Title: A Christmas Appeal
Author: Spookyteacher
Rating: PG
Category: V, A
Spoilers: Christmas Carol, Emily
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Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, the Lone Gunmen, Skinner, Krycek, and the Smoking Man, et al, are the creative property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, and Fox Television. You guys have written them so well I can't resist having a go at it myself. I really am a classroom teacher, which is synonymous with POOR. Hint, hint...

Summary: Mulder spends Christmas alone until Scully calls from an Diego with a request. My version of what took place between Christmas Carol and Emily.

"God bless us, everyone."

If I heard Tiny Tim say that one more time, I was gonna pull an Elvis and shoot the TV screen out. The same went for Ralphie asking for a Red Ryder bee-bee gun and George Bailey's daughter announcing that "every time a bell ring an angel gets his wings." I'm sick of them all!

I have watched every Christmas movie on TV since yesterday morning. Last night, I tried to watch "I Came on a Midnight Clear" on that new porno channel, Chick Licks Flicks. For some reason, it didn't hold my interest, so I flipped over to "Scrooged." I liked that one. And I could relate to Bill Murray being all alone at Chritmas.

I'm alone this Christmas. Well, I'm alone most Christmases. It's just... Okay! I'll admit it: I miss Scully.

Usually she'll call me Christmas morning on the way to her Mom's. She'd say, "Merry Christmas" and I'd answer, "Bah humbug!" It's kind of become our tradition.

I looked at my watch: 6:30. Time for my Yuletide feast. I got off the couch and headed to the kitchen to prepare the soup and turkey sandwich. Yum!

She's in San Diego with her family. Of course she won't call. They are probably so busy... and Bill's wife is about to have a baby. They might be at the hospital right now. Scully could be an aunt right now.

I closed my eyes and exhaled. I cannot imagine how incredibly hard it must be for Scully, seeing her sister-in-law having something she'll never be able to have. I can taste the anger welling in my gut. I would kill every single one of them, the ones who did this to her. If I could only find them, I'd make them pay. And I'd do anything if I could change this for her so she could have children. She'd make a great mother.

I shook off the disagreeable thoughts and grabbed a can of tomato soup from the shelf. Just as I started to open it, the phone rang. I looked at it, surprised. Who would call me now? The Gunmen already called earlier today. And I called Mom last night. So, who was this?

Well, looking at the phone isn't going to tell me. I set the soup can down and reached over to pick up the receiver. "Hello?"



"Scully! What are you doing calling? Is this collect?"


"So, how's Christmas in Southern California been treating you?"

"Um... Mulder..."

"Are you waiting for me to say Bah Humbug?"


That was the fourth time she'd said my name.

"What's wrong, Scully?"

There was a pregnant pause. "What makes you assume something is wrong?"


Silence followed. I allowed her time to gather her thoughts. Finally, she answered. "Mulder, I need you to come out here."

That blew me away. She needed me out there. Why?



"When can you come?"

I gathered my scrambled thoughts. "Tomorrow."

"Okay." She sounded relieved.

"Scully? What's going on out there? Is something wrong?" I needed some answers.

More silence.

A full two minutes later, Scully finally spoke. "I have a daughter."

The air left my lungs in a rush. "I have a daughter..." reverberated through my mind. All thought ceased. All I could hear was that over and over.

"What?" I heard myself ask, but wasn't sure from where it'd come.

"I need your help with her. I need you to help me keep my daughter."

My mind was reeling. All I could hear was "my daughter" repeating in my ears. But, as before, I heard myself say, "You have a daughter..."

"Yes," she answered, but she sounded so far away. My mind was fumbling with all this information. "Her name is Emily.... Emily Sim."

"Emily" was now echoing between my ears.

"Her adoptive parents are dead." Her voice broke a little when she said that. "But, she's my daughter. I need you to talk to the judge for me. I want her, Mulder."

I closed my eyes. This was too much to process. The echoes were all my brain could handle right now.

"Mulder," her voice broke through the echoes, "you'll be here tomorrow?"

"I'll be there tomorrow," I confirmed. "I'll do whatever I can."

"Thanks. See you tomorrow." She hung up.

It was thirty seconds later before I finally laid the phone down. I fell back against the counter. "A daughter... Scully has a daughter." Saying it aloud broke through the haze in my brain and I picked up the phone again.

"Hello?... Yes. I need a ticket on your first available flight tomorrow morning to San Diego...."

The End

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