Title: The X-Files: Return of the Jedi
Authors: dMulder and Katharine Royce
Written: May 1997
Keywords: crossover X-Files/Star Wars
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: First of all, any characters recognizable as from Star Wars or The X-Files do not belong to us. They belong to Lucasfilm, LTD. and 20th Century Fox, respectably. Leia and Will Skywalker belong to dMulder, and Michelle Brimhall belongs to Renee Hasson. The lyrics are from the song "Until I Find You Again," by Richard Marx. The song is from his newest album, "Flesh and Bone".

Summary: episode three

From the authors: This is a sequel to "The X-Files: A New Hope," so don't read this if you haven't read that. You won't understand this if you don't read that one. Send all comments to Katharine Royce or dMulder .

For you Relationshippers out there, there is a very SMALL amount of romance between Mulder and Scully, but this is basically a Scully/OTHER story. I don't know why I can't write MSRs any more. Maybe it has to do with the Grand Betrayal (DD's marriage to Tea Leoni: I stopped writing MSRs about the same time they started dating).

From dMulder: I just thought that I'd clear up something about the name Dantana. I have a friend named Dantana, and "A New Hope" was kind of a joke I was playing on her. It ended up on the 'Net.

If you're wondering, my friend Dantana goes by Dana, and she and her husband, Luke Skywalker (His name really is Luke Skywalker. His parents are kind of crazy. They named their first three children Michael, Jennifer, and Lois, but Luke's younger sister is Leia Organa) just had a baby. They named him William Anakin, and I took the name and put it in "A New Hope."

D's thinking about joining the group and posting some stuff. I've read it, and it's really good. From Katharine: I guess she doesn't have anything to say because she didn't respond the last time I e-mailed her. All she's said to me is that she doesn't like Richard Marx. "The X-Files: Return of the Jedi" by dMulder and Katharine Royce Rated PG for mild profanity and implied sexual activities

Washington, D.C.
May, 2001

Dana Scully had just put Leia to sleep, after reading her daughter the same story about a pony night after night. It was typical fare for a two-and-a-half-year-old.

She was so young. What Dana really wanted to tell her as she sat down on her daughter's bed every night was that her life -neither of their lives- were really that simple. She wanted to tell her little girl that Fox Mulder wasn't her father, and that she had a brother. Somewhere.

She didn't know how Leia, being so young, would take this kind of news. As of now, she loved Mulder. Leia was already a very precocious child, and Dana feared for the day when she would ask the dreaded question: "Do you really love dad? Do you really?" And Leia's safety would be in grave danger once her secret was revealed.

Fox had been taking this arrangement quite well, at least that's what it appeared. Sometimes, he could be so distant. Playing this charade was hard for him, and Dana knew that. But he had become a wonderful father.

Behind closed doors, after Leia was asleep, he would even remark occasionally how much he looked forward to becoming a real father one day. He hoped that he would be able to have a daughter as wonderful as Leia. But in a few years, Leia would need her real father to guide her, and her real father was on another planet. Her real father was Luke Skywalker.

Luke. Dana couldn't help how much she missed him, and she was thankful that Fox seemed to understand. She didn't reveal all of her feelings to Fox. That wouldn't be fair to him. So, only when Fox was away and Leia was asleep, that Dana would play the last holovid Luke had sent her. The latest one never ceased to amaze her. Placing the crystal into the black box she had received three years earlier in the FBI office, she sat on the floor of her room, and waited until a fuzzy then clearer image of a man and a boy illuminated the room.

"Dantana, it has been so long since we last saw each other. I have thought of you every single day of our separation, helped by a constant reminder of what we were for such a short time on Earth. Dantana, this is our son, Will. I wish you could meet him, you would be so proud. And I only hope that I will be able to come to Earth soon, so I can look upon Leia with my own eyes. I'm sure she is every bit as beautiful as you are."

Dana couldn't help but compare Leia and Will every time she viewed this message. Leia was blond and blue-eyed, like her father, and showed signs that she would share Dana's cool, analytical temperament once she got older. Will's hair, even through the hazy transmission, blazed like a Summer sunset. And every couple of seconds, he would fidget, and look up at his father. Dana couldn't help but smile at this. His behavior reminded her of Luke when he was younger.

And still, the differences went on. If the two children ever met (and Luke promised her that one day they would) there would be such a culture clash. Dana doubted they would believe they were actually related.

Dana at first had trouble believing that herself. Will was dressed in a simple, white, robe-like garment, and wore a small set of boots. Leia had a wardrobe straight out of The Gap for Kids, hardly close to the serious Jedi garb her father (and Dana sometimes) wore.

Dana sighed. Will was a beautiful boy, and she knew he was being raised well. She knew that someday they would be reunited. What she didn't know was that while she had been deep in thought, Leia had gotten out of bed and had seen at least the better half of the projection.

"Mommy? What's this?"

"Oh, no. Oh, God," Dana thought aloud. "Leia, you're dreaming. Go back to your room, honey."

"No, Mommy. I'm awake. Who's that? How come that man knows my name? Who's that boy he's with?"

Dana bit her lip in frustration. How could she tell her? This wasn't at all like how she had hoped Leia would find out.

"Leia, come here, and sit on my lap. This isn't going to be easy for me, and I trust that someday, you will find what I'm about to tell you to be far more interesting than any other bedtime story that I have ever told you before."

Dana drew the blanket over her daughter and turned off the light. Leia had listened intently, then had promptly fell asleep, without any questions. Dana didn't know if this meant the child had understood everything, or nothing.

She went into the living room and turned on the CD player as she went past. She also lifted up a small picture frame.

For a long time, she sat on the couch, gazing at the picture she held in her hands. In it, Luke stood holding the twins, and he was smiling at the camera. It had been taken two weeks before he'd left.

She ached with longing for him. She wanted him so badly that it hurt. Dana needed him, and he wasn't there.

A tear fell to the glass as she listened to the lyrics of the song playing.

Lately I've been trying
To fill up my days since you're gone
The speed of love is blinding
And I didn't know how to hold on

My mind won't clear
I'm out of tears
My heart's got no room left inside
How many dreams will end
How long can I pretend
How many times will love pass me by
Until I find you again

Dana hugged the picture frame to her and started to cry in earnest, curling in a ball on the cushions.

Will the arms of hope surround me
Will time be a fairweather friend
Should I call out to angels
Or just drink myself sober again

I can't hide it's true
I still burn for you
Your memory just won't let me go
How many dreams will end
How long can I pretend
How many times will love pass me by
Until I find you again

I'd hold you tighter
Closer than ever before
No flame would burn brighter
If I could touch you once more

Hold you once more

How many dreams will end
How long can I pretend
How many times will love pass me by
Until I find you again

The door opened and Fox Mulder walked in as the last notes died away. He found his wife on the sofa, all in tears, and pulled her into his arms. "Dana, honey, what's wrong?"

She didn't answer until she'd stopped hiccuping. Sniffling, she said, "Fox, I told Leia the truth."

He sighed. "I knew you were going to have to, one day. But why now?"

"I was looking at the holovid earlier tonight. I thought she was asleep. She came in and saw it."

"Holovid?" Fox asked.

Dana went to her room and pulled out the black box. She carried it into the kitchen and inserted the crystal into it. The image of Luke came up again.

"Dantana, it has been so long since we last saw each other. I have thought of you every single day of our separation, helped by a constant reminder of what we were for such a short time on Earth. Dantana, this is our son, Will. I wish you could meet him, you would be so proud. And I only hope that I will be able to come to Earth soon, so I can look upon Leia with my own eyes. I'm sure she is every bit as beautiful as you are."

Fox put his face in his hands. "What now?"

"I don't know, Fox." Dana got up and went around to his chair and rubbed his shoulders. "I don't know."

He sat up and reached around her to pull her onto his lap. "So is this where it ends?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

He sighed and looked out the window. "I mean, if he were to appear tomorrow, would you stay with me, or go with him, Dana?"

She bit her lip. "I- I don't know."

Fox turned back to her. "I think you do know, Dana. I think that if he were to come for you, you'd go gladly."

It was Dana's turn to look away. "I thought we could make it work, Fox. I really thought we could. But now I'm sure that nothing can save our marriage, no matter how hard we try. Maybe we should stop trying. Leia knows you're not her father. What am I supposed to do if he *does* come? What would I tell Leia?"

She sighed and looked at the ceiling. "I did this. And at least I can do something about it now."

Dana left work early one afternoon early in June and went by her mother's house to pick up Leia.

The little girl threw her arms around Dana's neck. "Mommy!"

"Hi, Leia."

Margaret Scully stared hard at Dana. "Something's wrong."

Dana put Leia back down and turned to her mother. She took her mother's arm and led her into the other room. "Mom, Fox and I might be splitting up."

Maggie wasn't too happy about this development. She knew who Leia's real father was, of course, but she loved Fox like her son. He'd been there for her when Dana had been abducted, and when she'd nearly died in the hospital. She couldn't understand how Dana could not love her husband.

"Why, Dana?"

"Because I had to tell Leia about her father, and Fox has gotten really strange about it." Dana twisted her wedding band, an elaborate diamond that had cost Fox half his paycheck just to make a deposit on. She would have preferred a simple band. "I also think he's seeing a woman named Michelle."

Maggie watched her daughter for a long time, then asked, "Does he hurt you?"

"No. If he did, I'd probably kill him. Mom, should I go through with the divorce? I don't want to be unhappy any more. It's bad enough not being with Luke, but stuck in this marriage, life's hell."

"I would say divorce him and get it over with," Maggie counselled her daughter. "I don't want my baby girl to be unhappy."

"Mom, I'm 37!" Dana laughed.

"I know that, honey. Now get home and feed that daughter of yours."

Fifteen minutes later, Dana parked the car next to an unfamiliar looking car and got out. As she walked past, Dana glanced at the license plate, which read "LFL".

Inside the apartment building, she got a prickly feeling on the back of her neck as she reached the apartment. Cautiously, she checked the door. It was unlocked.

Pushing the door open, she stepped inside, placing herself in front of Leia. Unconsciously, she pulled her lightsaber from her belt as she entered.

A sense of almost raw power emanated from the living room. She only knew two people that strong, and those were Luke, and the man he'd unwillingly trained, George Lucas. If it was George, that would explain the Lucasfilm license plate on the car outside.

But George didn't have a key to her apartment. In the 11 years she'd had the apartment, she'd only given keys to her mother, Fox, Melissa, and Luke . . . Luke was on Yavin at the Jedi Academy (or as he called it, praxeum), galaxies away and centuries apart, though, and Melissa was dead.

She stepped into the living room and stood frozen. A man stood at the mantle, his back to her. He was dressed all in black, his hands were clasped behind his back. The right one was covered with a black leather glove. All she could see of his features was dark blonde hair the same color as Leia's.

He turned around. His eyes were blue, like she knew they would be. She wanted to speak, to say something, but she could barely breath. Her heart was pounding wildly and it felt like it would jump out of her chest at any moment.

"Well, aren't you going to say hello?" Luke Skywalker asked.

When Fox came home two hours later, Dana was waiting for him.

"Fox, I've decided to get a divorce," she announced as he hung up his coat. "And I know about Michelle."

"If this is about Michelle, I can explain."

"This isn't about Michelle. Well, maybe in part. I've been having a hard time with the marriage from the start, and you know it. But with Leia knowing the truth about her father, and- I just can't pretend to be happy anymore. And, well . . . "

Fox sighed. "I understand."

He sat down on the couch. "I just didn't think it would be this soon."

"I know. But things have come up, and, um . . . "

"Leia down!" Leia piped up from where Luke stood in the doorway, holding his daughter.

As Luke put her down, Fox said, "I should have known."

"Hello, Mulder."


"Fox, I- I'd decided on the divorce before Luke arrived this afternoon. Please don't think it's solely because of him," Dana said.

"That's all right, Dana. I'll just leave you two alone." Fox walked to the door and grabbed his coat off the rack. The door shut with a click as he left.

"I'm sorry, Kelly. I've got to go." Michelle Brimhall hung up the phone and ran to the door. She pulled it open a crack. "Yes?"

"Michelle?" Fox put his hand against the door and pushed it wider.

"Fox? What's wrong? You look horrible!" Michelle caught the faint scent of something alcoholic. *And drunk,* she added silently.

"My wife just dumped me," he sighed heavily. "I knew it was going to happen, but not so soon!"

His eyes focused, then refocused on her face. "We're getting a divorce. Leia's father's come back, and Dana's gone back to him."

"Hmm. Sounds like you've had a rough day." Michelle motioned for him to sit as she went into the kitchen. She fixed him some herbal tea and came back. She handed him the mug. "I was just talking to my sister. Her baby boy just started walking."

"My sister's missing," Fox said, leaning back against the cushions. He stared up at the ceiling.

"Yeah, I heard about Samantha. How long has it been?"

"Not quite twenty-nine years," he sat up and his vision swam. "She'd be . . . uh . . . "

"Thirty-seven?" Michelle supplied helpfully.

"Yeah. That's it! Thirty-seven," he set the mug on the coffee table, stared at it for a moment, then passed out.

"Mm. I can't believe you're here," Dana whispered as she and Luke lay in bed a few nights later.

"Well, I am, so you'd better get used to it," Luke said. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

They were silent for a long while, breathing in time with each other. Cars passed by on the street outside, and a siren wailed in the distance. It began to rain outside the window, droplets hitting the glass.

"I used the hate the rain," he said. He twirled a few strands of her hair in his fingers. "I grew up on Tatooine, you know, and it only rains there when it's time for the harvest."

"What did you harvest on the farm?"

"Water. We had special machines that manipulated what little moisture there was in the air. Anyway, I hated it because it reminded me that I had to go one more year without entering the Academy."

"What Academy are you talking about?"

"Imperial Naval Academy. But I got involved in something much better than that. I became part of the Rebellion, received the rest of my Jedi training, and a whole lot more."

Dana rolled onto her back and watched the shadows shift across the ceiling. "What are we going to do, Luke?"

"I'm going to take you and Leia back with me, and we're going to go to Coruscant, and introduce you to my sister," Luke said. "And then, we're going to get married."

"Is that supposed to be a proposal?" Dana asked with a laugh.

"What, do you want something more formal? You should have seen the way Han proposed to Leia. He offered her seven days in his presence to see if she wanted to marry him or Prince Isolder, whom she was engaged to, and after six days, he said she could be let out of the arrangement." Luke thought back on that with a smile. Han had actually kidnapped Leia and dragged her to Dathomir, 17 years before. Their oldest children, Jacen and Jaina, were now 16.

"What did Leia do?" Dana asked.

"She wouldn't let him out of it. They got married six weeks later, and now have three children."

"That's a nice story. But about your supposed proposal . . . ?"

Luke slid out from under the covers and knelt next to the bed. "I want to actually say this to you, instead of just assuming. I want it to be official."

Dana stretched out sideways on the bed, on her stomach, and looked over the edge at him. "And?"

Taking her hands in his, he asked, "Dantana, will you marry me? I mean, after your divorce?"

"Of course I will, silly. What did you think I was going to do, say no?"

He just smiled, then reached up and pulled her off the bed onto the floor. She squeaked when she hit the carpet, but then he was lying on top of her. She found herself breathless, not only from having the wind knocked out of her, but also from his nearness.



It was over. The divorce was over, and Dana had secured custody of Leia.

Dana stood up as Luke came over, carrying Leia. "Hi. Well, Fox and I are through. Now, shall we start planning the wedding?"

Before he could answer, the courtroom doors opened and a brunette, of average height, came rushing in. She was dressed in a mauve suit, her dark brown waves pulled back in a French braid. She had hazel eyes.

She went up to Fox and gave him a quick kiss. "Hello, sweetie. Ready to go?"

"Yeah. I want you to meet someone first, 'Chelle," he took her hand and pulled her over to where the small Skywalker family stood. "Michelle, this is Dana, my ex-wife, and her fiance, Luke."

Michelle looked at Dana curiously. "Hello, I'm Michelle Brimhall."

"Pleased to meet you," Dana said politely.

Leia immediately targetted Michelle as someone to pester. "Who're you?"

"I'm Fox's fiancée, Michelle." Michelle smiled at the bold child. "Who are you?"


"Leia what?"

"Leia Skywalker. This is my Daddy." Leia snuggled closer to Luke.

Michelle raised one delicate eyebrow. "Oh? Well, I'm glad I could meet you, Leia." She turned to Fox. "I've got a meeting with Director Skinner in ten minutes. Shall we go?"

As the couple retreated, Dana looked at Luke, and he looked at her. "Definitely his type," she said. "I'm glad I resigned. Let's go."

"McDonald's?" Leia promptly asked.

Luke laughed. "What do you say, Dana?"

"Okay, we'll go to McDonald's."


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