Title: We Gotta Get Outta This Place
Author: Pattie
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Rated: PG-13
Category: Kidfic, Mulders Married, AU, Vignette.
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Author's Note: Written for The Nursery Files 2009 Moving Day Challenge.
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, William, Maggie Scully, Bill and Tara Scully belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios. Raspberries and Eric Carmen belong to themselves. All other children are MINE, MINE, MINE! I make no money from this hobby, and intend no copyright infringement.

MARCH 2010

There was a time when Mulder and Scully lived in separate places, alone and secretly longing for each other. That changed over time, and now they were happily married, with children.

Well, now that they've had William, Meg, Samantha Ann, the new baby, hybrids Mandy and Alison around a lot, they need a bigger house! Not to mention a bigger yard and another bathroom. You know who takes up a lot of the hot water! She's a teenager, and races her folks to the bathroom every morning, occasionally being grounded and having to do extra snow shoveling and chores.

Mandy would be bunking in with Alison, naturally, and as Samantha was still a snorer, they'd be singing "Let's Pretend" by Raspberries a lot. Again! "I can't sleep nights... "

One day, on a Saturday morning, sipping coffee, he told Scully, "We gotta get outta this PLACE!"

"Great song title," Scully snickered, as she readied herself to nurse the newest addition to the family. "But where? Mulder, can we really afford a mortgage now?"

"Well, I think so. But it's going to be hard going for a while. No more pizza nights for a year or two."

"Gee, you sure know how to spoil our fun," William moaned. "Well, at least I know my baby brother is here!" (James Charles Mulder, D.O.B. November 12, 2009).

"Yes, well, you and I are going to help your mother pack things up, and I have a couple of places in mind. Please remember your older sister will be babysitting you little people while we check out the houses, and DON'T watch Twilight."

"Rather read Moby Dick again anyway. Hmmph! Vampires..."

Mandy walked into the kitchen still in a bathrobe. "We're moving?"

Everyone nodded.

"Hope there's a second bathroom!" Mandy laughed.

"Hope there's a bigger water heater," Mulder said solemnly. "I'll need to do a lot more overtime for this whole thing. Hey, Maybe we can get YOU a job!"

Mandy shook her head. "Can't. Calculus is a pain in the butt."

"Well, it's time for your brother's feeding. I hear the call. This is going to be a stressful time for all of us, but once it's done, I'm sure things will be a lot more settled. Right, William?"

"Uh huh." Yeah, right. His hybrid sister would still tease him. He could count on that.

As the process of change of address notices began after Mulder and Scully had decided upon their new residence, thus began the usual inspection, assessment, and Scully and her daughter shared the duties of mailing out all the information people would need, and Mulder started calculating and dealing with a mortgage agency. *Should have settled Mom and Dad's estates*, he thought.

Of course, he would take Bill Mulder's antique desk with them. It was a family heirloom. Then, came the process of packing! It took two weeks to have everything in order. They were lucky in that the house had been freshly painted. After all, if they wanted to change the colors, it could happen over time.

"No, I don't want the smallest room again!" William argued.

"I want my computer over there!" Mandy shouted.

"It's OUR computer," William countered.

Mulder's new messy home office was in the basement.

Then there was the billing from the movers. They underestimated the cost and informed the Mulder family that the fee would be greater than expected.

The baby was fussy. There weren't enough towels, or so Mandy claimed.

After all that stress, Scully had to give up nursing, and regretted it.

When Alison finally made a visit to the house, she was impressed. "So, did Uncle Bill put up much of a fuss?" she asked.

Mulder just shook his head, took a Tylenol and went to bed. Wasn't it enough he had been profiling his butt off? Yes, and it was all worth it.

Thanksgiving dinner? You bet. Margaret, Bill, Tara and Matthew were present, and even Bill was impressed. (Talk about an X-File).

Doggett and Reyes even managed a short visit, short because they had a daughter of their own.


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