Title: Dear Emily
Author: Pandoras Kiss
Disclaimer: X files belong to Chris Carter and Fox Productions
Spoilers: Emily, Requiem (a little bit) Closure (kind of)

Summary: A letter never to be read


Dear Emily,

I know you will never get to read this letter, because there isn't a mail service directly to Heaven, but I hope you hear every word I write. Have you learned to read yet? Are there storybooks up there in the clouds?

You don't know me very well, sweetheart, but Im your other Mommy, do you remember? The lady with the fire for hair? You were a very lucky little girl, Emily, because you had two mommies, and we both miss you very much. We really do. I was the mommy who helped to make you, your other mommy was the one who raised you to be the fine little girl you came to be. I know she misses you too, but we know that you are happy now. We know that you are safe, you aren't hurting anymore.

Have you met your grand-daddy yet? Im sure he's watching over you as you play with all your other angel friends. Tell him his Starbuck says 'hello', and sends him all of her love.

I really wish that I had known you a little better, honey, so I could know what to say to you. I didnt get to know your favourite colour, your favourite song. I didnt get to push you on your swing, or rock you in your cradle, but I know that Jesus has a swing and a cradle up there in Heaven, and he can push you and rock you until I get there to do it myself. Maybe sometimes your grand-daddy can take over too. I remember how much he liked rocking his favourite girls to sleep at night.

Do your remember Fox? The man with the funny name? His sister is up there somewhere, too. If you get to see her, please tell her to watch over her big brother. He needs her very much, because he is lost. He doesnt know how to find his way home. Did you ever lose your Mommy or Daddy and didnt know how to find them? Thats what happened to him, Emily, he lost his way. Maybe he is up there with you, too!

Is it nice up there? Do the birds sing? Do flowers grow? Can you make pretty daisy chains to plait into your hair? Can you see me from up there?

I have a new baby growing inside of me, Emily. I dont know if he is like you or not, but I know he is there. I never got to feel you living inside of me, I never knew I was keeping you warm. I didnt know you were there....Emily, if Id known, Id never have let them take you away from me.

This baby will be your little brother. I know he's a boy, don't ask me why....like I would have known you were a little girl. Will you look after him? Will you make sure he is safe? I think he'd like that very much, to know that you love him. One day you'll see him, and you'll get to be his big sister for real, but until then, will you be his guardian angel? Your Aunt Missie was your guaridan angel when you were here on Earth. Give her a cuddle from me.

I'll have to go now, sweetie. I'm tired, and baby brother needs me to stay strong for him.

Goodnight, Emily. Sleep well. Love from Mommy

The End

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