Halloween Mysteries and Casefiles
Halloween Mysteries and Casefiles

Our favorite FBI agents have encounters of the Halloween kind on (casefile) and off (mystery) of work.

Abducted!!! by darling!
OH SO SHIPPY!!! OH SO SLASHY!!! ROTFL*Y*AO, LOL, TRD*Y*F...I was inspired by watching a zoo show and TXF at the same time. It isn't the most original idea I've had, but I haven't seen it in the archives, so I'm guessing I'm the first.

Abducted!!! by darling!
OH SO SHIPPY!!! OH SO SLASHY!!! ROTFL*Y*AO, LOL, TRD*Y*F...I was inspired by watching a zoo show and TXF at the same time. It isn't the most original idea I've had, but I haven't seen it in the archives, so I'm guessing I'm the first.

All Hallow's Grave by Humbuggie
On All Hallow's Eve, Mulder finds himself to be the centre of a situation that is not so much a case file but resembles nothing more than his eternal grave

Awakenings by Katilina
Every Halloween 25 people die the same way in Ennoble, Oklahoma.

The Broken Glass by Annette Gisby
A Halloween romance, or is it?

The Beginning of the End by Karen
Scully is at a Halloween party and is dragged from it by Mulder, not like she was having a good time anyway... they, in turn, go Ghost hunting.

California Screamin' by abracadabra
Halloween, Mulder style.

Call of the Wild by Tammy P.
Krycek becomes part of an X-File that has nothing to do with the Conspiracy.

Candy Man by RPCrazy and Muskrat
It's the night of October 31, a night when children are trick o' treating but the trick is turned the other way when the parents start disappearing. The case literally landing in their laps through an unexpected turn of fate Special Agents Doggett and Reyes must investigate the disappearances, including finding some of their own.

Cross Your Path by Ann Martin
A black cat leads Mulder and Scully on a Halloween trip.

And Dance By the Light of the Moon by MustangSally and Rivkat
Halloween (mind) candy.

A Day in Hell by Reese
This story is a darkly humorous exploration of Mulder's worst fears.

Deputy Dan by Vickie Moseley
It's Halloween night and Mulder and Scully get caught up in a manhunt.

The Dreaming Sea by Revely
The third time Andy saw the savage was the week before Halloween.

First Night In A Lifetime by Dana Doggett
Doggett and Scully are cursed while on an undercover assignment on Halloween night.

Fooling with Time by Kris Beasst
The agents are tricked on Samhain and find themselves in a *very* unique position.

Fragments 1 & 2 by G. Harbowy
Stephanie writes children's books in her spare time -- a series of stories about a girl named Samantha Ann. All her books are about Samantha, but she couldn't tell you why.

Full Moon, Near-Death, and Things Left Unfinished by Jaime Lyn
Some people dress up. Mulder and Scully become X-Files.

Fragments by gabrielle
Stephanie Graves begins to get waking flashbacks about her early childhood.

G Is For Gruesome by Donnilee
A serial murder is discovered. Our dynamic duo is called in to examine the occult evidence. All Hollows' Eve is approaching and time is running out. Emotions run high and when they take a break one night to be normal people while their guards are down, something wonderful happens.

Hard As a Rock by Claire
This is a Halloween challenge story in that it's about a sorta mask.

Haunted Moon by Stephanie Kaiser
Mulder and Scully find themselves lost and in trouble one night under a haunted moon. But when it's all over and done, can they find love?

Headless by Paul L.
An investigation of bizarre murders in Upstate New York brings Mulder face to face with the past.

Hell To Pay by Anonymous
Mulder and Scully investigate a potential serial murder case and Mulder's beliefs are tested by a delusional killer who may have found a way to the other side.

I Ain't Afraid Of No Zombies by Pattie
A Hallowe'en Challenge story written for the 2009 Hallowe'en Challenge at The Nursery Files.

In Darkness by driftster
A Halloween challenge story. Scully experiences a strange nightmare and Mulder reaches out to her when they are reunited.

It Knows You... by patrickg
While Mulder tries to solve a series of murders, Scully must face a phantom from her past.

Just Beyond Reach by E.L.
Is there a connection between lost birds and a missing child?

Just Out of Grasp by Cherusha
It's Halloween, and Mulder has amnesia.

La Strega by Romantique
A little X Tale for Halloween. Pre Season 7.

Like a Wolf by LostinOblivion
Mulder gets himself in trouble, and Scully has to ride to the rescue. Halloween Story.

The Messenger by Windsinger
In the midst of his unbearable suffering aboard the alien ship, Mulder reaches out and makes unexpected contact with an amazing ally. With the help of another old friend, the messenger sets forth. It's All Hallow's Eve and anything can happen.

The Monster Under the Bed by browniej
Who says the monster under the bed isn't real?

Nobody Home by Gerry Hill
What Mulder always thought was a nightmare may have really happened.

A Normal Halloween by Branwell
This is a stand-alone story of Mulder's and Scully's 'normal' 1999 Halloween.

O Spooky Knight by Emmyjean
Early Mulder and Scully. A stakeout. Halloween night. Silliness. What more could anyone ask? Happy Halloween!

The Obsession by Agent Ross
Ever since she had laid eyes on him, it was a total obsession.

An Orwellian Death by DS254
Mulder and Scully investigate a plague that only seems to affect those living in poverty or sorrow.

Pumpkin Patch by DM
Mulder and Scully go in search of the Headless Horseman. Set in S6 or 7.

Programmable Children by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
A rash of crimes, from shoplifting and robbery escalating into murder, committed in seemingly random fashion, by young children of affluent families all over the East Coast - Mulder and Scully are called in when one of the childish crimes turns murderous.

The Quintessence of Evil by Foxs_Dana
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully end up out in the middle of nowhere while following a case on Halloween night. Getting a flat tire, they journey up to a mysterious mansion in hopes of getting help. Instead of getting help, they uncover something much more than either one of them could possibly imagine. An evil that could claim both of their souls.

The Resolution series by
A picture of a partnership's darker days, painted while Mulder and Scully investigate a case. Includes Resolution,Outtake 1 & 2 and Ivan's Heirs

Road Fools by Barbara D.
A dark haired boy, all gangly arms and legs, was standing by their car. He snatched his hand back from the scratched fender and shot Mulder a scared, almost guilty, look.

Salad Dressing by D. Agnew
On Halloween, after investigating a mysterious potion, Mulder and Scully are tempted to let their latent feelings run amok.

Samhain: An X-Files/Halloween story by Allan Woodward
"This is it," Sam said. He leaned his stick against the wall by the door, hung his vest on a coat rack. "The house that Loomis built."

Savium Prestolatio by Sqira A.
Something's amiss on All Hallow's Eve.

[External Link] Sherry Baby! by wtfmulder
Mulder takes Scully out for a romantic evening on Halloween. It does not go as planned.

Someone Beyond by Patty Hayes
A mask draws Mulder to Scully when danger is at hand.

Spooky by bcfan
A Hallowe'en trick and treat.

Staking it Out by frogdoggie
Mulder and Skinner are stuck on a Halloween stake-out together.

A Stitch in Time by Matthew Weed
When another of Mulder's wild goose chases suddenly turns out to be on target, Scully is thrown into a situation in which the future mirrors the past, and she learns that knowing the truth can be much worse than being blissfully ignorant.

Stones and Bones by Sophia Jirafe
An autumn tale.

Trick or Treat by Medusa
X-OK Halloween Challenge.

Trick or Truth by liz_1013
Written for a Halloween challenge!! ;) Rather hastily written, so might contain some slight discrepancies, but just work around any you may find.

The Truth You Seek by Nita Dee

The Veiled Lady by Viola
Set during Season 2, Mulder and the Lone Gunmen spend the night in a haunted cemetery.

Vortex by Truthwebothknow
"Scully looked at his face carefully, noting that the familiar Mulder excitement glittered in his eyes like fireflies. Relieved beyond belief to see something in him she hadn't seen in a while, certainly not since his enforced medical leave after the terrible accident 3 months ago."

Waiting by Hestia01
It's Halloween, and Mulder has dragged Scully off with him for a holiday ritual, without telling her what it is yet.

What is Essential by Emma Brightman
Halloween, 1997. "What is essential is invisible to the eye."

Wishing You Were Here by Vesalius
A postal carrier delivers a series of bizarre postcards while Mulder and Scully investigate an X-File in a small, upstate New York town. Forty-seven years later, Mulder finally solves the mystery.

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