Another Nice Trip to the Woods by Almustafa
Mulder and Scully travel to the Czech Republic to help the Prague Constabulary catch a serial killer with a penchant for little girls. What they find is not at all what they expected?

Ashes to Ashes I and II by Nyx Midnight
Vincent Redheart is an FBI agent from Hell (Hades), which is an alternate dimension rather than the place where evil souls go at death. He first came to the X-Files disguised as a human to ask for help in a case that ended in the death of a teenager (Billy Crowe) that could, more or less intentionally, shoot fire from his hands. By the end of the investigation, Doggett found out Vincent was not human, but rather an Incubus (demon). He also found out that Vincent was not the first demon agent crossing path with the X-Files agents.

The Barn by Discordia
The light stung her eyes and Scully shut them tightly, feeling her skin prickle uncomfortably in the heat as she tried to remember what, how, why--why she was lying on her stomach on the dusty ground, fingers scrabbling in the dirt.

Becoming Judas by darkstar
In the nightmarish realm of earth after colonization, Mulder is offered everything he wants if he betrays everything he has ever believed.

Becoming Judas II: Resurrection by darkstar
He sold his soul. Now he wants it back. Disgusted with the life he is living and the man he has become, Mulder breaks from the Colonists and risks everything for one last chance at humanity with Scully. But redemption, like betrayal, has its own price.

Beyond the Grave by IWant2Blieve
Mulder is possessed by a vengeful crime victim's ghost while solving the case.

Beyond the Grave by Y.H. Spooky San
Mulder and Scully investigate a young girl who rises from the dead.

A Burden Shared by Ten
After the dark events of their Gauley Bridge case, is Mulder turning to someone else for comfort?

Child's Play: Demons by Lisa R
Mysterious deaths in Key West are somehow related to an ancient curse that involves a toy exhibited at a historic museum.

The Clown: The Early Years Of Dana Scully by Skulz
An evil clown haunts poor Dana Scully from the moment she sees it out her window when she was ten. Will the clown haunt her for the rest of her life?

Daemonium- The Possession by Kinados

Dance by dith
Mulder is asked by some friends to check out the death of a friend who was supposed to have been possessed by a demon. Scully, having no other plans, decides to spend her weekend helping him.

Deliver Us From Evil by Windsinger
A little vignette which follows *The Calusari*. On their drive home from the hospital after the exorcism, Mulder and Scully decide to stop by a peaceful place for the night.

Demon Within by Julianne Lee
Mulder is assaulted by an unknown entity.

Detective by beduini
A murder investigation involving a reality television show.

Devil Her Due by Mariann
Besty Monroe's thoughts as she drives off into the sunset at the end of "Terms Of Endearment."

The Devil of the Stairs by Melanie-Anne
A teenager is found dead on the beach and evidence suggests the killer has religious motives. Calleigh finds herself growing closer to Horatio, while at the same time keeping a secret from him. And to complicate things further, an FBI agent with unusual ideas involves herself in the case.

Devil's Advocate by Cheryl Cohen (Alias: The Stinker) and Annie Reed (Alias: FancyKatz)

Devil's Advocate II. Sanctuary by Cheryl Cohen (Alias: The Stinker) and Annie Reed (Alias: FancyKatz)

Devil's Due by Lady Midath
An owner of one of the most exclusive piano bars in Washington DC takes an interest in Alex Krycek.

The Devil's Due by Quim
Mulder and Scully uncover the connection between a series of children abductions and a satanic cult. M&S investigate the murder of a teenage girl, in connection with the disappearance of babies.

Devil's Roar by aka "Jake"
Mulder and Scully go up against their most formidable foe when they travel to Blue Hollow, Maine, to investigate five mysterious murders. Will Scully be able to save Mulder and herself from the evil of a demon as old as mankind?

Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do by Kabuki
While he and Scully investigate a series of baffling deaths, an affair with a seductive Hindu prostitute brings Mulder face to face with his own inner demons and with demons of a far more dangerous variety.

Double Occupancy by Sister Moon
Two strangers enter Mulder and Scully's lives and unwittingly bring disaster.

Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms
A good man is not defeated by temptation. Can he be defeated by despair?

Dungeons and Dragons by Spooky's Girl
Mulder, Scully and three others are invited to stay in a castle for one night. Can they survive the demon that's inhabiting it?

Empathy by Swikstr
While on a research assignment in Chicago, Mulder and Scully stumble upon a mysterious individual who may possess a remarkable parapsychic ability. Their association with her leads to a few new discoveries and pathways into their existence.

The Entity by Auralissa
It stalks humanity with a vengeance. It looks upon the blood of man with an insatiable thirst. It can bestow upon mortals the gift of eternal life. And now, it sets its sights upon Fox Mulder and Dana Scully...

Evil Follows Evil by PhantmCat
The elder Calusari's warning proves true when the demon comes back to torment Mulder.

Exorcismus: Imperium by starfleetofficer1
The agents investigate a triple homicide that turns into an encounter with a demon.

Exorcismus: Expedio by starfleetofficer1
The agents investigate a triple homicide that turns into an encounter with a demon. Sequel to Exorcismus: Imperium.

Exorcist Stairs by Elanor G
Scully is adrift and on her own after the events of Orison. A chance encounter forces her to confront the banality of evil...

Exhorting Literature by Bae Choi
A brainwashing book is being released upon America and Canada by a demon. Will Mulder and Scully, and the rest of the FBI, be able to do anything to stop it?

Eye of Evil by Patty Hayes
Mulder gets involved in a house where several murders have taken place over more than a hundred years. Is the original owner still 'hanging' around?

The Face of Evil by dlynn
I was always intrigued with the ending to Calusari. The face of evil is sometimes closer than you think.

Failure to Die by Kel
An undercover assignment lands Agent Jerry Luskin and his colleagues in a "cursed" hospital. Can Dr. Scully handle an emergency without calling for the paramedics? Just watch.

Femme Fatale by Lady Sanna
A mysterious woman, with wings of an angel and eyes of a demon, seduces men with her voice. When Mulder and Scully are investigating, Mulder falls under the woman's control. Will Scully be able to get him back before he murders the only one he trusts?

Ghost Writer by Erica M
Scully gets a visitation from a ghostly apparition and Mulder gets some sex. Could there be a connection?

Gifted Youngsters by William Logan
(X-Men Crossover)Mulder and Scully travel to Salem Center, New York to investigate the brutal murder of a man reportedly killed by a demon.

Girl's Night Out 2 by Weyer
An assassian, a Slayer, some weird women, a cult and a demon make for an interesting vacation.

Green Eyed Monster by name removed by request
Something rears it's ugly head at a Bureau St. Paddy's Day Party.

Home by Mari
Scully and Reyes work their first true case together. This is your average, run-of-the-mill demon possession story.or is it?

The Hunt by Rhondda Lake

Illusions by J C Penny 1976
Mulder and Scully investigate a set of demonic rituals, unaware that one if them is the indended victim.

Inn Hell by NedR
Mulder and Scully are forced to babysit a newbie agent while investigating a strange hotel in Boston.

An Instrument of Torture to the Flesh by Cathy
Third season. A.D. Skinner requires Agent Mulder's assistance with an annoying case of demonic possession.

Janus by twistedchick
Wesley rescues a one-armed man from demons, and then things get interesting

Jungle Heat by marianne
A Crash in two ways. A jungle adventure. And a sequel to Dark Shadow in a way but it can be read totally without reading the previous one.

Jungle Heat II: Sign of Evil by marianne
Kidnappings, Terror, Chase, Angst. Romance (I hope). A week after Jungle Heat I. What's getting after Mulder, Scully and Chico? Can they be saved from the evil?

Lacrimae Mundi by Brandon D. Ray
After losing his mother and finally learning Samantha's fate, Mulder has been set adrift, and is unsure of how to proceed with his life. Will investigating a series of brutal murders help him find a new focus? And will Scully's caring and concern be enough to hold him together while he tries?

Macabre by beccaelizabeth
A small town becomes convinced that one of their own has made a deal with the devil. Mulder and Scully investigate, thinking it the work of a con artist, until things take a macabre turn...

Magistellus by Kelli Rocherolle
Mulder and Scully investigate vampires... maybe.

Malevolence by aka "Jake"
When ex-ISU Chief Bill Patterson is found dead in his prison cell with his face slashed and his eyes cut out, Mulder and Scully pick up the hunt where they left off five years earlier. Still convinced the killer is not a man but an evil spirit, Mulder pursues his own investigative methods, bringing him to the brink of insanity for a second time. Meanwhile, Scully is desperate to solve the case before she loses Mulder to his demons forever.

Malus Genius, vel Hoc Lemma Nequiquam Latine Scribitur by Plausible Deniability and MaybeAmanda
What's *your* evil spirit?

The Medusa Touch by Patricia Lee Macomber
Mulder and Scully are called to a small Florida town where they investigate the case of a young woman who is possessed by an ancient entity which apparently has a long list of victims.

My Partner, the Devil by Alyssa
Scully has a near death experience where she meets a familiar face and has an interesting conversation.

My Partner, the Devil II by Alyssa
With the return of MulderDevil and MulderAngel, Scully and Mulder must track down a serial killer who has escaped from Hell.

No Less Than the Trees and the Stars by Casey Rhodes
Mulder and Scully investigate a website's claims that a young girl is a demon who possesses the ability to cheat death.

Oil by Eodrakken Quicksilver
A possession. A nightmare. A love story. A different point of view. Post-"Apocrypha".

Pray by Frances H.
Mulder and Scully are called to rural west Kentucky to investigate a series of unexplained deaths. Rumors of an invisible demon bring the duo face to face with a motherly old woman, a suspicious management executive, an ex-marine pastor, and finally the demon itself.

Quiet Screams by xphilernj
What was Marita thinking when possessed by the black oil.

The Reek of Purity by Xenith
Mulder didn't feel the first gunshot but he felt the second one. A sharp, breathless agony took him in the chest and he found himself gasping on the pavement. Overhead he heard the explosions of gunfire, then saw a terrified Scully pulling at his clothing....

The Reek of Purity II: Dark Time by Xenith
Mulder dreams prophetic dreams of a future in which he leads a successful revolt against the aliens, and executes Scully as a traitor. He faces a crisis of spirit after his encounter with the Source of evil and tries to fend off his inevitable destiny.

The Redemption by Jude W
Mulder is possessed by the spirit of Medora Hoffman who seeks revenge for the death of her husband 150 years ago.

Releasing the Demon by Patty Hayes
Mulder and Scully investigate a strange object found at an archaelogical dig site.

Smoke Demon by Kelsey Layne
Crossover with X-Files and FreakyLinks.

Stalker by Tamara
Scully is stalked by a person from the past who isn't what he seems and tries to get Mulder in on the act.

Standin' at the Crossroads by frogdoggie
Mulder, Scully and Skinner travel to Maine on a case that proves to be a very dangerous and then deadly, X-File.

Succubus by Teall1
Just a little story of fun-type smut, concerning Mulder and an entity who is hell-bent on possessing Mulder and his... er... body...

Symbiosis by Xenith and KatVictory
"You, Fox Mulder, have the luck of a Buddy Holly, a Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the entire lot of steerage passengers aboard the H.M.S. Titanic. Your body has been invaded by equivalent of a Symbiote black widow. I will live off your passions, 'til it kills you. I'll record every grueling moment of it for you, Fox baby.

This Night I Can See You by Rolfocale
Mulder and Scully are diving into demonic evil...

Transfers by LCB

Vesparys by Nynaeve
Two demons wreak havoc. Mulder and Scully chase down the "X-File" only to discover someone else knows a little something about this sort of "unexplained phenomena".

Voices by CodyN
Mulder awoke with a start, the threads of his dream already dissipating.

Winter Beach by Lisby
Just take it as it comes. Set during Mulder's absence in season 9 and immediately after the aborted wedding in Buffy.

The Woods, Dark and Deep by Neoxphile
An already unpleasant Halloween night takes a nightmarish turn when a small child runs out in front of Monica Reyes' car.

The X Files: Mens Rea by Spooky731
Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a gruesome murder in Washington state while on a time limit with the FBI, and the agents soon find themselves in the center of a demon's sinister plan for Mulder.

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