Title: This Night I Can See You
Author: Rolfocale
Author's page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/482556/
Category: X-Files
Genre: Words: 597
Written: 07/08/2004
Words: 597
Rating: G
Disclaimer: X-files is from Chris Carter. This is just fan fiction.

Summary: Mulder and Scully are diving into demonic evil...

"This night I can see you."
-By Rolf Vink

--- New Inn "Night Friend", Texas ---

It was a busy morning in the new inn, with people eating and laughing.

The doors of the inn were open and people came in and out.

Then a group of man in black clothes came in.

They looked like monks.

Then someone from the strange group went to a table.

A little girl, Ona, sat on the table with her friend, Ann.

The little Ona was affraid when she saw the person coming.

The strange person from the group said with a cold voice to the little girl: "I know why you fear me.

This night I can see you..."

The strange group went out of the inn.

--- House of Mandy Woodstock, Texas ---

Mandy Woodstock, mother of Ona, went to the room of Ona.

Mandy said to her: "Good night, dear Ona."

She left her room.

Slowly the night came...

The next morning, Mandy knocked on the door.

She said: "Good morning Ona!"

No reply.

Again she said: "Good morning Ona!"

She knocked three times.

Then Mandy opened the door.

The little girl, Ona, sat on her bed.

She turned her head to Mandy.

The head of Ona changed into a demonic head with horns.

Mandy saw it.

Then suddenly, the horrorific head was gone.

William Woodstock ran to the room of Ona after he heard Mandy screaming.

Mandy laid on the ground.

Ona was gone.

The eyes of Mandy opened, and she began to scream.

She screamed: "Help me, there is only fire!"

Then a monk in black went to the room of Ona and inside he smashed the father of Ona, William, on the ground.

He was unconscious.

--- FBI Headquarters, Washington DC ---

Scully went to the phone.

Scully said: "Hello Mulder.

Please come to the FBI Headquarters."

Mulder replied: "Is it important? Aliens? An X-file?"

Scully said: "Maybe. Please come to me now."

Mulder replied: "I am on my way!"

Mulder arrived at the Headquarters.

Scully went to him and she said: "There is a strange murder...

in Texas.

Someone I know, who works in the FBI, called me about this.

The victim is a woman.

Her eyes are wide open, and you can see pure fear on her face,

even when she is dead.

William Woodstock, the boyfriend of the dead woman,

said that she screamed about fire.

I want to visit that friend of mine, Elisa Bird, who called me about this in Texas."

Mulder said: "Let's go."

--- House of Elisa Bird, Texas ---

Scully knocked on the door of the house.

After some seconds Elisa opened the door.

Elisa said: "I am happy to see you, Dana!"

Mulder and Scully went inside.

Scully said to Elisa: "You told me about that woman."

Elisa said: "Yes. I think she is killed, but her face is pure fear.

Before she died, she screamed about fire.

But there was nothing to fear, there was no fire.

That is what her boyfriend said."

Mulder said: "Are there suspects?"

Elisa said: "Yes, William."

Scully said: "What happened that there came fear on her face before she died?"

Elisa replied: "Unknown... yet."

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