Title: El Hijo
Author: Seulement Moi

I'm afraid. They've come for me. I'm special, they say.

I don't know if that's true.

But I watch everyone dying. And I don't.

I don't even get the slightest flu.

They're dead. My parents, you know? The ones that took care of me. I learned soon enough they weren't my real parents, but I loved them like if they were. It wasn't hard. They were amazing people. They treated me as a real son, so I treated them as my real parents.

But they're gone.

I'm so scared.

They say I'm strong, that I shouldn't cry, but how can I not?

I hear so many things. All the time.

That's basically how I discovered I was adopted. My mother didn't want to say much about my real parents, although I wanted to know, I wanted to see you. She assured me that you had loved me endlessly, but that I could only be safe away from you.

I didn't understand what she meant, until now.

I heard them when they came, you know?

The aliens. The invasion.

I could hear it all in my head. They came here with the only purpose of destroying us.

I don't know what to do.

My parents died a week ago. When the world started to go into war. They didn't let me watch the TV, but I could hear their minds, so worried about me. Dad was scared of the aliens invading the earth, Mom feared that it was the beginning of the apocalypse.

They were both right.

They knew I could hear their thoughts, so they made me listen to music all the time. Ever since the invasion started. But their thoughts were strong and I could still hear them.

My parents died, and men came for me. They told me they were supersoldiers. And that they knew what I was. They told me I would survive.

But, if the world ends, where would we live? The aliens don't want us here. They think this is their planet, but it is ours, isn't it? I don't know anymore.

We've been hiding someplace underground. It is ok here. I have food, a comfortable bed and I'm not sick. The supersoldiers allow me to watch TV. I know what's going on sometimes, other times I don't want to watch.

Mother was right: the world is ending.

I keep her letter with me. She wrote it before the virus took control of her body. She told me to do exactly what it said. She told me not to pay attention to anything she said afterwards. So I obeyed. She started acting weird and so did Dad. Their eyes were covered by a dark shadow and their thoughts were no longer their own. After a couple of days, they were gone.

I need to get out of here.

I need to do what mother told me to do: I have to find you.

My real parents.

She was sure you were still alive. But everyone is dying, how can I know for sure?

Sometimes I think I hear you.

In my dreams. You are not faraway, and I know you love me. I know you want me back.

So I believe as Mother did and wish you are alive, with all my heart, I do. And I want to find you.

Before the world ends, I need to.

I know I will be safe with you. Mother told me so. After the invasion, she told me it was the only way.

And I also have a lucky charm: a golden cross. My mother said it belonged to my real mom. I've always had it. And if my real mother thought it was special, I do, too.

I just need to find you. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. She wrote it neatly in the letter:

'Dearest William, This is the one letter I always dreaded to write. You are no longer safe with us. Soon, your dad and I would be gone. But you have to stay strong. You already know we are not your real parents. What you have to do now is look for them: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Your mother is a pathologist and your father a psychologist. They worked at the FBI. You must find them. They will know what to do. I'll always love you, son. No matter if the sky crumbles apart, there will always be stars. And we would be there. Watching over you. Always, William, remember. Please, remember. We'll always love you'

Mother said it was ok to think of you, she said it was ok to miss you. She said you didn't want me to see the evil of the world and searched a corner in the world I could be safe in.

But I'm not safe anymore. Time has run out.

I wonder if I would recognize you? And I'm afraid you won't recognize me. But somehow I know you will. I still have your voices carved in my memory. I have a compass in my heart that guides me. Mother said I had inherited that from you. She used to say courage filters through the blood. And I know she is right. She was always right.

Now is time for me to find you. Finally.

I would find you, I promise. I'll do anything!

I just pray that the aliens don't find you first.

*-*-* The End

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