Title: Our Parents
Author: Angela W.
Category: MSR/Mytharc/Alternate Universe
Rating: PG
Timespan/Spoilers: Basically, assume everything up through "Existence" (at the end of season eight) occurred but then Mulder and Scully's lives took a sharp detour after that.
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions.
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Summary: This is sort of a sequel to "Our Story", which I wrote in 2016; however, I'd really be interested in feedback from people who haven't read that one, to see how this comes across as a standalone story.

Note: The "movie" referenced here is not really based on any specific movie, just a hodgepodge of common themes in several recent movies.

William Carter clicked the key fob to unlock the minivan as he and his sister, Sally, walked through the parking lot after the movie. It was a bit embarrassing to be 16 and driving a minivan to go see a movie with your sister on a Friday night, he thought. On the other hand, the movie had been good and this was the first time his parents had let him drive into Tulsa - the nearest reasonably large city - without one or the other of them going along. And, while he realized it would be social suicide to admit it, he actually kind of liked hanging out with Sally; they were so busy now that they were both in high school that they didn't always get to spend as much time together as they had when they were younger.

"The movie was cool," Sally said as she settled into the front passenger seat. "Wouldn't it be fun if found out our family had some sort of deep, dark secret like that?"

"Sometimes I think maybe we do," William replied.

"What are you talking about?" Sally asked with a laugh. "We're so normal, it's boring. We've lived in the same little town in Oklahoma all our lives. Mom and Dad are professors at the community college. It's not even like we could possibly be adopted or changelings or something, as you look just like Dad and I look just like Mom."

"Well, technically, we haven't lived in Oklahoma all our lives," William said. "You have, but I was actually born in California; according to my birth certificate and what Mom and Dad have told us."

"I'll admit California sounds sort of exotic compared to Oklahoma," Sally answered. "But, as you've just pointed out, Mom and Dad have always been open about the fact that they lived in California for the first couple of years they were married and that you were born there; so I hardly think it can be considered a secret."

"Yeah, but have you ever really considered how little we know about Dad's life prior to when he came to Oklahoma? He doesn't have any family other than us and Mom and he doesn't even seem to have any old friends from high school or college or wherever that he's kept in contact with; which seems kind of weird, considering he was over 30 when I was born and they moved to Oklahoma."

"Wouldn't the same thing apply to Mom?"

"No, Mom's different," he replied with a shake of his head as he slowly eased out of the parking lot. "Because of Grandma; her own mother was alive up until a couple of years ago and we saw her on a regular basis. We heard lots of stories about Mom's childhood and stuff from Grandma."

"But Dad's explained all about that," Sally said with a roll of her eyes. "He had a sister, but his sister and his father were killed in a car accident when he was a teenager. And then his mother died of cancer when he was in college; well, graduate school. It's sad, but it's not mysterious."

"I still think it's odd," William replied. "You'd think he'd have cousins or childhood friends or friends from college or somebody who'd known him longer than Mom has; the way Mom had Grandma. Also, I think Dad is bit older than the 51 he says he is; like about 55 or so."

"Why in the world would you think that?" his sister demanded. "And how could you even tell? Once somebody is older than about 45 or and younger than, like, 70, they pretty much look the same."

"We were talking about the Apollo 11 moon landing the other day. And Dad was talking about watching it on television, like he remembered it. But he was born - or says he was born - in November of 1966; which would mean he would have been only two years old at the time of the Apollo 11 moon landing during the summer of 1969. So he couldn't possibly remember it! The way he was talking, he was more like six or seven when it took place."

"He probably watched some other moon landing on TV when he was about six or seven and just got confused and thinks it was the very first one," Sally said reasonably. "Little kids do stuff like that all the time. Remember when we were little and Mom and Dad took us to Turner Falls for the weekend and then we saw something on TV about Niagara Falls a few days later and told all our friends we'd been to Niagara Falls?"

"Okay," William conceded. "But the real kicker was the way Dad handles a gun. You weren't with him when that convenience store got held up; I was. He knocked the robber down and grabbed the gun out of his hand and fired at him just . . .sort of all in one motion. As if he'd done the same sort of thing a thousand times before. And this is a man who's never even taken me hunting or target shooting!"

"I'll admit," she said slowly, "it was super-surprising to find out Dad had taken a lot of self-defense classes and done weapons training and stuff when he was younger. And it was kind of weird when the FBI agent, Mr. Skinner, showed up at our house to question Dad about the robbery. But do you seriously believe it means Dad an alien or a cyborg or something?"

"Of course not!" her brother said with a huff. "I didn't say Dad wasn't human, for heaven's sake! I just think he used to be somebody very different - have a different past and maybe even a different name at one point - than he's ever told us."

"I'm not saying I buy into this crazy theory at all," Sally stated. "But, just for the sake of argument, what sort of thing do you imagine Dad would have done in this alternative personal history you're dreaming up for him?"

"Well, it was obviously something where he'd learned to be very comfortable using a gun and then later wanted to make a complete break with his past. So maybe a mobster or a spy or something."

"Dad wouldn't have been a mobster!" she practically screamed. "He wouldn't do something evil like that!"

"You're right," her brother agreed almost instantly; "he wouldn't. But that doesn't mean he couldn't have been a spy. Or maybe something like one of the few honest cops on a really corrupt police force; and then he had to change his name and go into hiding after he'd testified against all the bad cops."

"While I could kind of picture Dad as a cop, I still think you're crazy," Sally replied. "I'm pretty sure Dad's exactly what he seems: a quiet psychology professor who grew up in New England, had some personal tragedies early in his life - like the death of his father and sister in an accident when he was a teenager and then his Mom dying of cancer when he was in his 20s - and then met Mom, moved to Oklahoma and lived happily ever after."

"I don't know," William said slowly as they eased onto the freeway that would take them back to their hometown, "there are definitely times when Dad's sort of . . . Spooky."

The End

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