Season Eight Missing Scenes Challenge Pack

Season eight has several episodes with "missing" scenes. We are left to assume that key events happened off screen, which is less than satifying. Try your hand at writing a fic that fills in a gap.

In chronological order...

Invocation: Other Children Lost

The Billy Underwood case involved a lost child. Both Scully and Doggett had already lost a child by that point too: Emily and Luke. Write a story that includes a scene where one or both of them think about their own loss. Optional: also include a scene with one discussing their loss with the other.

Challenge fics:
Empathy by Kyouryoku Senshi

DeadAlive: Coping

There are three months missing from this episode. Write a fic set between Mulder's funeral and resurrection about how Scully feels about facing parenthood without his help and support.

Challenge fics:
Don’t Give Up On Me by Kyouryoku Senshi

Three Words: Telling Mulder

At some point Scully must have told Mulder who the baby's father is. Write a fic that includes a scene with this happening.

Challenge fics:
I Just Wanna Run by RLO
Blue Eyes Behind Gray Bars by RLO
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda by Kyouryoku Senshi

Empedocles: Call 911

Inspired by a request: write a fic that bridges the gap between Mulder asking the pizza guy to call 911 and their arrival at the hospital.

Challenge fics:
Nothing Says Love Like Something From the Oven by RLO
Our Baby by Kyouryoku Senshi

Three people in the past few months have asked for the exact same thing at Haven, so I thought I'd make a challenge just for them.

Your challenge:
- Write a missing-scene fic that fills in the gap* between Mulder finding Scully and Reyes in Democrat Hot Springs, and him ending up at her apartment to see her holding the baby.

* here's an episode transcript for reference:

Challenge fics:
A New Beginning by Kyouryoku Senshi

Existence-Nothing Important Happened Today: The Decision

At some point between the kiss in Existence and the shower in Nothing Important Happened Today, Mulder and Scully looked at their new baby and decided that his safety depended on Mulder leaving. Write a fic that explores how the decision came about.

Challenge fics:
Tomorrow’s Promise by Kyouryoku Senshi

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