After I Have Dreamed by Tara Avery
The agents investigate a missing persons case only to realize that the nightmares Scully has been suffering from may be an X-File in their own right.

Ah, Perchance to Dream... by Vickie Moseley
Just a little something that wouldn't let me sleep after reading Entertainment Weekly for 9/29/95.

All You've Wished for, and All You've Seen by Vega
Nightmares and Comfort, Confessions and Truth (It's not as clichéd as it sounds ;)

And If I Die.. by demeter
Based on the television series "The X-Files" and film series "A Nightmare On Elm Street"

The Anniversary by Roxanne
When Scully doesn't show up for work on the anniversary of her abduction, Mulder becomes concerned and ends up helping her overcome her nightmares of the traumatic event.

Are You OK? by Erin M. Blair
Scully checks on Mulder after he's having nightmares.

Hush by aRcaDIaNFall$
Scully has a nightmare about Mulder's abduction.

Lovers Untrue? by Teresa
Scully has a nightmare where nothing that she ever expected happens.

Nightmare by S. Biddle
A look into the darkness that is Mulder's nightmares...

Nightmare I by RocketMan
This will start a series based on nightmares Scully has after each episode. This one comes after the Pilot and of course, has such spoilers.

Nightmare Born series by LuvN Kses
Mulder helps Scully threw a fright filled night, after nightmare's envade her nocturnal respite, and Scully finds herself in a terribly scary situation.

Nightmare In 42 by Becca O.
Episode epilogue. Let's tie up a few loose ends, shall we?

Nightmares by Kitty
Some say Mulder has nightmares. They just don't know what form they take.

Nightmares by spirit1013
"When I was little, I used to have nightmares about the end of the world."

Notes: The other night there was an amazing thunderstorm in my city. When it started, I was sitting at my computer, and I saw bright flashes from the lightening. This was very similar to a nightmare I had a few years ago about the end of the world; thus "Nightmares" was born.

The Nightmares of Angels by Meaghan McScully
Even angels have nightmares.

One Reason to Live by Simply Complex
Scully has a nightmare and thinks about Mulder.

Reflections in Slumber by Mo Mon
A nightmare

Self-Inflicted by Xmeg
Mulder, guilty-conscience abound, has another nightmare.

Spotted Nightmares by Soleta

The Vanisher by The Lone Gunpersons
Scully and Mulder find themselves on a college campus investigating a most peculiar X-File.

When You Call for Me in Your Sleep by Pattie
Scully sees the nightmares Mulder suffers after returning from his abduction and silently pleads for Mulder to get his pain from his abduction out where they can deal with it.

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy by CHUCKBAT
Mulder realizes his self blame and guilt through his nightmares. He calls Scully, and she helps him confront them

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