Title: I Love My Mighty Machine
Author: Pattie
Rated: G
Spoilers: Only "William" and my Alternate Universe.
Feedback: patfiler2016@outlook.com Makes a great Christmas present for my Saviour's birthday, even if there's no snow in Bethlehem in Isreal, and we don't know the date from neither the Hebrew nor Christian Calender.

Summary: William will never part with his favorite Christmas ornament, as he says, at age seven.

Archive: Gossamer and The Nursery Files. If you want it, just ask nicely.

Disclaimer: I do not own Muder, Scully or William, Margaret Scully, or the original series. Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios do. Anyone else in the family is mine. "Mighty Machines," as far as I know, is a TVOntario production. No copyright infringement is intended, and no money is made by me.

See Author's Note at end.

Mulder Residence
West Tisury, Mass.
December15, 2008

Seven-year-old William was watching TV with little sister Meg one Saturday morning. A Canadian children's show was running in syndication on PBS.

Scully made sure her children watched educational programming as much as possible, even if her first born was doing amazingly well at school. Third grade already. The boy was amazed by the machines and voice-overs on Mighty Machines. A bull dozer was quite fascinating, and his parents knew it.

"Mom, I want one of those for Christmas," he pleaded at snack time.

"Not a real one," his father told him.

"I KNOW, Daddy. But not a toy one either. Maybe one I could put on our Christmas tree this year!"

Oh boy. His father had to think quickly. "Like a sewn one?"

"No, Daddy."

"I'll see what I can come up with. Mom?"

"I have no idea. William, we need to think it over."

"Okay. But please, before we decorate the tree?"

"We'll see," his father replied. "I have a couple of ideas. Enough television for both of you. Go play."

William asked if he could go skating with a friend, and promised to return for lunch. Meg decided to try to listen to some of her big sister Mandy's music.

"I need to some thinking," Mulder decided. He sat down at his father's old desk and started the computer.

"I'll get some coffee. What are you doing?"

"Maybe the Gunmen could be usefull somehow. Don't worry, no tips on oddities."

"Gee, what a surprise!" Scully snickered.

"I'm just full of them," Mulder said smiling as he typed away.

"You woke us up, Dude." Byers was feeling nasty.

"Sorry, we had a two in the morning issue to put out. What's up?"

""Well, William wants a bulldozer ornament for the tree, but not exactly just a toy. It has to be special."

"Sorry, we can't help you out there. Frohike, she's his now, so give it up pervert. Sorry, Mulder. You need somebody else. Langly, you and your Ramones! Turn the damn thing down! As I was saying, no can do, and I have five-alarm chili burning here."

"Thanks anyway. I'll let you go." Mulder's coffee arrived, he thanked Scully, and looked into his Rolodex.

"Any progress, Hon?"

"Not yet. Come to think of it, I know someone from school who runs an acrylic factory. Maybe he can help me out. Thanks for the coffee."

"Maybe. Need to run a laundry." She had to wonder what the man was thinking, as she walked downstairs.

Mulder and former schoolmate had been in contact for years, although the Agent never cared to attend thereunions. He dialed the man's home number since it was unlikely he was at work on a Saturday. "Dave?"

"Hey, bud. How's it going?"

"Quite well, working hard and raising the family now. Just about to sell Dad's house, Scully and the kids are fine. You?"

"Business is booming, the divorce is almost final. So, I was just about to go out. Oh, Merry Christmas."

"The same to you. I need a favor. Can you put a kid's toy inside an acrylic ball?"

"Hmm. Depending on the size. Why?" This puzzled the man.

"Get this, and don't laugh, but our son wants to put a toy bulldozer on the Christmas tree."

"Okay, you buy a plastic one, about three inches and we can do that. It will cost for shipping and handling."

"It's worth it. I'll send it off in three days. Please make it as soon as possible, Dave. You know kids."

"Yeah, not that I have any, but I have three nephews. It's a deal. Oh, and do yourself a favor by taking your wife and yourself to the April reunion."

"Well, maybe. Gotta go."

"Hasta la vista." It was going to make his miracle son sooooo happy.

When Scully returned, she found hubbie smiling. "Well?"

"Crazy, but bulldozer in ball ornament on the tree. All I need to do is buy it, send it off, and within a week a wish come true."

"Let's not spoil the kid, please."

"It's just making William happy." Yes, his wife was a true blue Navy Mom. Some things never change.

Sure enough, the package arrived and was well hidden.

The tree, to Scully's disdain a real one was up a week before Christmas. She gently placed ornaments new and old onto the tree, included a few Scully and personal heirlooms on a Douglas fir, arranged garlands and, since Mulder was ikely in the office until 5:30 that day, left the lights up to him.

As for William's custom made ornament, good things were well worth the wait.

4:05 PM

William wlked home from where the school bus had dropped him off, running into the house expecting to see the tree, and he did.

"Hi Mom, last day. The tree's up! Yay! Umm..."

"Umm what? Oh, I don't think I'm done here yet. I'll get you some milk and a banana. There's more to do." A little white lie couldn't hurt, she supposed. "I'm taking a break with you. When your Dad gets home, he has to do the lights."

"Okay. Got homework anyway. May as well do it before bed."

"Yes, no hurry. You do have two weeks, though. May I join you for snack."

"Sure, Mom." Oh, the disappointed look on poor William's face. "We were let out early today, Mom, since it's the day before... " Scully could see her son was in the beginning of a meltdown.

"Christmas, a time to be happy, William."

4:30 PM

Mulder walked through the door all smiles. "Out early for Christmas." His right hand was behind his back for a reason, and he set his briefcase down with his left. He saw the tree. "Great job! Will, what's up?"

"Nothing." No expression at all.

"Hey, I have a remedy for the holiday blues." He slowly approached the youngster, and gave him a small, wrapped box. "It's this."

Will slowly opened the package and his face lit up like the Christmas tree in New York City."

"Oh, I LOVE my Mighty Machine! Dad. Thanks!"

"See! Dads never break promises."


Author's Note: Written for a Nursery Files William's Favorite Ornament Challenge

Pic Fic, Williams Favorite Ornament: Picture J.

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