Title: Succubus
Author: Teall1
Written: 1996
Disclaimer: Scully and Mulder belong to CC, as do "Avatar" and "Pusher," which helped to inspire this story, as did some strange conversations with friends .
Rating: NC-17!

Summary: Just a little story of fun-type smut, concerning Mulder and an entity who is hell-bent on possessing Mulder and his... er... body...

Fox woke with a start; something eerie was going on with him, but he wasn't sure what it was exactly. It was kind of a feeling, an unease. He looked around his living room, as he'd fallen asleep on his sofa once again. Damn, he was just going to have to get a sofa bed, since he barely slept anywhere else. He got up and walked to his window; it was just barely getting light.

"Maybe a jog would help me feel better," he said aloud to no one. Shedding his sleep clothes and bleary feeling, he donned sweats and prepared to take a short run. After a quick trip to the bathroom for basic needs, he was off. As he ran, Fox felt his head begin to clear a bit. He looked around him and took in the early morning area of DC with some pleasure, as he tended to dislike crowds. Suddenly, he glanced to the side of the park through which he was running, and stopped short.

An incredibly beautiful but haunting face stared back at him.....a cloud of dark hair forming a halo, deep blue almost violet eyes, and a full red mouth. Fox's breath caught, but he had no idea why. He had seen gorgeous women before and although he looked plenty, he usually didn't get involved. The young woman gazed at him with an intense expression, her eyes slightly veiled and closed. Fox blinked; when he looked up, she was gone! Vanished. He looked around him everywhere, but there was no trace. Odd.....some vague and uneasy stirrings began inside him. This was beginning to remind him of AD Skinner's experience, which Skinner refused to explain. After the succubus or whatever it was, visited Skinner, Mulder had become fascinated by the idea and had read much on it, asking questions of anyone who had any knowledge about it.

Shaking his head, he continued with his run and returned home to shower and dress for work.

The office was already lit up; Scully was hard at work on her reports when he came in. They greeted each other and began to sift through the new cases which were starting to come in. There was a series of accidents in a local town near Salem, Mass which were odd in nature, and could not be explained by any normal means. As Fox read through these, one caught his eye and he decided they would take this case. The accident which had intrigued him was, of course, a result of someone in a car seeing a ghost-like apparition, which naturally disappeared upon closer look by the driver.

"What do you think, Scully?" he asked his partner. "Feel like a trip to Massachusetts?" She gave him a dour look but nodded. "Ok, I'll get our tickets and we can fly out tonight. It's faster than driving; is that too soon?"

"Fine, just give me time to pack," she replied absently, concentrating on getting her desk and reports in order. She glanced over at Mulder; he looked a bit tired. Maybe this ghost-chasing would renew him. She chuckled to think what things made her partner feel better, as opposed to what made normal people feel relaxed. Mulder look up at her and smiled, not knowing her thoughts.

When they landed in Pawpack, Mass, they quickly found a hotel and checked in. They grabbed a quick bite to eat and interviewed a few of the townspeople, then decided they needed some sleep. Scully retired and picked up a book, but found her eyes closing slowly. Soon, she was out.

Fox paced around his room, feeling a bit on edge but not knowing why. After he showered and got ready for bed, he looked at the television. Hmm....not much to interest him, except for the adult movie station which usually held his interest until he fell asleep. As he watched, he found himself uncharacteristically aroused by the dumb movie which was on. He suddenly sat up with a jolt. The woman from the DC park was in it! She leaned closer to the screen, nearly nude, and seemed to be looking directly at him. Fox kept blinking, but couldn't tear his eyes away from the erotic scene. Shit, what was going on here! He changed the station, but all he could get was that lame movie with the woman in it. Finally, in a semi-panic, he turned the TV off and tried to fall asleep.

It must have been much later. Fox felt a presence in his room. He must have finally fallen asleep. because the room was dark and the luminous clock said 3:00 am. He was going to click on the light when he saw a stealthy figure slink toward him. Weird, but he wasn't afraid or nervous, only tense. SHE appeared before him, her sparkling blue eyes filled with passion, her body sinewy and smooth, clad only in a sheer nightgown which reached to her slender ankles. Her beauty dazzled him.

He tried to speak, but she quickly sat down next to him and kissed him. Jolts of lightening and fire spread through his body so quickly, he thought he might faint. He was so turned on, he couldn't breathe. He tried to touch her, but she moved away from him and pushed him back onto the bed. He lay there, helpless to do anything else. The mysterious beauty began to softly kiss and touch him all over with her hands and mouth, and still no word was spoken. Fox thought he couldn't stand it as he felt her light touches tickling and exciting at the same time. He couldn't stay still under her caresses and found himself moaning loudly...the heat was rising off his body full force. She seemed perfectly calm and cool, which turned him on even more. She removed his shorts and played with him gently, causing him to grab her to him roughly. All at once, she lowered herself to him and he entered her soft warmth. She began to also moan and move, becoming quite wild and abandoned. Fox couldn't take any more and exploded in her with a force which left him shaky and somehow unsated. His eyes closed and he thought he must have passed out, because when he opened them again, she was gone.

Fox looked down at himself and the bed. He was naked and there was definite evidence of sexual activity, yet he was alone. Oh man, I'm losin it, he thought. I've gotta stop watching so much porno; that was some dream! But, as he got up to go to the bathroom, he caught a scent of her. A chill went down his spine and back up his neck. He stopped and looked around, but saw nothing. Shrugging, he cleaned up and finally slept, having troubling dreams all night.

Morning dawned gray and cloudy. Fox heard the loud knock on his door, but could not bring himself to get up. The knocking continued and finally, he heard Scully's voice outside. "Mulder? Mulder, wake up. It's me."

Groaning, he staggered out of bed and opened the door.

Scully stared at him in alarm. "Mulder? What's wrong? You look terrible!"

He turned and glanced at himself in the mirror; he did look like death warmed over. He grinned sheepishly and mumbled, "Late night" and stumbled to the bathroom.

Scully sat down on his chair and rolled her eyes. What on earth was wrong with him? She didn't think he had the time or energy to find a woman last night, yet he was acting like that's exactly what he'd done. Well, that was his problem, as long as it didn't interfere with their work on this case. Fox came out, dressed in his sweats and no shirt. He looked at Scully and she quickly said she'd wait outside for him.

As they drove to the various places their investigation took them, Fox was strangely quiet. Finally, they pulled into a narrow street with some small houses. They looked up the address and rang the bell.

According to reports, the woman who lived here had seen an apparition in her yard and called to her neighbor, who came out and fell into a pothole, breaking his leg. In the morning, no pothole could be found. The door opened and Mulder felt his legs nearly give out. SHE was standing in the doorway, in a little apron and holding a feather duster. Scully looked at Mulder and he realized he must have made a sound of some kind, because Scully's eyebrows were raised in that surprised manner.

"Hello, um, Ms. Lancaster?" Scully said to her. "We're here to talk to you about the incident last night?"

The woman nodded and invited them in. Mulder still hadn't uttered a word, but the woman gave no sign that she recognized or even noticed him. As they sat down and took her statement however, Mulder made note of the way she kept seemingly unconsciously running the feather duster up and down her leg. Only once, as they were leaving, did she catch his eyes and look him in the face.

Mulder felt such a rush of arousal that he feared he might pass out or embarrass himself if he didn't get out of there.

"You were awfully quiet in there," Scully remarked as they drove back. "Is everything ok?" She gazed curiously at him.

"Fine," he replied, trying to sound casual. Scully kept staring at him, but said nothing. They decided to get some lunch and then did some sightseeing around town, keeping their eyes and ears open for clues.

They talked about what they had so far.

"This is the oddest case, Mulder", Scully was saying. "Something is drawing these people together and they're seeing these, whatever they are apparitions or something. Yet, we don't have a thing to go on, and each time there is a minor accident which gets a bit more serious with each occurrence."

"I know," Fox answered, "and I feel as if we were somehow drawn here also. But, I'll be damned if I know why yet." He had a faraway look in his green eyes which Scully couldn't quite read.

They finished up and spent the afternoon working on the case. After dinner, they worked some more and decided to call it a night. As they drove back, Scully noticed Mulder was really tense. He didn't look like he was in the mood for conversation, so she didn't press him. When they got back to the hotel, Mulder unexpectedly began chatting about the case. Scully stared at him in amazement.

"Mulder, what is wrong with you?" she finally got out. "First you don't say a word to me and now, I can't shut you up."

He couldn't express what he was feeling; he only knew he was suddenly afraid to go to his room.

"I don't know, Scully," he said slowly, "I just didn't feel like sleeping yet. Wanted some company." His voice trailed off and he gazed into space, pursing his full underlip in that little-boy pout. She started to respond, but then he shrugged and stood up. "I'm ok. See you in the morning, Scully." She watched him walk off, worried.

Fox undressed and lay down on the bed. He felt really tired and was trying to doze, preparing himself for---he wasn't sure what. He began to feel tingly all over and noted a familiar scent in the air. Suddenly, she was there at the foot of the bed.

"You," he said softly. "Who are...." He couldn't get the rest of the words out. She had moved over to him and with a deft motion, tied his hands to the bedposts. He felt weak and dizzy, but also very sexually excited. God, what kind of power did she have over him? She smiled at him, a mix of evil and desire, and gazed at his muscular body covered only by his boxers. She began to graze his lips and neck with her mouth and he saw that feather duster appear. She trailed it over his chest and stomach, causing him to squirm all over. Fox thought he would go crazy at this point; she was arousing him to near frenzy and he felt totally out of control.

"Don't," he said, beginning to breathe harder, "please... don't do that." She ignored him, watching his expression with a smile. Her eyes became dark pools of passion. Fox knew he would surely lose his mind and control any minute, if she didn't stop her exquisite torture. She began to use her hands and fingertips to stroke his prone body. Her teasing was stimulating and maddening, and she seemed to be enjoying his submissive role. He grew rock-hard at her touch, but was bound by his wrist ties. It was driving him to near insanity. "Stop," he groaned.

"Stop?" she finally asked, her voice a silky whisper. "You want me to stop now?" At this, she gently pulled down his boxers and wrapped her lips around him, moving up and down....Fox's eyes widened as he gasped and jerked forward, pulling at the bonds from his hands to the bedpost.

God, she was beautiful! Her fantastic body glistened as her gown fell away. "Shall I stop?" she whispered again, sucking on him gently then harder, her fingers still stroking his burning body.

He slumped back, defeated. "No," he breathed. Their eyes met, and hers were flaming and shooting sparks. Fox felt all his control slip away. Her mouth returned to his throbbing organ and his moans filled the room. She brought him again and again to the edge, and then stopped. He was beside himself now, not even hearing himself begging her for release.

Fox fought his ties and was panting so hard, he was losing his breath.

Finally, she took him to the brink and over. His orgasm was so forceful he tore through one of the cords on his wrist and his cries were so loud, he feared Scully would burst through the door at any minute with her gun. This time when he opened his eyes, she was still there. He tried to speak, but was so weakened from this experience he couldn't move. He looked imploringly at her. She untied his other wrist, smoothed his brow, and softly kissed him. "Please, who are you?" he managed to ask. She smiled coolly at him.

"I am your greatest fantasy and your worst nightmare," she hissed, and then she was gone. Fox let out his breath as his head dropped back, and he fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning, Scully again woke him out of a deep slumber. She was even more alarmed at his appearance this time. "Mulder," she said firmly, sitting down on the bed near him, "we aren't leaving this room until you explain to me what's happening to you. It sounded like a war going on in here last night."

Fox looked up hastily, his face flushed and a look of apprehension in his eyes.

"Mulder, this isn't just some ordinary fling is it?"

He put his head in his hands. Slowly, haltingly, the story came out, minus the graphic details. Scully was incredulous as he tried to explain his helpless, hypnotic reaction to this mysterious woman.

"Scully, you'll really think I'm crazy now, but ever since Skinner had that weird experience, I've been trying to find out all I can about the succubus or whatever it was, that visited him. I....think these accidents and apparitions have something to do with whoever or whatever it is, that's chasing me. I think they were to draw me here, to....."

"To what, Mulder?" she pressed. "For what purpose?"

He shook his head. "I don't know; maybe it somehow got transferred to me, this obsession it had. Maybe to....play with me...for its own amusement. From what I've read, it isn't known why a succubus becomes attracted to someone, but once it does, its damn hard to break. Shit, Scully, what am I going to do?"

Scully kept looking at him, worriedly. "Mulder, this is all so strange and unbelievable to me. Isn't it possible you've been watching too much porno on TV, were attracted to the woman we questioned, and then had these erotic dreams?" He looked hard at her, then held out his wrists.

"Then how do you explain these!" he asked wretchedly, about the tiny burns. Their eyes met; she looked away first.

"Ok, ok. But Mulder, in your research, wasn't there anything which said how to rid yourself of one of these....things?"

He thought hard. "Yes, there was, Scully." He swallowed. "You can sometimes get rid of her by resisting. Rejecting one will often break their hold."

She faced him intently. " Mulder....can't you...."she began, but the look on his face stopped her. "I guess not."

"Scully, you don't understand what it's like," he started. "Well maybe you can. Remember the reaction you had to that weird Andrew? It's like that but much, more stronger."

She nodded. "If you can't break this connection, Mulder, what happens?" she asked quietly.

He turned and faced the window. "The succubus can't control its needs, Scully. It will just keep at you until you are in such a weakened state, it sucks the life out of you."

Scully's blood ran cold hearing those words. Mulder looked stiff and frightened. She stood up and came close to him, but noticing his slight wincing at her nearness, stepped back.

"Mulder, there must be another way. Look, I'm going to do some reading of my own. You need rest; lie down and sleep. She won't show herself in daylight, will she?"

He shook his head. He lay down and then looked at her.

" Scully, don't research this anymore? There's nothing else to do at this point."

She didn't accept this. "Of course there is. You sleep; I'll be back in a few hours."

He was too weary to argue with her.

A few hours later, she returned to find him looking and feeling more refreshed. "Mulder," she began cautiously, "I have found another way." She looked at him levelly. "You know what it is, don't you?"

He shook his head miserably. "Scully, no. I can't let you risk your life."

"Yes, Mulder, I will do this. The other way is for another female to fight her, isn't that right? Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Scully, please, I won't let you do this."

She waved him aside. After a lengthy argument, she won out.

"Ok, I can't argue anymore and I can't resist her, either." But, he looked very concerned. They then drilled a small hole between their room walls. They knew it would never show itself with Scully actually in the room. Then, Scully left and they waited for nightfall, Scully keeping her ear to the wall for any unusual noise or unexplained long silences.

Mulder lay fearfully, but somewhat anticipatory, in the bed. He dreaded this visit, yet knew that if she came to him, he would never resist her. It was just too incredible. As he lay there, the lights in the room dimmed. He got up to splash cold water on his face in the bathroom and when he raised his eyes to the mirror, she was standing behind him.

Scully no longer heard any movement from Mulder's room. She hurried to peek through the little hole and saw a weird glow coming from his bed. Panicked, she ran to his door and used the key he'd given her earlier.

She burst into the room, gun drawn, and stood transfixed in a mixture of horror and awe.

Mulder lay on the bed nude. The woman from the house they visited was bent over him, dressed in a flimsy gown and bathed in an unearthly light, paying no attention to Scully, as she stood rooted to the floor watching the scene. The woman began to caress Mulder and he moaned slightly, pressing himself to her. Coming to her senses, Scully aimed her gun and shouted, "Mulder, resist her!"

He looked over at Scully but the woman became more aggressive. Fox couldn't resist at all; he just kept making those small animal noises and responding to the woman's stimulation.

"Mulder, fight it!" she called again. This time, there was no reaction from Mulder. Scully could see that he was losing ground fast and that this woman/thing was beginning to win. Mulder hovered somewhere between ecstasy and death. Anger suddenly flooded Scully. She pointed her gun and shot into air, careful not to hit her partner.

"Get away from him, you Bitch!" she yelled loudly. The gun shot and cry momentarily stopped the woman who turned and made for Scully with a snarl. She was now more apparition than flesh, and though Scully's heart beat with terror, she stood her ground. They locked eyes, as they each silently fought for Mulder's life. "This man is taken; he is NOT yours," Scully said in a loud, clear voice pointing her gun directly at it and hoping those rehearsed words would somehow work. Suddenly, the apparition vanished. Scully looked around, as Mulder slowly tried to stand and them collapsed on the floor. Scully ran to him and lifted his head. His body was ice cold. Dazed, he opened his eyes.

"Wha...what happened?" he asked, barely able to speak.

"She's gone, Mulder," was the answer, from an equally tired Scully.

They were both emotionally drained and she could see Mulder was physically done in, too. He was shaking all over. "Cold?" she asked him.

He tried to grin, but failed. "Freezing," he rasped. She looked at him and suddenly he blushed, realizing he had nothing on. Scully chuckled.

"Well no wonder, lying there in your birthday suit," she quipped, trying to lighten the mood. But, he was too weakened to joke, so she hurriedly got a blanket and covered him. They remained like that for a while, and Fox finally slept peacefully. When he woke, he found himself in the bed, neatly tucked in.

Scully was asleep in the chair next to him. He reached out and touched her hand. She woke instantly, and he smiled at her.

"How are you?" she asked.

He grinned again at her worried look. "I'm fine really," he replied. There was peace in his eyes again and Scully believed him. "Scully......" he stopped. There were no words.

Scully could feel his shame and embarrassment, along with his gratitude.

"It's ok, Mulder", she reassured him. "I know you'd have been there for me. Don't worry; she's gone. We've won."

"I guess the accidents and the sightings will stop now," he said, "but I don't understand why she had to lure me here."

"Mulder, I don't even want to be discussing this weird stuff," Scully answered, "but in my readings, I picked up a bit about this town being close to the Salem witch trials. Perhaps her power was strongest here; maybe she was related to one of them, fueled by their power?"

Mulder nodded; he didn't want to even think about it anymore.

"Well, whatever , I don't want to experience that again, ever!" he said firmly.

She looked at him mischievously. "Gee, Mulder, you think this experience cured you of your little video passion?" she teased. Their laughter pealed as Scully ducked the pillows he threw at her.

The End

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