In these fics agents adopt children. Some are related to them by blood, others are not.

Mulder and/or Scully

Adagio II: Less Than More by Johnie

After the Future by Donna

Ahead of Twilight by TexxasRose

And The Music Touched Her by shainagirl

The Angel by AngelofX

Anything For You by Arca H

At The Beginning by Devin

A Birthday at Christmas by Duane Barry

Changes by JadedDana

Christmas Time is Here Again by hellogoodbye57

The Chosen Ones by crookshanksthe1st

Dana's Dreamland by Empress Vader

A Day In The Life Of Dana by Geri H

Diamonds are Forever by Ishmael

Divido by Kinados

Doom Child series by Neoxphile

Doppler Effect by N.Y. Smith

Eines Tages by Revilo Witts

The Emilys by Rocketman (Mulder adopts Scully's daughter)

End of the Beginning by Egyptian Princess of 1290 bc

Everlasting by Cathey Scully

Everlasting Miracle by DScully141

Fade To Midnight by TexxasRose

Family Ties and Family Ties II by Nikki

The Final Piece by Empress Vader

Genesis Project by aRcaDIaNFall$

Goodwill Towards Men and The Winterlong Series by Neoxphile (Same children in both)

Heirlooms by LaurelSolo

the Help Me series by Ophelia K

Her Father's Eyes by Michelle Kiefer

It's Life: One More Life Ladyhawk

It's A Wonderful Life by RocketMan

The Journalist by Kayla Ariev

Last One Standing by mabtng

Life Changes by Katilina

Lilac's Last Bloom by Kate Mulder

Making of a Family - X-Files Style by Sara B.

Max Files by Empress Vader

Misbegotten Sons by Neoxphile

Mulder's Pot of Gold by Doriane Scott

My Family by Spookster

My Name Is Christmas Carole by Kristen Kilar

The Other Road by Melissa G.

Proof of Love by Cassandra Lange

Quis Si by Trixie

Reflections by Rhondda Lake

Sarah Companion: Alice by Patty Hayes (foster child)

Saturday by andreakayy

Sacrifices by Enigmaticblue

Spectrum by the idiosyncratic stanwyck

Summer Weekend Getaway by Scullystar

There's a Way by Andrea

The Time For Miracles by Carol Gritton

This Fragile Universe by Neoxphile (sort of)

The Third Miracle by Scullyrules5

Time by Eve

Up In Flames by Rotem Shahar

Uragiru by penelopody

Waiting by Dreamshaper

When The Bough Breaks by Jennifer L. Frye

Where There's a Will by Andrea

Who Am I? by Starbuckmsr

William Long-Ears by Myriss

Wrapped in Wind by Rocketman

Doggett and/or Reyes

Beyond The Truth series by Neoxphile (Gibson)

The Family G-Man by Felinefemme and Neoxphile (Gibson)

The Family G-Man: One Fine Summer by FelineFemme and Neoxphile

A Friend In Need by Green Eyed Soul

Goodwill Towards Men and The Winterlong Series by Neoxphile (Same children in both)

Starkweather series - season two by Scully3776 and SpookyKat (Doggett fosters William)

Via Sub Rosa by Scifinerdgrl (Doggett and Reyes foster Gibson)

Via Sub Rosa II: Children of the Via by Scifinerdgrl (Doggett and Reyes foster Gibson and William)

You're My Home by Annie Wright (Gibson)

Other Characters

Maggie Scully

Makeshift Grandson by Neoxphile

Samskara by Susan72869


2012 - The Return by lsgrimm91

Compromised by AmazonX (m/m slash)

In Death, there is Life by Josan

Suddenly A Parent by Kyouryoku Senshi (niece)

Teenage Girls Series by Xandra (niece and nephew)

Undercover Miracle by Billie Reid

The White Picket Fences Series by Batela (m/m slash)

Marita Covarrubias

Consolation by Neoxphile

I Believe by Deslea R. Judd


The Erin Series by RaEnright

Genesis Project by aRcaDIaNFall$

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