It Wasn't His Child Challenge

I think it's fair to say that I'm not the only person who has met some really great step-parents. These are the type of people who love their spouse's child so well that you forget that the kid doesn't share their DNA.

Your challenge is to have a male X-Files character think that someone else's child hung the moon: specifically the child of their love interest. It could be a woman's child by an ex, a recently discovered Emily-like child who isn't also Mulder's offspring (or an Emily-lives AU), or the woman could be pregnant through IVF or a relationship (good or bad) with another man, or a story about Bill Mulder and Fox. These are just suggestions, I'm sure you could think of more.

If your muse insists that it'd be better for a female X-Files character to be put in the position of falling in love with someone else's child (and their dad, of course. Or mom, actually: we do accept slash fic) instead, well, who are we to argue? Go for it.

Challenge fics:

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