William is not an only child in these fics, but an older brother.

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Admit One series by Cathey Scully brother
After The Truth series by Pattie sisterbrother
Alethea by Kyouryoku Senshi
All I Want For Christmas by Pattie
And Baby Makes Four by gillian dana sisterbrother
And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween! by gillian dana sisterbrother
Ashputtle by Devin sister

Babysitting by Tabby sister
Barbara, Jack and Kyle by Pattiesisterbrother
Bedtime Stories by TrthIsOutThere sister
Before Trick or Treat by 6friends6 sister
Beyond The Truth: IV. Reopened by Neoxphile sister
Beyond The Truth: 4.25 The Witching Hour by Neoxphile sister
Beyond The Truth: 4.5 Thanksgiving Confessions by Neoxphile sister
Birthday Week by Neoxphile sisterbrother
The Burpday series by Kelly J. Thompson brother

Can't Sleep by Pattie sisterbrother
Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax brother
Christmas For You by Kyouryoku Senshi sister
A Christmas Wish by Erin Blair sister
Coming Home by YappiChick brother
Crystalic Millennia by Kyouryoku Senshi sister

A Day in The Life - the complete series by Girlie_girl7 sister
December 23rd by AnniePants sister
Destination: Truth by Kyouryoku Senshi and Billie Reid sister
Doom Child: Nature vs Nurture by Neoxphile adopted sibling sister
Doom Child: When She Was Bad by Neoxphile and Raesharra adopted sibling sister
Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms half sibling brother

18 years and 1 day by Starbuckmsr sister
End of the Road by KSsister
the Everything series by Eral C. sister

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile and FelineFemme sister
The Family G-Man: One Fine Summer by FelineFemme and Neoxphile sister
The Family G-Man: Confessions and Connections by Neoxphile and FelineFemme sister
The Family G-Man: IWTB by Neoxphile and Felinefemme sister
The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity by Neoxphile and Felinefemme sisterbrother
Family Files: V. Caitlin by Wildafox sister
Fate's Will by ElleThom sisterbrother
Father's Day by Ursula m/m slash brother
Father's Day II by Ursula m/m slash brother
Flight into Egypt by Vickie Moseley sister
Folie by Ursula m/m slash brother
For the Good of the Child by Aislinn Carter brothersister
Forbidden Love by Andrea and Franksister

The Game by JL sister
Gone by Carlysxfiles brother
Goodwill Towards Men by Neoxphile adopted siblings brothersister

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy by Squishy sisterbrother
Happy Birthday Mulder Triplets! by gillian dana brothersister
Happy 40th Scully! by Erin Blair sister
Hermaphrodite by Jo B brothersister
Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile brothersister
How I Met Your Mother by Topaz Twilights

I Love My Mighty Machine by Pattie
If Daddy Had Only Seen by Kelly J. Thompson
If I Could Fly by Myriss sister
Iunctio ut Redimio - Book 2 by Kay sister
The Island of X by Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips brother

Lessons Learned by TrthIsOutThere sister
A Life by Jacquie LaVa sister
The Life They Now Lead by Lilxgirl(aka Abligail) sister

Meg, I Believe by Pattie sister
Miracle by Jennis524 brother
Miracle Season by Neoxphile brothersister
Mist Over Water by Rae sister
Mulder House Rules by Sagan sister
Mulder and William by Christine Leigh sister
Multiplicity by ElleThom brother
My Favorite Day by Mish brother
Mysterious Ways by Neoxphile sister

The New Arrival by The Fox sister
Never Alone by Xfwriter and GoldenWolf88 sister

One For the Road by Starbuck_Jayne sister
The Only Broken Universe: Only Because He Needed Us, Broken Mosaic and The Dare by Neoxphile half siblingsbrothersister
Our Miracle Boy is Ten by Pattie brothersister
Our Parents by Angela W. sister
Out of Darkness by KS sister

Peace of Mind by Spooky2u2 sister
Perfect Happiness by Lilxgirl (aka Abligail) sister
Picking Up The Pieces by Gillyfan sister
Post-Modern Miracles by Mickey sister

Recovering Gemini by Neoxphile (being 4 days older counts, right?) brother
Resistance by Vickie Moseley sister
Resistance 2 by Vickie Moseley sister
the Resurrection series by Neoxphile sister

Sfumato by Supernova sister
A Sleepy Little Town series: Memory House by Neoxphile brothersister
A Sleepy Little Town series: Free Fall by Neoxphile brothersister
Sneakers by Gillian Leigh sister
Soar by EverLeabaesister
Snow Globes and Seaships by Pattie sister
Song of Experience by Christy sister
A Special Gift by ML sister
Surprise Packages by Jacquie LaVa sister
Surviving A Different Kind Of Birth by XSketchsister
Sweet Dreams Series by Alice J. Foster brothersister

Team Building by JL sister
Team Building: Rollover Minutes by JL sister
Tell 'em William Called by Pattiesister
Terra Firma IV: Vita Nova by Malibu Sunset sister
Terra Firma V: Semper Fidelis by Malibu Sunset sister
Terra Firma VI: Persona non Grata by Malibu Sunset sister
Terra Firma VII: Riptidesister
To Save the World by LadyRaider sisterbrother
The Truth Is Not Enough Part 3: William by dana-maru1sister
Two of a Kind by Girlie_girl7 sister

Unexpected by Twilight Walters brother

Visitor in the Desert by Gillian Leigh brother

Water Water Everywhere by afg brother
We Gotta Get Outta This Place by Pattie sisterbrother
We Who Remain Carry On by Neoxphile half sibling sister
Welcome to the Family by lil gillian sister
Why is My Middle Name Ellen? by Pattie sister
William Long-Ears by Myrisssister
William was a Bullfrog by AgentMulderFox sister
William's Fifth Birthday by Erin Blair sisterbrother
Winterlong series by Neoxphile adopted siblings brothersister
Without You by Jennis524 sisterbrother
Wonder Years by Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi sister

Xavier by Becka F. adopted sibling brother

Zephyrs by Becka F. adopted sibling brother

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