Title: A Christmas Vignette
Author: enpauriel
Author's page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/679541/
Category: X-Files, Allusions to MSR.
Genre: Angst/Spiritual (Based around Emily so it's sad)
Completed: 12/24/2006
Words: 454
Rating: G

Summary: A story set on a Christmas Eve

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

She sat quietly, listening to the hymn as it was sung by the voices around her. The church was full on this Christmas Eve, the flickering candlelight illuminating the faces of the strangers who had joined her on this midnight vigil. She found her thoughts drifting away from the music, the gentle rise and fall of the organ fading into the background as her mind travelled back to the last time she was in a church.

Unconsciously her hands clenched. Her breath came faster as the memories arrived and if anyone had been looking closely they would have been concerned at the sight of her small frame trembling uncontrollably. Anger coursed through her and she stared up at the figure on the cross, eyes burning with betrayal and desperation.

"Why?" She screamed silently, willing herself to be heard. "Why take her from me? Why give her to me only to take her away?"

The wooden figure stared back. She almost thought it moved as they continued their battle of wills, but it was merely a trick of the light, the reflection of a flame on the varnished surface giving life to something portraying death. She sighed, knowing she would gain no answers, unsure as to why she even came tonight, entering a place so alien to her now when once it was so comforting.

Lost. Frightened. Shaken in her beliefs. Needing guidance, but unable to accept it. The tears came and she allowed them to fall, silent droplets flowing smoothly down. No sobbing, this was no hysterical release of grief; it was an admission of need, a plea for help. She looked again to the motionless figure, a final entreaty for it to return the faith it had taken shining in her glimmering eyes. Still no answer.

She turned away. Slipping from the pew she made her way out of the church, breathing in deep swathes of the cold air as the final notes of the hymn rang out behind her. A hand on the small of her back made her turn, finding deep green eyes gently questioning hers, fingers brushing away the remains of her tears.

Wordlessly she shook her head, and he bowed his in sorrow. Carefully she stepped into him, placing her own fingers on his lips as he tried to speak. He took her hand, the soft light emanating from the church revealing the understanding in his face. Slowly they walked away, snow crunching beneath their feet, marking a path in the brilliant white.

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