Stories set during "A Christmas Carol" and "Emily"

Alabaster Stones by Aloysia Virgata

Asking A Favor by Lynn K

Baby Mine by Aime C

Breath by Eve11

A Christmas Appeal by Spookyteacher

December by FoxLvDana

Elmo by Catwoman

Emily by Jack10

A Family by Leokadia

Heaven and All Its Problems by jainanicole

Incomplete by stellar_dust

Letting Go by Jessica

Mockingbird by Syn

My Dream, A Soul Unbound by Para8Dice

Leaving by Admarem

My Little Off-Key Angel by Nancy Kelly

Never Meant to Be by Starbuck

Never Meant to Be by Tara Avery

Never Meant To Be by XXandie

One Precious Moment by Velvit

Some Gift by Rocketman

What Child Is This? by Jeannine Ackerson

When You Get Home by Miranda

Now read some fics where Emily (and Luke Doggett and Samantha Mulder) are Not!Dead Kids

The Nursery Files