Title: Just Out of Grasp
Author: Cherusha
Author's page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/788273/
Category: X-Files
Genre: Angst, Gen.
Written: 08/07/2007
Words: 157
Rating: G
Summary: It's Halloween, and Mulder has amnesia.

Halloween is that special time of year when goulies and beasties and all assortments of supernatural uglies come out to play.

Lucky for Mulder he doesn't believe in Halloween.

He doesn't believe in anything really.

He just sits by the window, all day, all day...

Someone has filled the candy bowl with sweets all brightly colored, orange and black. The nurse comes by at exactly 10:13 each day to administer his medicine. On TV, the local news team is interviewing school children on their costumes for trick-or-treating.

"I'm gonna be an alien."

Today the man with one arm has come by again to drop off more things. They are pictures and words and vaguely familiar names, but Mulder cannot concentrate on any of that and only wonders why the smell of leather makes him see red.

There will be a full moon tonight and Halloween will claim another soul.

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