Psychics and Mind Control

Afterthought by Chris Munn
When a young boy appears to have been killed by a ghost, Mulder and Scully open up an investigation.

Angels Running by Liz Tobey
Following the death of Mulder's mother, Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious escape of three mute children from a train wreck.

Chi by Jugglernaut

Gemma by KMS
Mulder does some investigating while Scully is on vacation, and finds something other than psychic serial killers and little gray men. The woman he ends up with is a "finder" who attempts to help him locate a kidnapped child.

Generation X by KMS & JEK

Gestortes Kinder by Claire Allan
When the violence at a local high school increases, with each teen attacker having neither motive nor any recollection of the event, Mulder wants deeper investigation. Risking their reputations at the Bureau, the two agents search for answers. But can they find the truth before a close friend's niece is the next aggressor?

Healing Faith by duckys-dream
Mulder and Scully visit a church and talk to Grace., a young girl who is said to be able to heal. But can she heal Dana Scully's battered faith in God?

His Name is John by Scifinerdgrl
Reyes calls on the famous Maine psychic, Johnny Smith, to help solve the case of Luke Doggett's murder, and learns something about her own future.

Little Monsters by Lacadiva
While investigating a 30-year-old case of governmental experiments on rural children, Mulder discovers a dangerous addiction more potent than his search for the truth.

Metallic Blue Pinwheels by Kioyshi
Scully attends a carnival and becomes lost in a forest,where she stumbles upon a old gypsy tent that houses more then she expected.

No Earthly Ships by Katriena Knights
A grieving Scully visits a psychic.

Nola by Chris Munn
When the patients of a faith healer begin to die, Mulder and Scully must discover the source of the healer's abilities.

Programmable Children by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
A rash of crimes, from shoplifting and robbery escalating into murder, committed in seemingly random fashion, by young children of affluent families all over the East Coast - Mulder and Scully are called in when one of the childish crimes turns murderous. KF

Tingles by WildwingSuz
Mulder and Scully must trust the psychic powers of a ten year old girl to stop a child kidnapper.

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