28 by redfox1303
28 Days Later meets X-Files and Colonization begins. Follows the Survivors of the apocalypse.

Amenti by Mrs. Fish
Alex is given a second chance at life.

The Confession of Sirius: part one by Bast Black
What if you awoke one day to find yourself in another place and in another time, yet where everything seemed strangely familiar? Would you believe someone was playing a trick on you, or would you believe dreams are the answers to questions unasked? Well, if your name happens to be Fox Mulder you would. And Truth is on his side.

A Dark Smear Under the Sky by Nina Smith
Four way crossover: X-Files, Due South, ER & Chicago Hope. "Contains few allusions to occurrences on any of the shows, no sex to speak of, and absolutely ZERO serious character development....It does, however, contain absurd premises, lurid villainy and gratuitous bloodshed.

Day In Hell by Todd China
This story is a darkly humorous exploration of Mulder's worst fears.

The Dead Files by Wildwingsuz
Mulder and Scully discover Rick Grimes' group during the zombie apocalypse.

[External Link] The (Dead) Spy Who Came in From the Cold by x_art
It was somehow fitting that the day Mulder discovered that his neighbors had turned into zombies was the day a dead man came back into his life. Which just went to show that fate was not only fickle, she had a seriously fucked-up sense of humor.

X-File DF1013209: The Walking Dead by theexit
They knew something terrible was going to happen in 2012, they just didn't bargain on this.

Firelight 05. An Ending and a Beginning by Ewa
New Year for Mulder and Scully.

Forest of the Dead by Lady X
Is there a way to bring the dead back to the living? It may be the most important question of Mulder and Scully's lives... Or perhaps deaths.

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies by Martin Lewis
"Shoot it, shoot it, f*cking shoot it."

Last Stand by cofax
zombies and goats

Long Live the King by Steven Han
Mulder and Scully investigate sighting of a celebrity long thought to be dead. In the process, they discover a heinous plot masterminded by a surprisingly familiar villain.

Looking for Salt by dotfic
Sam, Dean, Mulder, Scully, and zombies. Lots of zombies. Any questions?

Lost Time by Spider
As unearthly fire burned the mass of screaming flesh in a hanger at El Rico, on the other side of the continent the cadence of drums enticed him into a warm embrace.

Love N' Zombies by Warlock13
Mulder and Scully investigate odd happenings in a small town. A town that only has one vacent motel room...

[External Link] Mirage by orphan_account
It's been weeks, maybe months, since she's seen, let alone spoken to, another human being. Krycek is like a God-given gift, then, because she knows him, knows him better than she knows anyone, really, and they work well together, they connect; if there's an obstacle or an enemy, then Krycek is her sidekick, the other side of her coin.

The Night Before X-Files by Amethyst
Poem, parody, humor

Perchance to Dream by Jp
The death of nun with with a sordid past sends the agents on an X-File full of black magic and Zombies and helps Scully realize her feelings for Reyes.

Pillar of Salt by Nascent
Mulder talks Scully into accompanying him on a long, strange trip. Paradox ensues.

Primal Priorities by Callicott
Sometimes you need to remember your priorities for doing what you do.

Reanimated by Gothic Spook
The dead coming back to life. Two Agents sent to investigate. A scientist's secret. A world of trouble.

[External Link] Re-Animeator by Cassiopeia12727
"Scully is once again the target of a zombie serial killer. Smoking Man reveals his connection to the introduction of anime to the US."

Resurrecturis by Dagmar Noll
Mulder and Scully spend yet another Christmas chasing zombies.

Rise of the Zombees (We're Not Calling Them That) by ishie
When dead bodies start doing strange things in a small town in Virginia, the Lone Gunmen call on Scully for help. But are they already too late? Written for the 2009 apocalyptothon on LJ.

Schreck Mansion Blues by P.C.Rasmussen
On Halloween, Mulder goes exploring on his own and Scully ends up having to face some pretty strange things to save him from certain doom.

Scully's Nightmare Before Christmas by Todd China
The title alone is good enough.

Strangers and the Strange Dead by Kipler
In which dead bodies and shivering people disturb the hilltown of Bradenton, and our young, orphaned narrator serves hot beverages to the investigating agents even as she ponders the peculiar, elusive nature of their relationship.

Take Another Look by Christine Francis
Nila Perry is in big trouble. Luckily, Skinner shows up to bail her out. She escapes The Cigarette Smoking Man's nefarious enclave, but now she has to explain herself to Mulder.

A Taste of Fear by Sally Bahnsen
a fill in the gaps for Mulder's ordeal in the basement. Mulder faces his fear.

Type 52 by Lacadiva
Night of the Living X-File: Skinner enlists Mulder and Scully's help in finding the truth behind the death of an old friend and his son, and the disappearance of the entire population of a small Texas town. The agents are thrust into a nightmare when they are trapped inside an army medical facility with a horde of flesh-eating zombies on the other side, mad for the scent of their blood.

The Umbrella Conspiracy by Jill Valentine Stars
a Resident Evil/X-Files crossover. Special Agents Dogget and Reyes are sent to investigate a series of murders in Raccoon City. And, with the aid of two detectives, they soon find themselves trying to survive the many horrors of that city.

Underground by Meleiza
Mulder and Scully, working on a mysterious drug case, are dragged into the dark and dangerous world of the Los Angeles underground.

White Darkness by Matt R Austin
Mulder and Scully travel to Haiti to investigate a series of brutal murders with a journal and the bodies their only leads. However, when the journal describes the killers to be zombies, Scully remains skeptical.

The World DID End by Wylfcynne
The World DID end...

X-Files Internacionale by Steven Han
A group of investigators from five countries around the world investigate strange circumstances surrounding asteroids that have fallen to Earth.

X-Jedi by JackeeC
Luke, Han and Leia cross paths with Mulder and Scully when they make an unscheduled visit to Earth.

Year of Election by Paul Wartenberg
Mulder and Scully for President in '96? It could happen, only if Mulder and Scully can resolve their UST...

[External Link] Zombie AU That Isn't Really A Zombie AU by PostApocolypticAlien
You ever wanted to go zombie hunting with your mom?

Zombie Breath, or Four Scenes of Terror by Alelou
If you can survive the terror of fending off killer zombies, shouldn't you be able to talk with your partner?

Zombies by Nialani
Night of the Living Dead meets the X-Files

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