The Nursery Files Lazy Hazy Days of Summer Challenge
June 26th, 2005

It's been summer for a few days now, so to celebrate the hot hazy weather, we're hosting a new Nursery Files challenge. Your fic can be about any X-Files character(s), any length (Vignette to Novel,) any genre - humor, angst, casefile, family fic etc - and any rating, and just as long as it's about kids in some fashion.

Challenge Requirements:

* Study the picture above. This is a snapshot of your opening scene. Write an opening scene based on the picture.

* And have a character say something to at least one of the kids in the picture. (tell a story, ask a question, offer a piece of advice, whatever)

*Or have a character be reminded by the kids playing of a memory, wish, or dream.

That's it. Hey, summers are supposed to be lazy, so we're not going to burden you with requirements.

Challenge Fics:
The Last Pose of Summer by Pattie
Memories in the Twilight by Pattie
Creations Untouched by Gillian Leigh

Please send your complete story to:

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