Title: Rescue Mission
Author: Susan
Classification: vignette Keyword: Mulder angst
Spoilers: Providence
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. I wish they did.

Summary: He would do it for his son.

Author's notes: I'm not really sure what I think about Providence as a whole, but in *my* X-Files world, it was Mulder who saved William from being killed in the fire at the end of the episode.

He stood in the dark and waited.

He knew he had only one chance, only one moment to do what had to be done.

But he would do it.

He would shoot everyone there if he had to, kill them with his bare hands if he had to, but he would do it.

He would do it for his son.

He stood in the dark and waited.

William began to cry, and he wanted to go to him right then, but he knew that he had to wait for the right opportunity.

All of a sudden, the ship began to rise and the lights became brighter and he could feel the ground moving beneath him. And then it rose even higher and the lights turned to fire and William's screams pierced the orange night sky.

And it was time.

Surprising the woman from behind, he grabbed his son from her arms and pushed her to the ground, where she instantly burst into flames.

He shielded William from the heat and ran as fast as his legs would carry him, knowing that he couldn't really take him away from all of this yet, but wishing he could all the same.

And when he got away from the worst of the fire, he looked down into his son's eyes and memorized every inch of his face, and then kissed his cheek, savoring the feel of his soft warm skin beneath his lips.

Tears streamed down his face as he hugged William one more time, told him that he loved him, then carefully set him down on the ground in a safe place where she could find him.

And just as he knew she would, she did.

Watching her as she clutched their son to her chest, he wanted more than anything to go to the two of them, to put his arms around them and never let go.

But he knew he couldn't.

Not yet.

And so he stood in the dark and waited.




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