstructing a few pots. "I've been waiting for you. Please excuse the mess, but It's been requested by the museum by tonight."

"That's ok. Dr. Socket, what can you tell us about the Red Mummy," Mulder asked.

"The Red Mummy, found in Akhmim, Egypt by Micheal Cavanaugh and Willis Foreing in 1966. The mummy was found with five red candles and a scroll. Scroll detailed the fact that the mummy was to kill four red headed women. Then light the five red flames and kill the fifth before the clock strikes twelve on May 5, 1995."

"What about the soul swapping?" Mulder asked.

"Yes, yes. Soul swapping, nice way to put it Mr. Mulder. After the mummy lights the five red flames he must kiss the fifth girl so the soul 'swaps' and the girl dies while the mummy takes over her body."

"Is that all you know?"

"Essentially. My specialty is reconstructing pottery, not mummies. If you'd like I could give you the address of Dr. Willis Foreing. He'd know anything else there is to know."

"But Dr. Socket he died four years ago," Scully said.

"Never underestimate the knowledge of the next of kin, Ms. Scully. Dr. Willis Foreing had a son, Peter Foreing. He should be thirty now. I haven't seen the boy in four years. At 1562 north west 72 Avenue." Dr. Socket informed them.

"Thank you for your time, Dr. Socket. We'll be contacting you if we need anything else," Mulder said shaking his hand.

Mulder led Scully out of the back room. They walked to the spot in which the Red Mummy used to be. Mulder looked at the casket. Red, almost as red as blood. Scully went around the tomb examining everything. Trying to find a plausible explanation.

"Mulder!" She raised a hand, motioning him to come to her. "Mummy's don't just get up and walk away." She pointed to a spot on the casket.

"What?" he asked.

"The tomb is red, but dried blood is brown." She pointed again to the same location and he saw it. On the opened casket, where the handle for the opening was a red-brown blob.

"Mulder?" Scully asked.

"Scully get a sample of this blood and take it to be examined. Try to match it against any possible suspects. I'll go talk to Peter Foreing."

Mulder's taxi pulled into Peter Foreing's driveway at five twenty three pm. He paid the driver and went to the door. Mulder knocked. After a minute the door was opened by a man. 5'7", blue eyes, black hair, dressed casually in jeans and a black sweater.

"Are you Peter Foreing?" The man nodded. "I'm agent Mulder, FBI. I need to ask you a few questions regarding your father and the Red Mummy."

"Ok, um, come in."

Mulder walked into the room past the man. The room was decorated in historic paintings. Peter motioned Mulder to a chair in the living room.

"Nice paintings," Mulder told him.

"My father collected anything he could from the digs."

"Mr. Foreing, I understand your father, Dr. Willis Foreing, discovered the Red Mummy along with fellow Dr. Micheal Cavanaugh?"

"Yes, sir. My father and Micheal had heard of the Red Mummy myth and immediately got a grant to start digging. It took a while, but the finally found what they were looking for."

"How did they hear of the mummy?"

"I think they were visiting friends, in Cairo, Egypt." He paused for a moment and asked, "Why would you want to talk to me?"

"Dr. Socket at the Maryland Academy of Sciences museum says you might know something other might not."

"Whoever Dr. Socket is, he's wrong. I only know what everyone else knows."

"You don't know Dr. Socket? He said he knew you."

"If I do, I don't remember him. It is possible, I forget a lot."

"Do you know the location of the candles?"

"Micheal Cavanaugh." Mulder looked at Peter. He circled his hands, signaling for him to go on. "A year after they brought the mummy to the United States Dr. Cavanaugh began having nightmares. He took the candles and just disappeared."

"Do you know anything about the nightmares?"

"No, he never told anyone. I think he's probably locked up in a looney bin by now."

"We'll..." The doorbell rang twice in succession.

"Excuse me." Peter told Mulder. He walked over to the door and answered it. Scully held up her badge in his face and walked past him saying.

"I'm agent Mulder's partner, Scully."

"Come in." Peter said, clearly confused.

"Mulder," She began, making her way towards him. "I had the blood examined."

"Dr. Socket?" Mulder asked.

"No the blood doesn't match his, but..." Mulder interrupted her.

"Dr. Micheal Cavanaugh?"

"I tried that, no match."

"Could..." Mulder started.

Scully held up a hand. "Mulder! Shut up and listen!" She scorned. "The blood sample I took. It didn't match any of the current suspects. For curiosity's sake I tried a third person. It matches Dr. Willis Foreing."

"What!" Mulder and Peter simultaneously blurted.

"But agent Scully, my father is dead," Peter said.

Mulder smirked. "Scully are you saying a ghost moved the mummy."

"Mulder, this is no time for jokes. I also found out a few minutes ago that a second victim has been found. Allison Rekap, twenty seven years of age. Blue eyes, light red hair."

"Same MO?"

"Yep. Cross on chest. Heart extracted. The body was found this morning." Peter made a face and then asked,

"The mummy myth was true?"

"I believe so." Mulder told him. "Peter, thank you for your time, we'll call you if we need anything further."

Mulder shook his hand, as did Scully, and they both walked out to the car. As Mulder drove Scully to her house, Scully began to tell Mulder what else she had found.

"Mulder, while you were talking to Pee Wee Herman back there, I did a little digging."

"Digging?" Mulder asked, his eyebrows raised.

"I had a while before the blood test results came back. Well, I never found a death certificate for Dr. Foreing. That is why I checked his blood for a match along with the other two men. Dr. Foreing hasn't been seen since the supposed car accident, but Dr. Cavanaugh is now residing in a home for the elderly right here in Maryland."


She nodded. "Turns out he's been there for three years. I talked with a nurse there. She said he was registered as Micheal Cavanaugh, but listed as a Rodger Ledging."

The next morning they arrived at the Maryland Home for the Elderly at eight twenty nine am. They went directly to the front desk.

"I'm agent Mulder, this is agent Scully, FBI. We're here to see Dr. Micheal Cavanaugh."

The nurse at the station looked at her list. "Sorry, no Dr. Cavanaugh here."

"He could be listed as Rodger Ledging?" Scully added.

The nurse looked over her list again. "Ah, yes, Mr. Ledging. Sign in here, he's in room three forty one. Third floor. Elevator is to your left, down the hall."

Scully and Mulder made their way to Dr. Cavanaugh's room. They looked in. A man sat reading the National Enquirer in his bed. He had grey hair on his balding head and glanced up at them with cheerful brown eyes.

"May I help you?" he asked.

"Dr. Cavanaugh?" Mulder asked.

"Call me Micheal. Sit down, make yourselves at home."

Scully and Mulder sat in chairs next to the bed. Mulder asked,

"Dr. Cavanaugh," Dr. Cavanaugh frowned.", sorry, Micheal you were good friends with Dr. Willis Foreing, correct?"

"Why, yes. We spent thirty five years together, starting in the tenth grade."

"Did you attend his funeral?" Scully asked.

"From a hundred feet away, with binoculars. It wasn't much of a funeral to go to."

"What do you mean?"

"The boy, Peter, he had his father's ashes spread along the Mississippi River, where his father was born."

"Did you see Dr. Willis at all when he was dead, and still a body?" Mulder asked.

"I identified the body."

"You what?" Scully broke in.

"After the car crash, Peter was nowhere to be found. Later we found out he had gone to Delaware to visit relatives. I was called in to identify the body. It was Willis alright." Mulder and Scully began to get up and leave.

"Mulder!" Dr. Cavanaugh called as they got to the door. The both stopped.

"I'll meet you in the car." Mulder told Scully. She turned and walked out of the room. Mulder walked over to Dr. Cavanaugh.

"The two victims so far, they had red hair correct?"

"How'd you know?"

"We do get the news here boy. It's not like I'm locked up, away from society."

"Yes they did."

"Well if the myth is coming true, if I were you I would keep a protective eye on that young woman you got there."

"I always have a protective eye on her." Mulder winked. He walked to the door again.

"Mulder." Mulder turned to the man. He threw a key at him.

"What's this?"

"You'll figure it out." Mulder pocketed the key and walked out of the building. He got in the car. Scully had just hung up her cellular.

"What was that all about?" she asked him.

"Nothing, who was that on the phone?"

"Baltimore PD. They say there's been a third, a Sydney Serdna."

"Same MO?"

"Same one. Mulder it's the third of May and three girls are dead. We aren't much farther than when we started."

"You're not suggesting we give up, are you?"

"No, I'm just saying we are, again, no closer to an answer than when we started."

"Where was that murder again, Sydney's?"

"7853 north Seventh Avenue." Mulder turned the car in that direction and started to drive. "Mulder, what are you doing?"

"Trying to find our lead."

They arrived at Sydney Serdna house at approximately nine thirty three am. They were once again directed to Officer Delgado.

"Long time no see," he said as they approached. "Well if you two have any more then we, I'd love to hear it."

Mulder opened his mouth to spit out a smart-ass remark when Scully jammed her heel in his foot. He closed his eyes, holding back against the pain until she took her foot off. Her warning heard; stay in line, Mulder.

"We just came by to examine the crime scene, sir," Mulder said. He put a hand on Scully's back and pushed her past Delgado.

"Have fun." Degado told them.

Mulder and Scully looked at the body. The cross, extricated heart. Mulder knelt down for a closer look. Scully bent down beside him.

"Scully, you do realize I register pain?" He whispered looking at the body.

"I know," she said plainly.

"Then why'd you do it?"

"He was teasing you on purpose. He wants to see you crack, I don't."

"Since when are you a psychologist?" Scully gave him a wry smile. "Well there's nothing here, nothing new, that is. I know where we might find something though."

"What, where?"

"Come on, I want to get away from Delgado first."

The two of them left the house and went to the car. Mulder opened his door and got in, as did Scully. He took the key out of his pocket.

"Mulder, what is that?"

"A key." She glanced sharply at him. "It's a key to a safety deposit box at the bank. Dr. Cavanaugh gave it to me."

"What's in the box?"

"Let's find out."

At ten one am they walked into the bank. Mulder went to the front desk and asked them were their boxes were. The woman looked at the key number and told them to go to the back wall. They did as told. Mulder found the locker- number eight seventy nine. He opened the box and found a smaller box. He took the smaller box, a shoe box, out and opened it. Inside a cloth in the box were five red candles and a note:

'If you're reading this the mummy must've awakened. The Red Mummy needs these five flames to come back to life forever. He'll be looking for them'

"Mulder?" She could see he was thinking about what to do next.

"If the mummy needs the candles and he'll be looking for them, he'll get them at any expenditure. We can set a trap at the museum." He turned and dropped the key on the front desk and they left.

To the museum.

The candles lay for hours inside the casket. Five pairs of eyes on them. Not one pair moving until Mulder called them in at eight twenty two pm. Him, Scully, Dr. Socket, an agent Daniel Merican, and an agent Rebecca Esteras stood next to the open casket. Esteras hanging up her cellular phone.

"Who was that?" Mulder asked.

"Agent Mulder. I'm sorry. I'd love to stay and wait, but me and Merican have been called to stake out duty on another case," Esteras informed them.

"You can't be serious!" he said. She nodded. "Now?" She nodded again. He waved his hand towards the exit. The two agents left. Scully looked at Mulder.

"We can't monitor these by ourselves."

"A request for another pair of agents would be denied from me, you know that, Scully. But if you sleep while I watch and I watch while you sleep..." She caught him.

"You'll get no sleep." He looked at the floor, disappointed. He always underestimated her and she always came back proving she was more than he thought. "Mulder Just lock them up."

"If we..." Dr. Socket tapped him on the shoulder. They both turned to look at him. "If you don't mind, I could watch them. There's a couch in my office. You could both sleep and I would wake you if I saw anything."

Mulder and Scully looked at each other and then to Dr. Socket. Mulder nodded in agreement.

"Ok, but if you see anyone, anything, you wake us up immediately."

Mulder walked Dr. Socket to a spot which he could see the candles and the room. Then, to be sure, Mulder moved the candles and casket closer to the office.

"Dr. Socket, no matter what, wake us up at six am." Dr. Socket nodded.

The two of them went over to the couch. Dr. Socket closed the door and sat behind a giant vase. Mulder looked at him. He didn't trust him, gut instinct. As if reading his mind Scully said,

"Mulder, you sleep first, I'll wake you in a few hours."

"What if he checks up on us?"

She sat down on the couch. "I'll fake it."

At two in the morning Mulder awoke to a loud clink. Scully had woken him up at one and she was now asleep on his lap. He shook her gently. She looked up at him with sleepy eyes and jumped when she heard a loud crash.

"Mulder?" she asked. He raised a finger to his lips; quiet. They walked over to the door and Mulder pulled at it.

"Dammit! It's locked." They looked beyond to see Dr. Socket lying on the floor next to the casket. Scully went over to her purse and pulled out a small device. "A lock picker?" Mulder asked, his eyebrows raised.

"You'd rather sit in here until the guard comes to open."

She had the lock picked in a few seconds. He was impressed with what ease she used with the small device. They ran, guns drawn, to the casket. Scully checked Dr. Socket, who was lying on the floor.

"The candles are gone." Mulder told her.

"He was hit on the head."

They took Dr. Socket to the couch in his office. After five hours he woke up. Mulder told him what happened. Dr. Socket filled in the blanks.

"I was looking at the candles, because I knew I would never get the opportunity again. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I thought it might have been one of you two, but when I turned it was there."

"Who?" Scully asked.

"The Red Mummy. He was so remarkable. From head to toe, covered in rags. It was amazing."

"What happened Dr. Socket?"

"He hit me on the head with a, um, something hard."

"One of the poles guarding the tomb. He must've taken the rope out of it," Mulder said.

"May fourth, Mulder, and he has the candles." Dr. Socket said. "Soon he'll kidnap.

"Scully, take the pole for prints and meet me at your house at three pm." Scully nodded, grabbed the pole and began to walk out. "Scully, wait, don't forget your purse."

She looked back at the couch and grabbed it. "Thanks."



"Your watch. You put it in your purse last night before you fell asleep, because you said it was bothering you. Put it on."

"Mulder, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Just put it on." She looked into her purse in confusion, grabbed her watch and placed it on her wrist. She looked at him, shook her head and left with the pole.

"What was that?" Dr. Socket asked.

"I put..." Mulder trust no one; he told himself. "I just, I'm not used to her without it and if she doesn't put it on now she'll forget. Then she'll lose track of time and she won't be at her house at three."

Dr. Socket shook his head. "Ok. I've got somewhere to go."


"I have to go home and change clothing. I haven't showered in two days."

Mulder smirked, "Ok. I'll be leaving. Nothing more to do here."

Mulder walked out of the museum and caught a taxi to his house. Once there he took a small metal box and picked up his phone. The Lone Gunmen.

"Lone Gunmen." It was Frohike. Short, bald, in love with Scully.

"It's me, turn the machine off."

"It's off."

"Turn it off."

Frohike looked at the machine which records and checks for traces, but he didn't turn it off. He never turned the machine off while the phone was in use. Not even for his mother.

"It's off." Mulder knew that he hadn't turned it off, but it didn't matter. "So, Mulder, you know you gave me the wrong number again."

"Hey, you actually think I'd give you Scully's number?"

"Mulder, what, you saving her for yourself?"

Mulder hesitated. "No, Frohike. I'm saving her from you."

"Whatever, is the machine working?"

Mulder opened the small metal box. He flicked a little red switch in the upper right hand corner of the computer key pad.

"It says password on the screen."

"It's already on her watch, right?"

"Yeah. What's the password?"

"What's her number?"







"Yeah, that's her number, the one you wanted, remember."

"No, I mean the password is 'Scully'. We have bugs on over fifty 'important' people. The password for everyone is their own name."

Mulder typed in 'Scully' and a grid came on the screen with a small red blinking dot.

"Is it working?" Frohike asked.

"Yeah, she's at headquarters."

"Well, call me if anything exiting happens."

"Ok." Mulder hung up the phone and looked at his watch. Nine fifteen. The blinking dot began to move. "Where you going, Scully?" Mulder whispered to the screen. A minute later the dot stopped at a diner. "Good idea."

Mulder went to the fridge and grabbed a carton of milk. He sat watching the screen for four hours. With a map, he was able to determine she went to a park for two hours after eating breakfast. She went to a small cafe for lunch and then back to headquarters at one in the afternoon. At two twenty seven his phone rang, he answered on the fourth ring,


"Officer Delgado here. I was just calling to inform you that there has been a fourth. We found her this morning, couldn't have been dead for more than a few hours. Jo Beth Slonyer. Red hair like the others, and like the others, cross on chest, no heart."

"Thanks for calling, but I have to go."

"Before you do, though, I'd like to ask you a question."


"Do you really believe that a mummy, over a thousand years old, came back to life to do these things?"

"How'd you find out?"

"I may make jokes, but I do believe." Delgado hung up the phone.

Mulder looked back at the screen and saw that the red dot was speeding, towards his house. He wondered what had happened. The dot stopped. He closed the small mantel box and put it under his couch. Then he walked to his door and heard her steps coming down the hall. He opened his door and almost got a fist in the face. She looked at him shocked.

"Mulder," she said.

"I was going to your house."

"But it's only two forty."

"I like to be early." He let her in. "What did you find?"

"You're not going to believe this." She was out of breath which meant that whatever she had seen had stunned the hell out of her. "I tried the prints against all possible suspects. None matched."

"You were at headquarters all this time to find that out."

"No. I went to headquarters and gave them the pole. I told them to make a match on it and I would be back. I went to eat breakfast, I spent some time at a park day dreaming then I went to lunch. I went back and fell asleep at your desk for an hour, because, in case you've forgotten, I'm the one who didn't get any sleep last night. I went back and they told me no one on our list matched the prints. I asked them to try someone else and that was the one that matched. Dr. Willis Foreing."

"But he's dead."

"That's what you think. I got them to find the most recent photo of Dr. Foreing." She pulled out , from her briefcase, a photograph and gave it to him.

"Dr. Socket."

They sped to the museum in almost complete silence. Both shocked. Mulder informed her of Jo Beth Slenyor. May fourth, four flames down, one to go. They arrived at the museum at three o one. They went through the museum in minutes, but Dr. Socket had disappeared. They began to walk out to the car. Scully in front, Mulder behind her. Mulder heard a noise.


She stopped. He turned and a pole hit him on the head. Scully had just began to turn around when she heard the clunk. She whipped out her gun, but it was too late. The pole hit her in the stomach, then in the back of the head and she blacked out.

Mulder awoke three hours later in an ambulance. He tried to jumped up, but three men restrained him.

"Where's Scully, Dana Scully? She was right in front of me at the museum." he asked.

"Sorry. Mr. Mulder. You were the only one the guard found in the museum." One of the paramedics told him.

"No, no, no." He shuddered. "There was a woman, pretty, auburn hair, blue eyes, about 5'5". She was there with me at the museum."

"Sir, you were the only one."

"No Dr. Socket?"

"Only you."

They let Mulder out of the hospital an hour later when they had confirmed he had sustained no fatal injury. He went straight to his house. He fell to his knees beside his couch and pulled out the small metal box. He put it on his coffee table and opened it. He clicked it on and 'PASSWORD' blinked on the screen. He typed 'Scully'.

"Where are you, Dana?" he asked the small computer. The small red dot blinked on the screen He had located the condemned warehouse in a matter of moments. It was only a half an hour drive from his house.

As he sped to the warehouse he went through the list of 'Whys' and 'What ifs'. Why didn't he recognize Dr. Foreing as Dr. Socket? Because the only picture he had seen, before the one Scully gave him, was taken thirty years ago. Why didn't he question Peter about not knowing Dr. Socket? Why didn't he question Dr. Socket? Why didn't he already have his gun drawn? Why did he place any trust in Dr. Socket? What if he had done these things? What if he had been more protective? What if he had told Scully to back off the case? What if, what if, what if?

"Get a grip Mulder." He told himself swerving around a corner.

The sky had grown dark. Rain started to slap against the window. Mulder could hardly see the road in front of him. He looked at his watch. Seven twenty one. He looked up in time to see the other car. He turned, but still hit the other car on the side. His head slammed against the steering wheel, knocking him into unconscious.

Scully awoke to find herself tied to a pole. Her arms raised above her head, her feet tied tightly together at the bottom. She had a headache throbbing through her head. Vision blurred, she looked around the room. She saw Dr. Socket sitting on a couch in front of her, about twenty feet away. He was eating. A wave of nausea hit her as her vision came back to her and she saw what he was eating. The hearts of the other four victims. He looked at her.

"You're awake," she mumbled a curse through her gag. "Hungry?"

She closed her eyes as he brought the plate to her face. She could smell the blood.

"Well if you don't want to eat, that's ok. You'll die on an empty stomach. Just twelve more hours and my buddy's gonna live."

Dr. Socket walked over to a corner and picked up a mummy. The Red Mummy.

Mulder woke in the hospital, again, and succeeded in jumping up in bed. He sat up so quickly that the room around him spun. He gripped the bed and shook his head.

"You have to lie down, Mr. Mulder," a nurse told him. He opened his eyes and looked at the pudgy little woman. He looked at her tag, OWENS.

"Nurse Owens, I don't have time to be lying around. My partner is in trouble and I have to go to her." He began to remove the patches from his chest.

"Dana will be fine."

He looked up at her. "How did you know who she was?"

"She was brought here several months ago, comatose." She paused. "I remember you. You were there for her then and you'll be there for her now."

Nurse Ownes walked to a closet and brought him his clothes. He thanked her, dressed, and left the hospital. Mulder called the headquarters and got Esteras.

"Mulder, hi. How'd the watch go?"

"Fine. Listen I'm in a bit of trouble. I'm at the hospital and I need a car 'cause mine was totaled, think you could get one here in five minutes."

"Sure." She hung up the phone. As promised she was there in five minutes with a car. She took a taxi home, he paid.

He looked at his watch and he got into the car. "Damn!" He had lost a day's time. It was May, 5th, eleven twenty one pm.

Dana woke up, wide eyed. Nightmares. She looked at the table newly placed in front of her. Five red candles lye on it.

"Scroll says I have to wait until eleven thirty five to start the ritual. Only fourteen more minutes, no thirteen," Dr. Socket said.

"Go to hell!" she screamed at him. It was understandable, even through the gag.

He walked up to her and grabbed her face. "If it were'nt for the fact that my friend is going to have to take over your body, I'd smack you silly right now for that comment. But I want your body to be in tip top shape for the mummy."

"You're crazy," she mumbled.

"Me, no." He paused. "Why 'cause I wanted to help finish the myth? Because I like to dress up like a mummy and kill beautiful red-headed women? I am not crazy!" He removed her gag.

"It's not going to happen, you know. The soul swapping, it's not real."

"And why would you say that?"

"Because that mummy's been dead for over a thousand years."


"Who are you?"

"Dr. Socket. Oh, you mean really. Dr. Willis Foreing."

"What are you going to do when it doesn't work?"

"It will work." At eleven thirty five I'll light the five flames, one every five minutes. Five minutes to twelve I bring out the mummy and I let him kiss you."

"The mummy is dead. He won't kiss anything." Then she mumbled under her breath, "Except maybe a maggot."

"Then I'll kiss you before I kill you." Dr. Socket/Foreing pulled a gun from the table, her gun.

They both waited out the eight minutes. Then he lit the first candle Scully could hear Mulder in her mind saying; stall. He would in this situation, but how?

"Dr. Socket."

"Please call me Willis, I never liked the farts name anyways."


"Dr. Socket. He was my stepbrother. My mother remarried when I was ten, I stayed with my father. Socket was born a year later to my mothers, he became an archeologist, as did I. We had a remarkable resemblance. The museum staff didn't even question me while I was there. I told them I lost my ID for the museum and the idiots believed me."

"Where is Dr. Socket?"

"Dead. He's the fool who died in the car crash."

"But your son, Peter?"

"Peter. I miss the boy, but oh well."

He lit the second candle. Eleven forty.

"Don't you care about him?" Scully asked.

"He's my son, of course I do."

"Then why'd you leave him?"

"No more questions!" he shouted.

They waited the next ten minutes. Dr. Foreing lit the third and fourth candle. As he lit the fifth candle Scully fidgeted in the ropes. She was trying to untie them, but it wasn't working. She got a splinters in her palm and cut her arm. Scully winced as she felt the blood trickle down her arm.

"What are you doing?" Foreing said coming towards her. "Stop wiggling you idiot. The mummy needs a perfect body to enter! What good it do him if you slit your wrists?!"

He looked at her arm and cut off her jacket with a pair of scissors to look at the cut. He rolled her sleeve down.

"Trying to cut the ropes is not going to help you," he told her.

As he whipped the blood off her body she began to tremble with fear. She could see a giant clock it was eleven fifty seven, three minutes. Foreing following her glance and saw the clock he let her go and got the mummy. He brought the limp man up to Scully.

"Kiss her, Aksurim. You can rule the world with her body and I by your side."

He raised the mummy close to her face. Scully turned away. The decaying mummy's smell obtruded her nostrils. She gaged, but refused to opened her mouth. Foreing pushed the mummy against her head for two minutes. She struggled with the ropes and turned her head to the sides. Foreing began screaming in another language. Then the mummy's head fell off. Scully's eyes opened wide as the head fell backwards. Dr. Foreing looked at her. The clock struck twelve am. Dr. Foreing dropped the mummy and decked her in the stomach.

"Look at what you've done!" Foreing screamed.

Scully gasped for air. Foreing went over to a table and grabbed her gun. He went to her and kissed her hard on the lips and backed away from her. He put the gun up and pointed it at her head.

"Bye, babe."

The gun shot echoed through the warehouse. Scully opened her eyes and saw Foreing fall to the floor. Mulder stood behind him.

"Go to hell, babe." He put his gun back in the holster and ran to her. He untied her hands and feet. She fell into his arms.

"How'd you find me?" she asked after she'd stopped shaking.

"I asked Frohike for a tracking device last weekend. When this all started. The other day, when you were sleeping, I put it in your watch."

"What happened to your head?"

"Driving, rain, and being pissed off don't mix." He paused. "What happened?" While he drove her home she told him everything that had happened with Foreing.

The next day the Red Mummy was returned to his casket for observation at the Maryland Academy of Sciences Museum, where his head was reattached. Along with the mummy went the candles. As a result of the incidents in the warehouse X-File number 9963026 is officially closed, solved.

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