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William as a Kid

Stories in which William is 3 to ~19 years old

age three to five age six to nine age ten to twelve teenager

age three to five

Adding to the Family by xfilesjunkie
And Baby Makes Four by gillian dana
And Baby Makes Four Returns For Halloween! by gillian dana
Angels Instead by conspiracy
Asking Questions by Agent Michael
Asking Questions II by Agent Michael
Bedtime Story by rabidcrazygirl
Believing in Miracles by Polly
Beyond The Truth: IV. Reopened by Neoxphile
Beyond The Truth: 4.25 The Witching Hour by Neoxphile
Beyond The Truth: 4.5 Thanksgiving Confessions by Neoxphile
The Birds, The Bees and The Sunflower Seeds by DanaKMulderScully
By the Stream by limbinda
Candy Apples by MSDR89
Candy Man by RPCrazy and Muskrat
A Christmas To Remember by Agent Spooky
A Christmas Wish by Erin Blair
Compromice by Neoxphile
Daisy Mae by Myriss
Dancing In The Shadows by Mort
A Day in The Life - the complete series by Girlie_girl7
Do You Believe in Angels, Mom? by Starbuck
Dreams of Flight by Marlen
Easter Egg Proposal by andreakayy
The End of Summer by Christine Leigh
Every Single Day by Angela CJ W.
The Family G-Man: One Fine Summer by FelineFemme and Neoxphile
The Family G-Man: Confessions and Connections by Neoxphile and FelineFemme
Family Portrait by DanaKMulderScully
Fate's Will by ElleThom
A Few Good Things Remain by KimK
Fight The Flu by AgentMulderFox
Find The Future by xphilernj and Fibbieprologue,chapter 1,chapter 2,chapter 3,chapter 4
First Mulder Christmas by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
First Mulder Easter by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc
Flight into Egypt by Vickie Moseley
For the Good of the Child by Aislinn Carter
The Freedom Squad Birthday by Kel and msk
Gabriel's Feather by FatCat
The Guardian by Analytical G-Woman
Happy 40th Scully! by Erin Blair
Happy Pappy by Sara B.
Happy New Year, William by andreakayy
Hero by Becka F.
Home for Christmas II by Wildafox
I Saw Mommy by Teliko. x3
In My Secret Life by David Hearne
An Itch to Scratch by DanaKMulderScully
It's a Piller! by DanaKMulderScully
The Journalist by Kayla Ariev
Kaleidoscope by Becka F.
Lee by Ceilidh Paul
A Life by Jacquie LaVa
Like Lightning by Becka F.
The Longer I Run by Teliko. x3
Lost and Found by Rae
Lost and Found in Wyoming by Dasha K
A Midwinter Day's Nightmare by Dana Katherine Scully
Miracle by Cathey Scully
Miracle Season by Neoxphile
Mist Over Water by Rae
Mulder and William by Christine Leigh
Mulder's Box by DanaKMulderScully
October Air by Christine Leigh
Parenting A Different Kind Of Experience by XSketch
The Perfect Gift Of Good News by andreakayy
Presents Under The Tree by Jacquie LaVa
Responsible by BCfan
Rising Again by RocketMan
Saturday by andreakayy
Scully, NORAD called... by dlynn
Simple Man by bellefleur
Snow Globes and Seaships by Pattie
Snowmen by Christine Leigh
So Like His Father by MissAnnThropic
Someone to Watch Over Me by Starbuck
A Special Gift by ML
The Super Bowl by Teliko. x3
Surviving A Different Kind Of Birth by XSketch
Sweet Dreams Series by Alice J. Foster
Terra Firma IV: Vita Nova by Malibu Sunset
Terra Firma V: Semper Fidelis by Malibu Sunset
Thanksgiving by andreakayy
There's A Different Kind Of Hush by XSketch
Trovato by Aurora Vere
Unexpected by Twilight Walters
We've Only Just Begun by XSketch
Western Blaze Trilogy by Jade
Where the Streets Have No Name by Becka F.
Who I Am by Carlysxfiles
Who You Are by Carlysxfiles
William's Fifth Birthday by Erin Blair
Winterlong Series by Neoxphile
Yes Mulder, There is a Santa Claus by Cheri
You Should Be Proud by Faith N.

age six to nine

A Sleepy Little Town: Memory House by Neoxphile
A Sleepy Little Town: Free Fall by Neoxphile
Alethea by Kyouryoku Senshi
Alone by DanaFuchs
Arizona Starlight by Greengables82
Beating the Darkness Back by Anjou
The Beginner's Guide to Tightrope Walking by Kel
A Birthday at Christmas by Duane Barry
Birthday Week by Neoxphile
The Boy in Mr. Murphy's Classroom by Agent Spooky
Christmas For You by Kyouryoku Senshi
Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax
Christmas Time Is Here by Christine Leigh
Clash Of The Titans by Sagan
Cold by Agent Rain
Coming Home by Anastasia D.
Come Home by Celtic karate
The Defender by Elizabeth L. Iacono
Destination: Truth by Kyouryoku Senshi and Billie Reid
Don't Give Up by Helle
The Elusive Scent of Lilacs by Blackwood
Entries by bluefroggie
Everything That Really Matters by Dyann Zimmerman
Fade by Ann K
Family Business Series I: The Looking Glass Wars by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
Family Business Series II: Appearances by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
Family Business III: Catnipped by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
Family Business Series IV: Children of Sedna by Laurie D. Haynes and Bear
The Family G-Man: IWTB by Neoxphile and Felinefemme
The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity by Neoxphile and Felinefemme
Family Ties PhileMom
Five Years by xfilesjunkie
The Genesis Breed by Beguile
Getting a Life by Josan
Gone by Carlysxfiles
Good-bye To All That by Christine Leigh
Goodwill Towards Men by Neoxphile
Gum and Note Passing by Devin
Halloween Surprise by NotHappening
Happy Birthday Mulder Triplets! by gillian dana
A Happy Family by Pearl
Hard to Kick Old Habits by moanda
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by andreakayy
Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile
Hint of Resurrection by EllieL
Howling Wolves by Tasha
I Love My Mighty Machine by Pattie
If Daddy Had Only Seen by Kelly J. Thompson
Iunctio ut Redimio Book 1 by Kay
Iunctio ut Redimio Book 2 by Kay
Joyful are the Waterdrops by kim1013
The Last and Final Chance by Starbuckmsr
The Life They Now Lead (sequel to Perfect Happiness) by Lilxgirl
Lives Reclaimed by Donna and Vickie Moseley
Lucky by AgentKate
The Miracle Before Christmas by Teliko. x3
Mulder House Rules by Sagan
The Next Case by Donna
Our Parents by Angela W.
Out of Darkness by KS
Out Of The Ashes by bellefleur
Paternal Intuition by LostinOblivion
Picking Up The Pieces by bellefleur
Picking Up The Pieces by Gillyfan
Post-Modern Miracles by Mickey
Recovering Gemini by Neoxphile
Round The Wheel Again: The Rebirth by Wintersong
Saturday by andreakayy
Seek and Ye Shall Find by Ashley
Sfumato by Supernova
Shiny Bruise by Kalen Spooky
Snow and Mistletoe by Neoxphile
Soar by EverLeabae
Something Worthwhile Out of This Chase by Maidenjedi
Song of Innocence by Christy
Song of Experience by Christy
Sweet Sixteen by Devin
Tell 'em William Called by Pattie
Terra Firma VI: Persona non Grata by Malibu Sunset
The Ties that Bind by Marisol Fuller
That Time Again by Christine Leigh
This is my Life by crookshanksthe1st
Transmission by Trycee
The Truth is Out There by Lolabeegood
Twilight by Avalon
Visiting the Uncles by CobraGirl
We Gather Together by devout2David
We Gotta Get Outta This Place by Pattie
Welcome to the Family by lil gillian
What's In a Name? by BelinhaZpears
Who's Your Daddy? by lil gillian
Without You by MJ
Xavier by Becka F.

age ten to twelve

2012 - The Return by lsgrimm91
Aftermath by Little Grey Girl
All That Once Was Good by Maidenjedi
And All Through The House by Phantagrae
Armageddon Falls by The Fox
The Baseball Game by Sara Abigail
Best Intentions by J.S. Michel
Big Sky Country by Raven
Bleeding Kansas by Maidenjedi
The Chosen Ones by crookshanksthe1st
Crystalic Millennia by Kyouryoku Senshi
Coming Home by Yappichick
D'imaginer by Susan
Darkness Travels by Cerulean1
Dear Mom and Dad... by Steph
Descolourer by Susan
Ear2hevn and Puppygrrl Sav teh World by Scifinerdgrl
El Hijo by Seulement Moi
El Hijo II by Seulement Moi
Evening by little Starbuck*
Father to Son series: Bedtime Beasties and Other Scary Stuff by Susan
The Final Stand by Ashley
Find The Future by Mrs. Pepperpot
Friends in High Places by LTP-girl
Full Reward by Bonetree
Ghosts of...series by Foxcat
The Great Baseball Prodigy of Caribou Cove by Susanna Starz
Guidance by K. Kilar
He Never Knew by Jeri
Him by Neoxphile
Homeward Bound by Marie Raymonde
In the Year 2012 by Anika
The Island of X by Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips
It's Not My Time by Teliko. x3
A Lack of Focus by Kashmir
The Ladies of the Lake by Myriss
Mesabi Ferrum by Zoonr
Namesake by Kelly Moreland
Nativitatis by 6hoursgirl
October 2013 by Frey
Only Because He Needed Us by Neoxphile
Our Miracle Boy is Ten by Pattie
Peace of Mind by Spooky2u2
The Pick-up Game With Mr. Hale by Crayz4xfiles
Reclamation by phantagrae
Replacing Sorrow by bcfan
Resistance by Vickie Moseley
Resistance 2 by Vickie Moseley
Reunion by Kayla Ariev
Silent Night by TheHouseWitch
Sins of the Fathers by TangledAria
A Smaller World by Rae Lynn
Some Sunny Day by Maidenjedi
The Spy in the Campaign by Dana'sFairytales
Suck This, Mr. Johnson by LostinOblivion
The Supplication Of A Dead Man's Hand by memories_child
Suspicion by xxellie02xx
Team Building by JL
Team Building: Rollover Minutes by JL
The Teenage Years by trycee
Three Times Fox Mulder Bought a Christmas Tree, and One Time He Didn't by Phantagrae
The Truth Is Not Enough Part 3: William by dana-maru1
What Dreams May Come by RavishinglyRood
White Ink by Bonetree
Will by little Scully
Will by Helen B
William by Sara B.
William and Joy by Shaun R
William Long-Ears by Myriss
William was a Bullfrog by AgentMulderFox
The X Files: The Truth Is Out There by Spooky-Fox-Gurl
Zephyrs by Becka F.


Admit One series by Cathey Scully
Adventures in a Brave New World by Agent L
Age Cannot Wither by ML
All I Want For Christmas by Pattie
Apocalypse, then? by EchoPlex
Barbara, Jack, and Kyle by Pattie
Billy and His Basketball by Evie1
Blaze of Glory by LostinOblivion
Broken Mosaic by Neoxphile
Children of the First: Hidden Truths
Christmas 2013: The Family Meets William by trycee
The City and Stars by stellar_dust
The Dare by Neoxphile
Dead Letter by Shoshana
The End is Where We Start From by Isabelle A
End of the Road by KS
Every Story Has Its Scars: 01. Five Wishes by firstofoctober
Every Story Has Its Scars: 02. Pulling the Thread by firstofoctober
Every Story Has Its Scars: 03. Fifteen This Year by firstofoctober
Forbidden Love by Andrea and Frank
Foreseeing Premonition by Andi Mitchell
The Game by JL
Happy Birthday, Baby Boy by Squishy
Hint of Resurrection by EllieL
The Hunted by Ringmaster851
The Hunter by Ringmaster851
I Believe by Deslea R. Judd
I'll Follow You Down by KS
I've Known Them For A Lifetime by little Starbuck*
It's Not My Time by Teliko. x3
Kids Will Be Kids by Flexis
Liberation by JayJay
Life After Fifteen by Susan
Liquid Memory by Sandra Stringer
Liquid Memory II: Benefit of the Doubt by Sandra Stringer
Long Lost Relatives by Miranda
MAssive Massacre by ButterflyChic79
Monster by Aislinn Carter
My Father's Son The Fox
Never Far Away by Squishy
Never Saw Blue Like That by Estrellita
Now Playing by Myriss
One Spooky All Hallows' Eve by MonikaFileFan
Purple Streaks Up the Path by Lola Ravenhill
Reunion by Kayla Ariev
Santa Left Me Under the Tree. Really! by Pattie
Sarah by Mystic Kat
Sight Unseen by revery
Some Things Never Change by CM
Son by Squishy
Still Out There by revery
The Teenage Years by trycee
Terra Firma VII: Riptide
These are the Clouds by bcfan
The Ties that Bind by Flexis
The Way Things Should Be by Jen Marie
Where There's a Will, There Is a Way by Mochi-girl
Whose Work Has Come to Nothing by bcfan
Will by Helen B
William and Joy by Shaun R
William Long-Ears by Myriss
William was a Bullfrog by AgentMulderFox
The X Files: The Truth Is Out There by Spooky-Fox-Gurl

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