Imagine a situation in which you reveal that the two "sons" that Mulder and Fowley had The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati were real children, not just Mulder's dream.

This might mean setting your story in a universe with an alternate timeline where Mulder and Fowley stayed together; perhaps the boys exist in another dimension altogether and worlds colide; maybe Fowley had the children in secret, using Mulder's DNA without permission; or maybe some of Scully's stolen eggs even found their way to her can probably think of other possibilities too.

Challenge Elements:

-set your fic no earlier than Amor Fati, so during seasons 7-9 or post-series.

-as your fic begins Fowley has the two little boys (note: they look less than two years apart, if they're not supposed to be twins, so keep them close in age) in her possession, or appears to.

-Scully finds out about the boys (unless Mulder and Fowley are married in your fic so she'd already know about them) how does she react?

-don't name the boys after Mulder or Scully's family members. Or Walter.

-Bonus: something bad happens to Fowley. Be creative.

Challenge fics:
Long Day's Journey Into Night by ElleThom
Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile

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