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2012/2012 revisited Challenges

Back in 2003, several months before The Nursery Files existed, I issued a challenge at the OS. Some of the fics that resulted were kidfics, and others weren't. I'm putting the original challenge up here, and a "revisited" version too. You can write a fic on either or both. Even one of each and you'll have the start of a series ::grins::

2012 Revisited Challenge

In this challenge colonization has happened. If you'd like for that to have happened prior to the predicted December 22nd, 2012, that's fine. Colonization has happened, and we're losing. Whether we win in the end or not is up to you.

Challenge Elements:
- Set the fic during active colonization.
- A child, be it William or one of your own creation, is central to efforts to hinder, or if you wish assist, the aliens.
- Let there be a birth - of a human or otherwise - in your fic after, or not long before, they arrive. Optional Besides aliens, have someone at least glimpse another supernatural being. (ghosts, something from the fairy kingdoms, a monster etc)

Original 2012 Challenge

As we know from "The Truth" the date of the alien invasion is set for December 22nd, 2012. So in this challenge we'll be writing about the invasion.

Challenge Elements:
- Must involve William in some shape or form. Alive or dead; with M&S, the Van Dekamps or neither; hero, villain or victim; minor character or major; whatever you want as long as he's a character in the fic.
- The main story (prologue and flashbacks excepted) must begin no earlier than New Years 2011, and end no sooner than December 22nd, 2012. It can end any time later than that, but it must go through the invasion date at minimum.
- Must involve the invasion.

Challenge fics:
Silent Night by FelineFemme
Ear2hevn and Puppygrrl Sav teh World perma-WIP by Scifinerdgrl
Only Because He Needed Us by Neoxphile

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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