Title: All That Matters
Author: Susan
Classification: vignette, sequel to "Rescue Mission"
Keyword: Mulder angst
Spoilers: Providence Archive: No. Disclaimer: This character doesn't belong to me. I wish he did.

Author's notes: It is because of your overwhelming response to "Rescue Mission" that I decided to write this. Thanks for the inspiration.:)

Summary: He only remembers what matters.

He doesn't remember driving back to his crappy motel room.

He doesn't remember standing in the shower with his clothes still on and watching the black ashes swirling down the drain.

But he remembers the way William looked at him as he carried him to safety.

He doesn't remember peeling off his wet clothes and throwing them in the trash can.

He doesn't remember sitting naked on the bed with his knees pressed up against his chest or how the springs squeaked as he rocked back and forth.

But he remembers William's tiny fingers reaching up to touch his nose as he held him to his chest.

He doesn't remember the way his tears burned as they slid down his blistered cheeks.

And he still isn't quite sure when or how he managed to put on his pajamas.

But he remembers the look on Scully's face as she carefully picked William up off the ground.

He doesn't remember falling asleep clutching the only photo he has of all three of them.

And he doesn't remember all the times he woke up during the night in a cold sweat.

But he remembers that he got there in time to save his son's life.

And that's all that matters.


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