Title: Reflections in Slumber
Author: Mo Mon
Disclaimer: Yeah yeah. Some of the characters are mine and some are Chris Carter's and 1013's. Not like you're gonna sue a freshman with no life and no lawyer, right?
Rating: PG i guess, don't flame me i'm only a beginner
Content Warning: only nightmares Classification: V, i guess, and a little A

Summary: a nightmare

Notes: gotta read my "Hi!! :^) about my fanfic" if you wanna know who my characters are. this is the experimental first in a "dream" series i'm thinking about and i plan to write some moreone for each character my fanfic is concerned with. feedback quite welcome, but i'm a beginner so don't diss me too harshly. i promise they'll get more interesting, at least i hope they will

She had saved his life again today. And he would probably never know.

Seraph turned out the light, and restless slumber took over. Took over, and the nightmare came again:

She stood in a field, watching him, longing, as he watched the horizon. A song came to her lips; Mulder would not hear, but she sang it all the same. An airplane, a green one, flew across the gray-blue sky; then suddenly it veered downward, and crashed in a burst of red flames not so far away.

She broke out of the song, yelled, "NO! What are you doing?" To whomthat was the Mystery.

Maniacal laughter cackled across the field. And something was going to happen; the very air electrified with terror. She turned to him, where he stood, staring at the UFO as it hovered above him. Mulder outstretched his arms toward the alien craft, welcoming his own destruction. "NOOO!" Seraph cried, tried to run toward him, but her feet would not obey.

The sky swirled into blackness. A bolt of blue lightning surged from the UFO, striking him, illuminating him in a blaze of blueness. There was no thunder, only J.D.'s laughter.

No!she had to reach himwith a cry of earnest fury she broke free from the paralysis, ran, but the space between them grew wider. Evil, this was the work of evil forces"I DENY YOU!!" she screamed at them with merciless determination; the dreamscape shifted, the field fell somewhat into place, she was able to reach him now

Still the blue lightning held him in its glowing grasp; was it too late? She reached out to help him, to pull him away from whatever evil this was, but then

A gunshot rang out, rumbled and shook the air like the thunder that had never come, and yet infinitely more terrible.

UFO and lightning dispersed.

Mulder fell to the ground. Dead.

J.D.'s laughter rang on. Seraph knelt beside him, unwilling to accept the event.

Scully appeared from nowhere. "What have you done?!" she demanded.

Seraph did not look away from him.

*I have failed, failed in my mission*

The impact of the event hit her, tore apart her world, hurled her into an unending blackness of agonyshe screamed, screamed a universe of anguish at a merciless sky.

She awoke with a start, tense and apprehensive.

Not again. Why the nightmares again?

She did not want to remember it, but it remained vivid and insistent. Seraph took out a notebook and recorded it, as was her habit. Be they blissful dreams or nerve-wracking nightmares, they always had meanings, and she always found them out.

What about him? What was he dreaming tonight?

She hoped that his dreams were not so disturbing as hers.

Judging by that haunted look his eyes always had, they probably were. She wishedhow she wishedand she would do anything to quell his anguish

When, when would he see that?


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