One Each Way Challenge

This is a challenge to write a longer, more involved story than any of the 40 other challenges here demands. You can write anything from a happy fuzzy family fic devoid of even the whiff of an x-file, to a complete farce parodying the family genre and/or the series, to intertwining all events into a dark casefile. It doesn't really matter how you incorporate the challenge elements into your story, just that you do!

There are several common ways Mulder and Scully aquire offspring in fanfiction. Let's enumerate them.
1. They have a child with someone else that they may or may not have been romantically involved with before the series begins
* they have a child with each other before the series begins
* they have a stepchild from a previous marriage

2. They adopt a child

3. They find a hybrid child who, like Emily, was created with Scully's stolen ova (could be that squirming fetus Mulder found in "Emily," but doesn't need to be)

4. Scully leaves the X-Files & Mulder abruptly, and he later learns she was pregnant at the time

5. They have William
* Either Scully or Mulder has a half-alien baby that may or may not survive

6. They have a second miracle baby or more after "The Truth"
* they have a last minute baby post-IWTB/after 2008

No fic, not even the snarkiest family-fic parody, exists that includes all of the ways above...yet.

That's where you come in!

The Challenge:
Write a fanfic that spans a few years, ends post-series, and involves Mulder and Scully building a family by ALL six numbered ways listed above. Six ways = a minimum of six kids by the end of your story. All six kids must be both alive and living with Mulder and Scully at the end.

As our most challenging challenge yet, we have several rules below that you need to follow.

You May Not:
- You may NOT quickly summarize how the children were added to the family (no "Charlie was discovered to be Emily's twin, then they adopted Mattie after Bill and Tara died, and after William was born had twins Bess and Beth...") to get it out of the way. This would be in violation of the premise of the challenge, which is to write a fic about building that family
- You may NOT use a child to cover more than one way. (lil' Charlie can't be a hybrid and adopted both)

You May:
- You MAY shuffle around the order of one through six as long as all are included (obviously number 1 happens first chronologically, but can be revealed at any point in your story)
- You MAY include Emily not dying as long as you have another child for #3
- You MAY include any or all astrix'd ways, BUT not in lieu of 1-6. So in addition to one-six, not instead of (One *'d kid = seven kids total, two = eight...)
- You MAY include multiple children for any way listed above, but again not in lieu of any of the other ways. One child each per way 1-6 is the minimum you're expected to create, there is no upper limit.
- As hinted at above you MAY defy the expectation we have for silly/snarky family fics given the requirements, if you can make and want to these things into an angst fic instead, feel free. (as long as you have a living kid for each of the six ways above in the end, you can include additional ones to kill others off)
- You MAY also kill off any astrix'd children that you choose to include in the fic, as they're "bonus" children
- You MAY tell the story in flashbacks

Challenge fics:

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