Foundlings have been a favorite subject for authors for centuries. Let's give this old saw an x-files twist.



- Send a character out somewhere in public where lots of people come and go without there being much attention paid to their movement. Examples: a store, bus or train station/airport, fair, concert etc.

- Have that character be asked by a stranger to watch a baby or small child (five years old or younger), or small children, for "just a few minutes."


- Someone discovers an infant or toddler on their doorstep. With a note asking for the character take care of their child for "just a little while."

- A day or more passes and the parent doesn't return. Now what? Does the parent ever return? If not, what happens to the child?

Challenge fics:
It by Pattie
Them by Pattie
Staged Duplicity by Neoxphile

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