Title: Who Am I?
Author: Starbuckmsr
Date: April 6, 2002
Keywords: Mulder/Scully married
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They all belong to CC, 1013, and Fox.

Summary: Mulder and Scully adopted a baby girl Seanta, after 15 years Seanta finds out that she's adopted. Scully finds out who her real parents are.

August 18, 1996
Washington State Court

They sat there listening to the judge explain to them what it means to be a parent, like they didn't already know. They meet her two years ago when she was one, right then they fell in love with her. At that moment they wanted to take her home with them, to live with then forever, to be their daughter forever, they loved her with all their hearts.

With her mother in the back of the room, she too was hoping, no preying that her baby girl and her husband got their little girl they wanted so badly.

"Agent Mulder, Agent Scully I hope that this little girl will bring you both love and happiness, congratulations."

"Thank you sir, thank you so much."

They turned to each other and embraced crying with the joy that they now have the daughter they always wanted she would never be taking away from them.

Scully ran to pick up her new daughter in her arms, she loved her and never wanted her to leave.

"Seanta, we're coming home with us, you're coming home for the last time, I love you honey."

"I love you mommy. I love you daddy"

12 years later

Friday June 15, 2008
Express way 90

"Dad why can't I?"

"Because you're to young when your 18 and out on your own or still living with us then you can."

"It's only my nose it's not a big deal."

"Seanta I don't want to talk about it right now."

"Whatever, I'll just ask mom she'll let me."

For the rest of the way, neither Mulder or Seanta said a word, they had been arguing about her wanting a nose piercing for weeks and Mulder had told her no but she wanted one and knew that she was going to get one either with her parents permission or not.

F.B.I Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C

"I'll go in and get her then we'll meet you at the restaurant okay?"

"Okay but don't be to long."


Seanta walked off into the FBI, waiting for her mother to go to lunch with her father and her. After looking everywhere for her Seanta decide to leave a note on her mothers front window telling her that they will be at the restaurant waiting for her.

"Excuse me what are you doing?"

"What? Oh sorry mom I couldn't find you so I was just going to leave a note on your car telling you that we will meet you at the restaurant."

"Well you found me now."

"Yup. Are you ready that way dad doesn't have to wait every long?"

"Yup, just have to stop off at the hospital and drop off these records of the latest corpses I had to autopsy. You want to come in with me?"

"Sure nothing like the morgue."

Walking back to her car Scully remember the first time she and Mulder had brought Seanta home with them to see if she would fit in with then and how she would react around them.

"Mom, you know how I want to get a nose piercing right?"

"Yes and your dad already said no."

"I know but please, I mean it's a lot better then a tattoo, I know you have one a tattoo that is, dad told me about it and how you got it. So please can I have one please please please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

"What? When did he tell you? Never mind I don't want to know, I'll try and talk to your dad, but I still don't like the idea of you having your nose pierced, I mean it's a boggy catcher."

"I have to clean it and I will put other ones in after a while."

"I'll talk to your father but I don't think he will let you."

"Ok thank ya."

The rest of the way was silent, no one spoke. Seanta read the report on the persons

Miss. April Manner
Age: 34
Born: May 12 1974
Children: daughter given up for adoption in 1991, son born 1995, age

Mr. Bryan Carter
Age: 35
Born: September 30 1973
Children: daughter given up for adoption in 1990, sons born 1995, 2001 ages 13, 7

General Hospital

They pulled up to the main doors and headed for the morgue.

"I'm Special Agent Scully and I supposed to drop off these report records of Miss. April Manner and Mr. Bryan Carter, they were brought in about 2 hours ago."

"Oh yes um I can take then and give then to the coroners for you."

"Hey Mary what room to you want me to put Miss. Manner?"

"Ok umm exam room 2 and Mr. Carter in exam room 3."


"Thank you. You ready honey? Seanta, honey are you okay?"

"What? Yes I'm fine sorry."

"We better get going so we can meet your dad."

"Yeah ok."

Burger Burger Restaurant

They walked in together Scully in front of her, she couldn't think straight her thoughts kept bring her back to the report she read about the couple who her mother had autopsied.

She couldn't remember when it was, when she was giving up for adoption from her parents. Could they have been her parents, could those people her mother was talking about be her biological parents?

"Where were you Scully I have been waiting for almost half an hour?"

"Sorry Mulder I had to drop off some paper work at the morgue."

"Ok well I order us burgers, two ice tea's and one diet coke."

"Thanks babe. Seanta are you okay honey you haven't said another since we left the hospital?"

Scully didn't get a reposed, Seanta wasn't paying attention to what her mom was asking her.

"Seanta are you still mad at me that you're taking it out on your mother?"

Shaking her Seanta didn't realize that her parents were talking to her, it was like she was in outer space.

"Seanta answer me now."

"I'm sorry I have to go."

"Seanta wait where are you going? Seanta? Mulder what happen to her she was fine earlier?"

"I don't know, I'll go after her wait here."

Turning to watch Mulder run after their daughter, Scully worried that something was happening to her baby girl that she couldn't help her with.

Running after Seanta, Mulder wish that her daughter didn't run so fast.

"Seanta stop now I mean it. What is wrong with you? Are you okay?"

"No. No I'm not okay. Dad when was I giving up for adoption?"

"1990 why? Seanta what's going on, are you in some kind of trouble?"

"No I'm not in trouble, dad do you still have access to the checks on people at the FBI?"

"No but your mom can and she has it on her laptop why?"

"I need her to find something out."

"Why don't we go back in and we can talk about this later at home."


Back inside.

"Seanta are you okay?"

"Yes sorry mom I didn't mean to scary you."

"Just promise me that you want run out like that again."

"Promise, lets eat I'm getting hungry."

For the rest of the meal they talked about how their day was going and what they wanted to do for the weekend.

Mulder's residence

Entering the house Scully was still worried about Seanta after lunch, she went back to work and Mulder and Seanta went home. She had called Mulder to see how she was doing and he told her that when they had gotten home from lunch she went straight to her room. She hadn't been out since. Walking into the kitchen where Mulder was getting supper ready for Scully and himself, knowing that Seanta wasn't up to eating tonight.

"How is she?"

"Well she hasn't been down since we got home like I told you earlier, she hasn't even come out to get food or even go to the bathroom. I really think something is wrong. When we were driving home she kept whispering something like Carter, Manner and 1990, what do they mean?"

"She was saying Carter, Manner and 1990?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Miss April Manner, Mr. Bryan Carter they had a daughter and they gave her up in 1990."

"Who are they?"

"They're that people who I did an autopsy on. I think Seanta thinks that they are her biological parents."

"They might be, we never meet then when adopted her, and that would make then what her mother 19 and her father 20 when they had her?"

"Yes, they also had a son he's 13 and Cater and another son only 7 that means that Seanta could have a brothers or maybe not."

"You know come to think about it, she asked me if I still had access to the FBI checks and I told her no but that you do and you have it on your laptop."

"She wants to find her biological parents Mulder."

Staring at each other they went silent, they could hear clicking of keys coming from Seanta's room.

When they got home she went straight to her room, making her dad think that she was going to go to sleep or something, but after about ten minutes she stuck out of her room into her parents room to get her mom's laptop and then went back into hers. She had to find out if the people of Miss Manner and Mr. Carter were her parents. She knew she had to be quickly cause her mom would be home soon.

She found the program she needed and started.

Name: April Manner.

A picture of April came up and info about this person.

1987- arrested for stolen property, insulting a police officer
1997- arrested for breaking and entering
2000- arrested for brutally again in 2001
2006- arrested for stolen property


Mother: Patty Wright
Father: Michael Manner
Siblings: Brother Grey, Sister Joanne
Children: Daughter given up for adoption in 1990, son age 13

After reading about this April person she didn't know let if this person was really her mother or not. Next she did Carter.

Name: Bryan Carter

Again a picture came of him.

1986- arrested for stolen property and again in 2006
1998- arrested for insulting a citizen with a weapon


Mother- Emily Carter
Father- Darren Carter
Siblings- Sisters Laura and Bebra, Brother Daniel
Children- Daughter given up for adoption in 1990, sons ages 13 and 7 born 1995, 2001

She read that the man who was with Manner had another son who was only 7 years old, she thought to her self ' I could have not only 1 brother like I thought but 2 one biological one half'. She heard a noise coming up the starts. She quickly packed up her mom's laptop and pushed it under her bed and got into bed herself pretending that she was asleep.

They open the door to find her sleeping, the stayed there and watched her sleep, after about five minutes they closed the door and went back down stairs.

She heard then leave, she had to print off the pages very fast and then put the laptop back in her parents room.

Saturday June 16, 2008

They sat at the kitchen table looking at back ground checks done by their daughter.

"Why Mulder? Why the hell did she do this?"

He didn't answer, and even if he did he didn't know what to say to her, maybe something like 'Maybe she wants to meet then' but even if she tried she wouldn't be able to. They're dead. 5 feet under the ground in probably 2 more days after they family comes and clams.

"Scully what if they really were her biological parents I mean she's gonna want to know her other family, her real family."

"Oh my God, how could you say that? That she would want to know her REAL family. Mulder we are her real family, we're the ones that raised her from the age of 1 practically. It's been 14 years that we have clothe her, fed her, sent her to school to get an education, loved her, cared for her, Mulder we did everything for that girl and all you can say is that she wants to fine her real family? I can't believe you. I'm leaving till you can figure out what we have really done for that girl that I didn't name off, until then I'm going to my mothers."

Grabbing her things Scully left, this wasn't their first fight they have had but this was the worse one they have had.

She was listening to then fight, she knew it was because of her, they had come into her room either last night or early this morning. She couldn't stand it; she hated to hear then fight.

She could remember when her biological parents fought, she doesn't remember they're faces but she remembered when they fought.


"Jesus, you don't understand do you? They are taking our little girl away from us. What the hell are you going to do? I'm just don't going to let then take Seanta."

"Well we can't run any more because they already have parents for her, they're the FBI. We can't run they will traces us down like wild animals then put us in jail again. I'm not going back for running I'm sorry I'm not."

"Fuck nooooooooo, fuck you, fuck you, they can't take her god damn it they can't. They have no right, she's ours, she belongs to us, I'm going to kill then."


She listened to her mom take off in the car, she had to stop her but it was too late.

Seanta walked into the kitchen where Mulder was sitting.

"Dad, I'm sorry I made you guys yell."

"Seanta it's not your fault, it's just your mom and I found these in your room. Do you really want to find then?"

"Yes, but I don't want to go back to then I want to stay here with my real family. They may be my biological family but you's have raised me since I was 1. I want to talk to mom please."

"Sure, I'll drive you over."

Maggie Scully's Residence

She reached her location she needed. Getting out of the car, something fell out of the driver's door. It was a note. It read 'You stole our little girl now we want her back, and weren't not giving up till you do bitch'.

She sat there looking at the note it's didn't look new, it looked 3 or 4 years old.

Scully knocked at the door. What she didn't know was that her family were all down. Bill and his family and Charlie as well. She couldn't remember the last time she saw then all.

Her mother answered the door.

"Dana honey how... Dana what's wrong is everything okay?"

"April Manner and Bryan Carter, are her biological parents."

"Whose parents, what are you talking about? Come in."

"Aunt Day."

"Mathew honey Aunt Dana isn't really feeling well right know okay so why don't you go back out side with everyone else for grandma okay?"

"Okta ganma."

"Sit here and I'll be right back."

After about 5 minutes Maggie came back with tea and teacups.

"Now what happen who's parents are April Manners and Bryan... Seanta."

Crying in her mothers arms, Scully couldn't handle this right know, what everyone didn't know was that Scully was pregnant and didn't know if the baby was going got live or not, she hadn't even told Mulder about it.

"Yes mom Seanta's biological parents, I just did an autopsy on 3 days ago, she has 2 brothers, one biological, one half. I don't know what do to, I want her to know then but something inside me tells me not to let her find then.."

"Dana, Seanta is your baby and will always be no matter what people think."

"Mom I found out yesterday at work that the people I did the autopsy on are Seanta's biological ."

"Oh my God, does Fox now?"


"Dan you have to tell him."

"No mom I don't I mean Seanta means everything to him."

"He does have a right to know and so does Seanta."

"I now they do but I don't know how to tell then both."

"Dana! Mathew said you were here why didn't you come into the back. What's going on? Day what happen, did he hit you? Believe me if he did I'll kill him Dana."

"Fuck off Bill you always think Mulder did something to me when ever I come over and I'm crying. It wasn't Mulder, it's Seanta."

"Is she okay?"

"I don't know, I can't answer for her I'm not her mother."

"Dana! Don't say that, you are her mother. Bill will you please leave us? Thank you."

Turning, Bill walked back out into the back yard where everyone was.


"Hey Billy, who's here?"


"Why doesn't she come on back and get something to eat?"

"Because she's talking to mom."


"None of your business."



When they pulled up to the house Seanta got out and walked to the door, knock and waited.

"I'll get it."

Maggie got up off the couch and answered the door only to find the lease person there.

"Come in. She's on the sofa."

Seanta didn't say a word just smiled at her grandma. She walked over to her mom, with her back towards her. She placed a hand on her shoulder. Scully turned to look into her eyes.

"I'm sorry mom."

They embraced crying together. Maggie watched her daughter and granddaughter sharing a hug in her living room. She left to give then space to talk. She could see Mulder out in the car, and walked to him.

"Fox, would you like to come into the back and get something to eat?"

"Sure thank you Mrs.Scully."

She smiled at her son-in-law. They walked together into the back of the house to join the rest of the family.

"Mom I just wanted to say that if you don't want to me find them then I want."

"Seanta, I found then. You remember the people April and Bryan right? Well they're your real parents. "

"Mom just because you found then doesn't make a difference to me your still my mom and dad's still my dad."

She smiles, a smile Scully had never seen before. They walked into the back yard, Mulder was sitting will Charlie and Amy, talking. Bill was out in the yard playing with the kids.

Mulder got up out of his chair and walked over to Scully.

"I'm sorry for yelling, I didn't mean it."

"I know you didn't we were both angry, and so we took it out on each other."

"Would you like to come sit down have a beer?"


The End


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