Someone made a request at Lost and Found that turned out to be hard to fill. Why is it that in 90% of fics with second children, Mulder and Scully have a girl? Let's even the balance a bit =)

  • Set your fic after Existence; how long after is up to you - season 9, post-Truth, post-IWTB, pre-reboot...
  • Mulder and Scully have another baby, this one a boy too
  • Tell us how it was possible to conceive this second miracle(?) baby.
  • Tell us how William feels about being a big brother. Happy? Jealous of his little brother?
  • optional: This baby boy is different in some way from William. How?

Note: this baby doesn't need to be Mulder and Scully's second child together. He just needs to be a boy younger than William, who could have additional older siblings if you so desired.

Challenge fics:
Miracle by Jennis524
Coming Home by YappiChick
This Time, It's A Boy! by Pattie

Please send your complete story to:

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