Sometimes lives are cut tragically short, or never fully begin.


At What Price by SpookyCC
Bad Enough by Mindy J
Domestic Inclinations by Gwinne
The Dream Series by Dream Cole (last two chapters)
Ersatz Promises by Susanne Barringer and Suzanne Schramm
The Family G-Man by FelineFemme and Neoxphile (miscarriage during Season 7)
In This World by TLynn
Jessica by Allison Potty
Lost Child by Amperage
The Marriage series by Juliettt (in the story "Not This Time")
Mirage II by Angel LeeAnn
Nebraska by Donna
November Eleventh by Lisby
Perdere Il Vostro Sogno by little Starbuck*
Promise with Your Heart by Kathy Williams
Yellow Dress by Em Hashimoto
You Are My Miracle by Whiskey Queen

Death Of A Child


Boxing Day by alanna
Cast Me Gently Into Morning by Ellie
A Christmas Vignette by enpauriel
Comfort and Joy by GunBunnyCentral
Dear Emily by Pandoras Kiss
December by FoxLvDana
A Family by Leokadia
In Nothingness by Para8Dice
Living With and Without Her trilogy by Mezzosoprano
A Mother's Thoughts by Sheryl N
Music For the Soul by Arca
My Flowers, Mommy by RosesDecay
My Angel Unaware by Joylynn
Never Meant To Be by Lisa
Never Meant To Be by XXandie
Oh, Little Child by Amber
Precious Little Things by Creyente
Saying Goodbye by Patty S
Scully's Letter: Dear Emily by Kennedy
Serenity by Elaine
Some Gift by Rocketman
When the Bough Broke by Marguerite
Which Deeds Will I Forgive by RaptorJC

Luke Doggett

Driving to Montauk by Scifinerdgrl
A Father's Confession by Spookycc
Heavyweight Champ of the World by Beautiful Cynic
Empathy by Kyouryoku Senshi


William Long- Ears by Myriss

non-canon child

After All These Years by Leyla Harrison
After Mandy: Bobby by Pattie
Another One by Jodie
Angerball by SnoopMar
Arizona Highways by Fialka
Come Get Me by Invisigoth421
didn't leave nobody but the baby by Jennifer-Oksan
Fugue for the Forgotten by Crash and frogdoggie
Ghostly Lullabies by Tara W.
In AEternum by Diana NO Fowley
Lamb by LostInOblivion
Letting Go by PhileyX
Mirage by Angel LeeAnn
Neither Moon Nor Earth by Sabine (stillborn to term infant)
Oblivion by Gillian Leigh
Our Sweetest Songs by Jamie Taylor
Scully's Children by DanaFuchs
Somebody's child by Cici
Tiuwak by Ccile Laumonier
The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts by Dana'sFairytales
Way of the Cradle by Spooky's Girl

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